Is it a good idea for Keefe Group & Trinity to Merge?

Keefe Group is a packager of prison safe food products. They produce their own brands of food but they also carry a wide range of name brand snack foods such as Frito-Lay. They also provide lotions, shampoos, soaps, and many other common items found in prison commissary shops. Keefe Group also offers kiosks of all different purposes. Prisoners can pay, receive funds, and call on Keefe Group’s kiosks.


Keefe Group is about to be acquired by H.I.G. Capital. H.I.G. Capital owns Trinity Services Group, a company in the same industry as Keefe. When H.I.G. merges with Keefe Group, they will control a very large portion of the prison commissary marketplace. Anti-trust lawyers should be on high alert due to the recent news of the merger.


As one entity Trinity, H.I.G.’s existing prison commissary company, and Keefe Group could make nearly one-billion dollar in revenue every year from prisoners and the prisoner’s families. At the moment there are only three major competitors in the entire industry: Keefe, Trinity, and Aramark. If one of these companies were to merge with the others it would be one step closer to a national monopoly.


The world of prison commissary goods is so competitive due to kickbacks given by suppliers. Prisons aren’t merely choosing the cheapest options available, they are picking companies that give them the biggest piece of the pie. Prisons profit a small portion of sales from every item sold in commissary; a company that offers them the biggest percentage will surely be given the contract.


Keefe Group is currently graded an F by the Better Business Bureau. A customer of one of Keefe Groups’ commissary shop said that they were unable to receive their goods due to logistical problems. The customer filed to have their payment refunded.


IC Solutions: Their Reputation Is Ruined

One thing that can’t be bought or sold is your reputation. It is something that is going to carry you for the rest of your life. Because of this, you hope to have a great one and one that is going to leave behind a lasting memory for people. IC Solutions has a reputation, but it is an awful one. Whenever this company goes out of business, which I think will be soon, they will have to live with that. I think they believe they will be able to count their money, and they will not have to face any punishment. Life is not that easy, people. Everyone has to pay the price when it’s said and done.


I have a feeling they will have to pay this money back to each and every person they have ripped off, which is a lot of people. It is not like this is just going to disappear and go away without a trace. It is there and it is going to stay there. People will remember how this inmate phone provider had the chance to help them out, and they chose not to do it. Instead, they chose to collect their money and keep it all for themselves and not connect the phone call for them.


That’s an awful reputation, but it is one that has been earned every step of the way by IC Solutions. They have made this reputation for themselves, and it is one that would really not sit right with me if it were my reputation. I would be very upset with myself if this was my reputation and people were saying this about me. I’d want to change the narrative. The narrative on IC Solutions is out there and it’s written forever.


Keefe Group: Choosing A Phone Service For Prison Or Jail Calls

Looking for the best inmates communications company? Want to find the lowest rate on your phone calls?

When choosing the right inmates communications plan for your needs, you should consider how many people are satisfied with the quality of service provided by the company. It is extremely important to look into what types of services and features you want to use.

When it comes to choosing a phone service provider for your jail or prison calls, it is imperative to check out the reputation of the company. You’ll also want to find out how long the company has been rendering service to customers. Price or cost of service is one of the most important considerations.

Keefe Group is a highly regarded company in the inmates communications arena and has been around for many years. The company offers various services and features and comes highly recommended.

People all over the country are searching for low cost phone plans and ways to save money on their calls. A lot of phone companies claim to have the lowest cost but when you perform your research you’ll discover that Keefe Group has the best rates in the industry.

I switched to Keefe Group about a year ago and I have been saving significantly every month. Many families and their incarcerated loved ones are also enjoying the tremendous saving offered by Keefe Group and are happy they made the choice.

The first step to having access to their quality features and service is to create a new account. The process is simple and fast and you can get it done in just a few minutes. If you need someone to walk you through the process, then get in touch with their customer service representatives. These professionals are knowledgeable and are standing by to address any issues their customers may have.

Want to learn more about Keefe Group and their vast range of products and services? Then have a look around their website. If you have any questions about any of their features, don’t hesitate to contact them right away.


Keefe Group: Saving Money On Inmates Communication Service

Are you searching for low cost phone service for jails or prisons? Do you want to save money on inmates communications service? Keefe Group is a clear choice for any family or inmate searching for a way to cut costs while keeping in touch with loved ones.


Keefe Group has been around for years and is well known for rendering outstanding services to customers. The company has a team of representatives who is committed to ensuring your satisfaction.


Reputation is an important consideration when choosing a service provider, including phone service. Keefe Group is highly reputable and reliable and has customers around the country. Numerous people rave about the excellent features and services provided by Keefe Group and its customer service professionals.


I have been using the phone service provided by Keefe Group and I save a lot of money on my calls. I was paying outrageous amounts before I signed up with Keefe Group and was having financial difficulty. I’m glad I switched as soon as I found out about their reasonable rates and top notch service.


When it comes to inmates phone service or other communications system, you can’t just settle on any company. You need to research carefully and choose the right provider for your situation. With so many providers out there to select from, it can be a daunting task deciding which one is right for you.


If you want to save money on your calls, then do what most people do and go with a company that has a proven track record. That’s where Keefe Group comes in – to provide customers with affordable rates on phone calls.


The first step to enjoying the services and products offered by Keefe Group is to create a new account. Head over to their website to learn more about the company and set up your account. The process is fast and easy and can be complete in just a few minutes.


If you feel that you need help setting up your account, do not hesitate to contact their customer service representatives.


The Keefe Group and the Role of Rules in Prisons

Every now and then I come across a news story that makes me take a step back. Those are the moments in life where you really wish you could talk to everyone involved. As I read a prisoner’s first hand account of life I just kept wanting to intervene. Because he was quite right in his complaints. He had a lot to say about a company called the Keefe Group. And while a bit hyperbolic, there was a lot of truth to it.


The prisoner was furious about the low quality of their meals. And it’s understandable why that’d be the case. He only had two options for food. Bland prison meals from the cafeteria, or purchases from the Keefe Group. The former isn’t really much of an option. It’s like telling people to try living on a vitamin pill and protein drink. It’ll keep one going. But there’s more to life than simple sustenance. Even more so for prisoners who are trying to turn their life around.


But on the Keefe Group’s side of things, there’s the issue of profit. It’s a company, and the role of a company is to turn a profit. That was the biggest problem that I saw when reading the article. Prisons are all about helping people see how the world works. Without exception, prisons are filled with people who suffer from basic misunderstandings about how society operates. So one would hope that they’d receive a proper education. But the people running things aren’t providing for those needs.


What I wish I could tell the people at the top of the prison system is that companies are always going to try for profit. They more than anyone should understand that you can’t trust in goodwill. But there’s a big difference between the Keefe Group and prisoners. The Keefe Group’s food quality won’t violate laws or contracts. It’s simply that they’ll take advantage of whatever those contracts allow.


The final truth is that prisons need to operate under an assumption that the Keefe Group doesn’t care about food quality and prisoner health. Because, frankly, that’s not their role in the prison system. They’re only there to fulfill food expectations laid down in contracts. The prison system itself needs to carefully word those contracts to ensure a basic level of quality. And more than that, they need to actually look into the prisoner’s health to make sure things are working OK.


Keefe Group: Getting Affordable Inmates Phone Service

Are you getting tired of paying too much for inmates communications service? Looking for an affordable prison or jail phone service provider? Keefe Group is a clear choice for anyone who wants to save tremendous amount of money on their calls.


When it comes to selecting an inmates phone service for your needs, it is imperative to choose a reputable company. There are many companies that caters to the needs of inmates and their families and these companies offer a vast range of products, including phone service.


It is crucial to inquire about each company’s features and services. Find out if the inmates communications company has live person to provide customer service or support, and if they have efficient system for addressing customer concerns. Anyone who has ever used the service of inmates communications companies knows how costly it can be, and you ought to seriously consider finding a cheaper rate.


Keefe Group is a great company and has the best rate in the industry. The company has a team of knowledgeable professionals and is fully committed to rendering high quality services to customers. Countless people around the nation turn to Keefe Group for more affordable prison or jail calls and are happy with the way this company does business.


I highly recommend Keefe Group to anyone who wants to have a pleasant phone experience while having access to the best features. I know many people who have switch to Keefe Group once they found out about the low rates the company offers.


The first step is to set up a new account and it takes a few minutes to complete. Once your account is set up you can start to save a tremendous amount of money on your phone calls.


If you have any questions, or if you need help setting up your account, simply contact their customer service team for assistance. These professionals will walk you through the process and ensure that you understand how to go about using their service. Have a look around their website to learn more about the products and services they offer to the corrections facilities.


IC Solutions: Listen To The People

It is our duty to look out for each other. If we don’t look out for each other, we are living in a dog-eat-dog world, and I don’t know if that’s the kind of world I’d like to live in because it’s a selfish world and it’s a world where people don’t take the time to help each other out. It is why I appreciate websites like Pissed Consumer and Rip Off Report. They are there for the people to keep them informed and to let them know exactly what is going on with companies. A lot of companies are clearly trying to hide their flaws.


They are hoping they can get away with it and no one will catch them. However, they have underestimated the power of the people and the power of the Internet. On the Internet, people have a voice and they can choose to use it for something positive. They can let people know what to expect out there in the world with certain companies and certain people. When it comes to IC Solutions, they are aware of what is around the corner and why they should avoid this company at all costs.


This is a company that is unlike any other and no, that is not praise. They are unlike any other because they have done so many bad things to people that are simply looking to talk to an inmate after they have paid IC Solutions. IC Solutions is more than happy to keep counting their money, but they have no interest in actually having the inmate and the customer talk to one another on the phone. This is a major issue, and it needs to be fixed and rectified by someone with some real power out there in the world. I don’t know who that person is, but they need to do something right now.

The Remarkable Keefe Group

The Keefe Group has been an excellent addition to the correctional market. There devoted team effort of proficiency, strategic execution and customer service have been absolutely remarkable. Currently, ahead of the pack, The Keefe Group persistently delivers demand with innovative and sufficient solutions that the market sheerly appreciates. The Keefe Group brings in over $1 billion a year in sales.


The Keefe Group started business in 1975 as a company that would provide coffee to the Florida prison system. A great start it was, the market favored their products and in return their business would continued. Years later, The Keefe Group would introduce a new eye opening solution to the market that would revolutionize it forever. Plastic packaged seafood.


The only correctional market provider at the time that sold their seafood products packaged in plastic. This innovation would be a huge prevention of violence in prison systems as packaging at the time was of glass and metal material and inmates would use such materials as weapons. Once plastic was recognized as a working solution in the correctional market other companies in the market would adopt.


The Keefe Group definitely is a company of people who thinks outside of the box and not afraid to innovate. This revolutionary solution would be a trampoline for The Keefe Group. To this date, 25 million pounds of product is ship a month of not only their seafood and coffee, but of various snacks, beverages, electronics, music, clothing, health care items and more to over 800 public and private prisons.


Besides The Keefe Group’s production and distribution efforts of success, it couldn’t be possible without the efforts of their incredible customer service. The highest rated customer service in the industry, a sufficient resolver of customer concerns – promptly, accurately, and with great attitude – time after time after time again, The Keefe Group is remarkable.


The Keefe Group is a giant in the correctional market. Utilizing its incredible strategic executions of innovation, advancing its business drastically and offering customers excellent customer service in the process, The Keefe Group has set an high bar. And, as a leader with over $1 billion in annual sales, you can count on The Keefe Group for satisfactory results.


The Keefe Group – First Class Customer Service

The Keefe Group is a billion dollar revenue generating business within the correctional market. Their main objective is to provide the market with innovative product solutions and they have done so effectively throughout the years, leading the market in correctional system contract wins. Besides providing the market with such solutions, The Keefe Group has managed to become an extremely viable customer service industry leader as well. Sufficiently providing the most accurate and focused customer service solutions that has not only satisfied customers, but have motivated them to spread the word about the wonderful experiences encountered with The Keefe Group staff.


The size of the question isn’t an issue or the size of the your facility. Either or, The Keefe Group has an answer and will deliver as promised. Are you concerned about shipping orders to the more larger facilities with the larger orders? No problem! The Keefe Group will not charge any shipping and handling fees, no matter how large the orders are. Good news! right? What if the order is needed on the next day? Well, no worry, The Keefe Group will deliver your order on the same day to have it in your possession by the next day. More good news, especially for emergency situations. Ok, so now the concern about prices on orders changing over time is brought up. Will the prices change over time due to market fluctuation? The answer is, no. The same low prices that you would pay previosly, would remain as is.


The Keefe Group is 40 + years strong in the correctional market. Started in 1975, selling only coffee beans to Florida Prisons, then transitioning into seafood plastic pouches, business development was a main purpose of The Keefe Group which they would accomplish drastically. Because now in the 21st century, The Keefe Group, through its steadfast approach, is now the correctional market leader, consistently setting trends, providing product innovation, successfully calculating risk and making the better judgements. As long as you’re on the The Keefe Group team, you’ll always be in position to stay ahead of the correctional market. Call customer service today!


Visit the Keefe Group website for a list of products and services offered, a more detailed look into their incredible customer service establishment and a better understanding of their amazing history. If a question isn’t answered through the website, feel free to call customer service.


IC Solutions: Sooner Or Later, It Is Coming

It is hard to believe I can find articles from six years ago that pertain to IC Solutions, but I can and they are on Rip Off Report. It goes to show long this has been going on, and it has been going on for six years too long. I’m a firm believer that IC Solutions should have never been created in the first place. All they have done is cause harm, pain, and discomfort for their customers. I don’t even think you can call them customers. Customers get treated with more respect than this. IC Solutions is just supposed to patch a phone call through from inmate to loved one.


Instead, they look at this as a chance for them to get rich at their expense. They will look for every possible outcome to get the money from the customers, especially when there is family involved. They know they can pull the wool over the eyes of the family and they can trick them. They will tell them lies and they will get them signed up with IC Solutions. Once they have their bank account and all of their information, all bets are off at that point. They will do anything to get their way. They do not take no for an answer.


As far as refunds for dropped calls or proper customer service, people have reported that IC Solutions is known to argue with customers. This is the kind of company that people are dealing with over at IC Solutions. It is not the kind of company anyone in their right mind would want to deal with at all. People get suckered in, but once they get suckered in, they need to get out as soon as possible to save their money and their time. They will not find what they are looking for with this company.