Global Tel-Link Is The Nation’s Leading Correctional Communications Provider

How often an inmates connects with the outside is determined by quality correctional communications. Securus monitors phone systems for quality control and ethics regulations. Global Tel-Link assures their clients are under federal compliance regulations using their service. All calls are high quality and are allotted the full amount of time on your account. Advanced features give inmates and their families more creative ways to communication for a fraction of the cost of their competitors. Global Tel-Link has has partnered with JPay to ensure you get cost effective innovative features with their services.

JPay Inmate Features

Now customers can create an online account that allows you to write and talk to inmates over the internet. For a small one time processing fee you can connect to an inmates account. You can even put money in an inmates account over the web.

Advanced Pay Service Features

Traditional cellphone providers won’t allow you to accepted operated assisted or collect calls, but Advanced Pay allows you to receive one complimentary call per inmate. Customers are then prompted to created an account for a one time fee of $6.95 and a minimum of $25.00 to activate prepaid credits.

Video Chatting Inmate Feature

Correctional facilities are now offering video chatting through Global Tel-Link. Video calls became popular during court proceedings and now is a service provided to inmates and their families. Video is in clear high definition and has great sound quality. Customers are excited about the zoom in and out feature and the split screen that includes the inmate and his relatives. Video chatting allows more than one person to talk and group chatting. Global Tel-Link continues to provide communication services that meets the demands of inmates and their families including monitoring, surveillance, quality control for law enforcement agencies.

Physical Visitation Out Video Visitation In

Just like most of today’s social interactions, face to face prison visits aren’t in Bastrop County Jail’s budget. What might save a prison some cash will be removing the face to face visits in favor for a Skype like video chat. This way was improvised to save prison money and time, as well as insure prison safety.
At a pricey cost of one dollar a minute, the system hasn’t posted results they had been hoping for. On average, the system has only been used a few times per month, while phone calls are still the prisons highest form of communication. All profits of the system so far has gone into fixing the many bugs that are causing it to be unstable and broken. This jail is just one of the hundreds that have failed to meet expectations using this system.
In around ten months that the systems have been in place, only 49 video calls have been placed while in the same time frame, 2,444 phone calls were placed. The issue is not the price for most users, the problem is the time it takes to sit down and have a face to face chat while one can sit on the phone at any time of the day. Inmates can chat on the phone for as long as they need to, but are only limited to twenty minutes a week in video chats. Physiologists also warn prisons that a lack of physical communication can be dangerous to a prisoners mind, communication with loved ones is key to a healthy mind.
Clearly these systems have issues, not just the technical ones. Perhaps in the future they might be able to find a solution to the problems and this may become an industry standard. It is just as likely that the idea will be scrapped for favor of another, more efficient system. Only time will tell, but louder might be the angry prisoners who are mad they cant see their loved ones in person.


Keefe Group – The Market Leader in Providing Quality Products

Keefe Group, Inc is involved in the packaging and distribution of personal care products, food products, electronics, telecommunications, technology, and clothing for the correctional industry. The firm offers foods and snacks like ready-to-eat meals, seafood, crackers, meat snacks, nuts, cheese products, and candies among others.

Their range of health and beauty products include mouthwashes, Toothpaste, shaving products, vitamins, lotions, supplements, deodorants, shampoos, and conditions. The company also offers clothing and apparel that include shoes, jackets, hats, underwear, denim and jean, boots, and shirts and shorts. Electronics include typewriters, televisions, and media players among others.

Branching Out

Today, the company has grown to a maximum of six other firms making it the nation’s top supplier of food products, electronics, and personal care effects and telecommunications solutions to the correctional sector. Each of these enterprises specializes in offering different services. They include:

  • Advanced Technologies Group,
  • ICSolutions,
  • Access Corrections,
  • Access Securepak,
  • Keefe Commissary Network,
  • Keefe Supply Company.

It boasts of national facilities that include seven primary delivery units and ten service units spread regionally. The company maintains an in-house manufacturing plant where they package different private-label products and brands.

The focus is to serve the correctional market exclusively while developing innovative products and services. Customer satisfaction is the company’s primary goal which it has continued to fulfill throughout all its years of operation. Everything that happens at the company equals to the same objective of delivering the state of the art solutions that are customized to the client’s unique needs.

Keefe Group is seen by to be at the forefront of fighting corruption and injustices within the correction industry. As a result, it has encountered massive resistance and roadblocks in fulfilling its mandate.

Some of the distribution centers are in Atlanta, Dallas, California, Virginia, New Jersey, Florida, Jacksonville, and Texas among others. The company operates as a subsidiary of Centric Group, LLC, having started its operations in 1975.



How Do Prison Calls From Keefe Group Work?

Keefe Group is a great place for people to go when they are looking for ways to get phone calls into prisons, and they will have all the resources that they need. I found this out the easy way when I signed up for the service, and I have been making calls with them ever since. Keefe Group basically connects you directly, and then all you have to do is talk. They have made it so that all the calls are going to stay connected, and you will not hear any of the static that you might be used to.

There are a lot of people who are going to be able to get the help that they need when they sign up, and then they will be able to use the service as often as they need. It is very easy for people to talk on the phone to any jail, and they can get connected easily when they call with Keefe Group. Keefe Group is trying to make their whole setup as easy to use as possible, and they want to see that they can call when they need it. I needed this because I have a lot of people to check on with my nonprofit, and I have been very happy with the call speed and quality. Read news article here:

According to PrisonCensorship, the call speed and quality is just one part of what Keefe Group does. They actually make it easy for anyone who signs up to make calls, and you will be very impressed with the way that they do their work. They will help you get any call connected, and they will show you what needs to be done to get your account going. You do not have to wonder how long it is going to take to get all this work done, and you can talk to friends and family easily just like me.




Some of you might not believe this, but there is a very high cost to making calls to those are are incarcerated. Check out this one scenario. One guy steals boxes of products from a store, without paying. He does the deed and gets jailed for his crime. Now his wife is paying about $60 per week to make calls to him. Sounds reasonable, right? Well, if you are working in the prison system you might not think so. You might also not think so, if you are the related to the person in prison.

The cost of a 30-minute call runs about $30. As of this year, a study documented by Bloomberg that prison called is currently a $1 billion money-maker. The concessions on top of this run close to $50 million. Now that this has become such a huge money-maker, others are looking to get in on it. The rates that these companies compete at is astonishing. Companies like Global Tel-Link now compete for the in-house prison calls based on the commission.

The company that gets the most fees from the in-house calls made by the prisoners, they get the biggest commission. The only person who is not making a dime is the sheriff, in most cases that is.

This all raises another question. Is this profit off of someone else’s misfortune? These inmates get the chance to call the person closest to them, while they are in jail. Now that the phone companies like GTL and other businesses are reaping the rewards of these phone calls, it’s beginning to raise too many questions.

“It’s really complicated. There are lots of fees and extras being added on for the phone calls. We eat all that up. Companies are bidding on contracts to reap the most rewards out of these commissions. The jail houses themselves are not making a dime. What about those who are barely getting by? These people spend their hard-earned money on a call to someone they know. All the while, these companies are benefiting for there unfortunate situation. This has many of us very concerned right now. We are looking at various options right now. Somehow, this whole pattern has to break. It’s horrible that someone is benefiting off of what we do and what our prisoners have done”.

–Jail house official

This is just a microscopic version of the actual story which was printed. The story itself you can find in the

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How Did IC Solutions Help Our Family?

We have been using IC Solutions to help our family because we need to call my niece in jail. I discovered this company through a Rip Off Report article I read. There are many people out there like us who need to make calls into a prison, and we needed to find a service that was going to help us. The idea was that we needed to make reliable calls into the jail, and we needed to know that we could get through when we called. We were calling my niece in prison, and we wanted to be sure that the calls would go through every time.

It was a very simple process for us to get everything set up, and that is why we were going to have the best results possible with our account. We have made many calls with the service to date, and we are very happy with the way that the service works. I have been making most of the calls myself, and I have been able to check in on my niece to see that she is alright. It is very important that we have a service that lets us make these calls, and we also wanted to be sure that we could all use it if we wanted to.

I started out with IC Solutions because I learned from JailPhone Services that it is the easiest way to get in touch with my niece, and I have been able to get most of the people in the family to talk to her through the same service. It was just a very easy thing to do because it took just a few moments to set up the service, and I have been enjoying it ever since. We will keep making calls to her until she gets out, and we will always have our calls go through when we make them out to the jail.



Keefe Group Supplies High-grade Products to the Correctional Markets

At Keefe Group, via our subsidiaries, Keefe Commissary Network, Access Corrections, Advance Technologies Group, Keefe Supply Company, and IcSolutions we are the supplier of personal care products, clothing, food products, electronics and cutting-edge technology solutions to corrections and public safety agencies. PrisonCensorship says this company have unmatched experience of more than three decades of supplying innovative products, packaging, as well as technology services that address the exceptional needs of corrections agencies nationwide.

Commitment to customer service

At Keefe Group, we have embraced a culture of supplying high-quality food products and groundbreaking technology solutions. We carry out intensive market research and identify products that are highly demanded. We answer calls, emails, and chats in a prompt and professional manner.

Keefe Group pockets $40 million

We landed a contract with MDOC inmate services on November 5, 2008. The contract has been renewed a couple of times, the last renewal being in 2011 and its expiry date was on August 31, 2015. The former Commissioner Chris Epps was responsible for signing the contract.

Details of the contract

We processed inmate deposits, trust funds, and oversaw prepaid debit cards sales. We had exclusive rights of selling music players and song downloads to detainees at $115 and $1.70 respectively. We supplied commissary items like food, personal care products, and tobacco. A commission of 29.4 percent and 24 percent of our total sales was paid to the state-operated and private-operated corrections respectively.

Philanthropic activities

At Keefe Group, we actively engage in philanthropic activities. We fund charitable organizations like Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation, which is the world’s biggest equine sanctuary that rescues, retires, rehabilitates, and re-trains Thoroughbred horses that are unable to participate on the racetrack competitions. Other organizations that benefit from our charitable giving program include Prsion Censorship, Puppies Behind Bars, United Way, and Amachi Big Brothers Big Sisters. Our primary goal is to improve the lives of the youths and better the community.


The Prison Communication Industry

When looking for interesting topics, one topic in particular is something that not many people think about. This topic concerns the communication of inmates and loved ones while sentenced to months or years of imprisonment. One example to look at in particular is the case of Anthony Kofalt who was recently arrested due to the fact that he stole various Crest Whitening Strips from a local Walmart. Though Mr. Kofalt was convicted of his crimes, it is also showed that his wife is suffering from the actions of her husband. Now that her husband is in prison, she has reported that she pays over $60 a week for an hour long phone call that takes place from the outside world and the prison. This outrageous cost is due to the fact that prison communication services are charging more money than ever for inmates or loved ones to call communication with each other.

The prison where Mr. Kofalt is currently residing charges around $13 for a 15 minute conversation between the families and friends of the inmates. This cost of the call is compared to a call that would be made to a non-prison that is estimated to cost 60 cents. In addition to this high cost, Ms. Kofalt also stated that every time that she deposits $25 into the phone account at the prison, she is also charged with a service charge of $7. She understands that what her husband did was wrong; however, she does not believe that she has to suffer for his wrong doing. Now that the prison communication industry is a $1.2 billion industry, more monopolists are looking for places to raise the prices for the consumers. With the many complaints that family and friends have been placing, it is desired that these monopolistic characteristics change.