Why Systems are Great for Prison Communication

Keeping in touch with your loved one in prison can be more than difficult in this day and age. If you have a loved one who is behind bars, you will find that it is very important for you to look for a variety of different options that can truly change your life. Thankfully, there are some systems out there that are specifically designed to help improve Prison Communication for prison families as well as their loved ones who happen to be behind bars. These systems have been designed to be totally secure and safe for you to use and are going to completely change your life because it allows for better communication between you and your loved ones.


A lot of individuals are noticing that they can work with the systems and find it to be highly beneficial. You will also notice that there are a variety of different ways for you to make use of these types of systems, whether this be through video messaging services with a loved one or just by contacting them on the telephone. You can do all of this from the comfort of your own home and it should not cost you a lot of money because these systems have been designed to be available to individuals on a budget. There are so many different reasons for you to consider this as an option if you have a loved one who is behind bars. That individual needs to keep in contact with you constantly in order to boost their stamina and improve their self worth while they are in prison and are not able to see their family regularly because of this.


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Securus Expands Beyond Calls

Securus Technologies has made the announcement that their new technologies allow them to compete in the law enforcement and corrections industry beyond their communications products. They started as a telecommunications company in 2007 now they offer a variety of services for their correctional facilities. Over the last four years, they have invested and raised 605 million in funding to help develop these new products.


Jail management software, inmate healthcare, and inmate media services are just a few of the areas in which they have developed. Rick Smith contributes the success of these new areas to their commitment to surveying inmates and staff to see what services and products they need. He is excited to their new position in the market. They have the ability to lower repeat rates of inmates, safer facilities, and crime solving capabilities. Securus is able to connect families and keep the community safe. He feels it fulfills their commitment to improve people’s lives.


Securus Technologies is a Dallas based company that provides cutting edge inmate communications and information processing technology. They provide telephone, video visitation, inmate monitoring, and inmate processing technologies to facilities to help keep them safe. They also provide state of the art voice recognition software to help the law enforcement community.


Securus Expands their Services