Getting Used to Using the Keefe Group

Being able to communicate easily with your loved one in prison can be one of the best things you ever do for yourself and for that individual. One of the best things for you to utilize is a group known as the Keefe group and this is a communication system that has been around for quite some time and has helped a wide variety of different people communicate in a more easy way with their loved ones in the prison system. This is why it is incredibly essential that you look into using the Keefe group when it comes to having better communication with your loved one.

What you might not realize about this amazing communication system is that it actually allows you to have video visitation services with your loved one without even needing to be in the prison itself. This is going to save a lot of people tons of time when it comes to not having to make that lengthy trip just to go to the local prison to see their loved one and this also allows you to finally have the relationship that you have always dreamed of having because you do not have to worry anymore about anything that is going on and the fact that you can no longer see your loved one on a regular basis.

The kingfish1935 blog says that there are lots of different reasons for why you might want to consider beginning to use the Keefe group and this is an amazing system that so many individuals have used for themselves with great success. My own relationship with a loved one with greatly improved when I started using this amazing service and it was something that allowed me to finally feel confident in what I was able to do with them on a routine basis. This is something I continually recommend to people who want to have better communication with their loved ones regularly when it comes to individuals who might be behind bars. This is a wonderful system for you to utilize for yourself and can easily be downloaded onto your home computer or laptop depending on where it is most comfortable for you.

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The Keefe Group


The High Calling Costs incurred by Inmates believed to be Deliberately bloated

High phone call rates on inmate’s communication services have been found to be imposed deliberately for the benefit of correctional center’s benefit. The high calls prompted Peter Wagner, the Prison Policy Initiative Executive to seek clarification on the issue. Unluckily, the Hampden County Sherriff Department could not attend to him.


According to terms signed in a contract between Hampden County jail and Global Tel Link, a fifteen-minute call could cost $17. 74% of the amount was to fund inmate welfare services. However, prisoners in the county jail incurred higher expenses than those outlined in the contract. Hampden County jail commissions were 23% higher than those collected in other jails within the State.


The Federal Communications Commission’s effort to regulate the high fees did not bear fruit. Sherriff Michael J. Ashe threatened to do away with the privilege of inmate communications services if FCC moved to regulate their call rates.


The county communications officer, Stephen O’Neil, supported Sherriff Michael’s statement saying that the jail facility incurred high costs to install inmate communications devices. As a result, he maintained that prisons depended on the commissions to improve the inmates’ welfare activities like education, parties, and religious services.


However, records showed that the Hampden Sherriff department was making profits to the tune of $89,000 from the inmate phone call commissions. The high figure implied that the high rates being imposed on inmates were sufficient to raise money that could be used to finance jail maintenance for two months.


In addition to the high call rates being charged by county jails, Global Tel Link was not making life any better for inmates who wished to communicate with people outside prison. The firm was demanding users to deposit a premium fee into their accounts before they could use their services.


The FCC intervened by setting a standard rate that could be utilized in prison facilities. For this reason, inmates detained in Hampden County incur a call rate of 12 cents per minute.