I Think Global Tel-Link Took Advantage of People

I used to talk to Robert because I felt bad for him. The man defended my honor and things got out of hand. He murdered the person that was attacking me, and now he is in jail because of me. Robert had priors, and this incident simply made things worse. I told myself that I would console him as much as I could and visit from time to time, but that was all I had in mind. Yet, here I am telling you that I can hardly go a week without talking to him. I could not really afford to talk any more than that because the rates that Global Tel-Link forced on us were too high. Still, I did my best to try to talk to him as much as possible.

You could imagine my surprise when I found out that the rates were actually unfair, according to the FCC and others who had been affected. I learned from PR News that 89 cents per minutes was a joke, and I could not believe that people were duped for years by this company. I do not usually keep up with the news, but I read more on what was happening with the company and found out that it purposely added minutes and fees to bills. According to consumeraffairs.com, the company did this to steal from people like me who do not even have enough money to buy meat because we had to spend $20 just to talk to a loved one.

I feel like this company stole from me and assaulted me. I do not know why Robert is still in jail when companies like Global Tel-Link get to stay squeaky clean. I do not know if this open letter is going to do any good, but I am standing by my man, and I hope that Global Tel-Link gets what it deserves.

IC Solutions: Takers Not Givers

When someone pays for a service, it is expected that they will get that service and there will not be any issues. It seems simple enough, right? If someone is paying for Internet or TV, they should have it. Of course, there are going to be times where it goes down, and the company does everything they can to get it up and running again. They value and respect their customers. After all, these are people that have been customers for a long time and helped the company stay in business with their monthly business and money. In regards to IC Solutions, they are takers and they do not give back.

IC Solutions is an inmate communications provider, http://jailphoneservices.com/ic-solutions/,  which allows inmates to speak to their family members and other close friends over the phone. However, IC Solutions is taking people’s money, sometimes even double charging them for the service, and they are not holding up their end of the bargain. All anyone has to do is look at this link, which also includes evidence of the double charge: https://icsolutions.pissedconsumer.com/ic-solutions-shady-fraudulent-company-20141224574304.html. First of all, it is bad enough to be charged once for something that was not received, but when they are charged twice, that is a whole different story all together.

It amazes me they have been able to get away with this and they have been able to get away with it for so long. One would think that someone would step in and do something about it and make it right. One would think that lawyers would get involved. The thing about ICSolutions.com, though, is they only pick on the people that can’t fight back and have no choice in the matter. They sure love to take money. They probably count it every day. However, they are not reel keen on giving.


IC Solutions: A High Price For A Second Chance

If there is a perfect person out there, I have yet to find them. Everyone has made a mistake of some sort in their life. The key, though, is how they recover from the mistake and how they learn from it. Do they repeat the mistake or do they come back from it and become a better person? There are always ways that people handle prison. For certain people, it either makes them or breaks them. While in there, they can use the time to better themselves, learn about themselves, and come out a better man or woman. It is all about up to them and how they handle it.

Some people go in the tank and they become worse than ever. It is very hard for them to deal with and they just fall apart. In order for them to not fall apart and to not go down a bad road, they need the right kind of help. They need people that are in their corner and have their back, no matter what. They have not given up on them and they do not see them as a lost cause. They see them as someone that made a mistake, will pay the price, and come out and teach others how to not make the same mistakes they made.

However, IC Solutions, the inmate communications provider (http://jailphoneservices.com/ic-solutions/), is the barrier standing in the way of the redemption process. It is because of IC Solutions’ high prices. People have talked about having to pay over 100 dollars a month to make phone calls to only one person. The person that has to call is their loved ones and it can cost them a lot of money that they simply do not have, so maybe the phone calls don’t happen as often as they would like to them for the inmate. Visit icsolutions.com for more info.