IC Solutions – Top Inmate Phone Provider

IC Solutions is a telephone service provider that is dedicated to being used by inmates in the prisons of the Unites States of America. IC Solutions offer a broad range of duty including booking and release. The company of IC Solutions focuses on to provide secure communication between inmates and their friend and family. There are services provided such as chatting in real time via messaging or video. Creating a contact account is also possible as well as purchasing a phone service.

More specifically, there are six services that are offered by IC Solutions. The Automated Information line is an Interactive Voice Response platform. It provides automatic responses to questions that are asked the most both by inmates and family and friends.

There is also an Inmate voicemail which allows inmates to receive notice when there is a new message for them. They are enabled to listen to their messages whenever they would like.

The service of Flexible calling options is the service that connects inmates with their family and friends. The service called Kiosks are created with the purpose of collecting money from inmates in a secure way.

The service of Phone and Web-based Deposit Services is the one use for depositing money in the account of the inmate. Customer Service is available at all times and is provided directly by the team of IC Solutions. It is meant to be of assistance to the user and answer any question they might have regarding payments, the process of setting up a prepaid account, as well as issues with the billing process.

The services of IC Solutions can be taken advantage of in several ways. The client can sign up on the official site of the company; call their service center by contacting the company via their email. All of the necessary information is listed on their website – IC Solutions.com.

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I’m Glad to Have Securus and Not Global Tel-Link

I tried that digital visitation with my brother not too long ago, and it was horrible. We could barely see each other and spent most of the time trying to work out the kinks of the system, instead of actually talking to each other. I cannot do much about it, since Securus is the only company that serves the prison where my brother is held. Still, I was curious to see what other companies were out there, and I found Global Tel-Link. I guess I should be happy with the company I have because this company is pretty bad. See, http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/global-tel-link-gtl-issues-inaccurate-press-release–securus-corrects-inaccuracies-300264749.html.

Global Tel-Link has been a competitor of Securus for some time and is quite successful, but it acts like it is just desperate for some reason. I read on topclassactions.com that the company filed a patent lawsuit against Securus that was totally bogus. Securus had to fight the lawsuit and won easily, but the point was to mess with the company’s reputation. Of course, Securus got back on its feet, but I am sure it took the company some effort. I also read on consumeraffairs.com that GTL was charging people a rate that could go up to 89 cents per minute. The FCC had to step in and say this was an unfair rate, yet GTL is still saying it is fine, which I thought was just nuts.

You would think that was the end of the story, but apparently this company loves a good story. It seems like GTL was also found guilty of sneaking in some fees and minutes onto bills. The people just paid for years without noticing. I feel like the people running GTL are the ones who truly deserve to be serving time, just like my brother. I am pretty sure nothing is going to happen to them because you know how the courts are in this country when it comes to dealing with criminals with money. All this made me appreciate Securus, so I guess I am going to have to make do with what I have for now.

Exclusive Keefe Group Commissary Contracts Come Under Scrutiny

The Keefe Group is the leading provider of inmate commissary services in the United States. The company provides management and associated services for 12 out of every 14 outsourced state-level inmate commissaries in the country. Most state correctional facilities outsource their commissary services.

The commissary program at a correctional institution permits inmates the ability to purchase certain basic products through a canteen system. Generally, a correctional facility permits its inmates the ability to order from the commissary once a week. Inmates can order basic items, including food items and hygiene products.

Inmates pay for canteen purchases with funds on their institutional trust accounts. Oftentimes, family members and friends of incarcerated individuals place money onto these accounts for inmates.

The Keefe Group has profited handsomely from its commissary solutions. The company enters into exclusive agreements with correctional agencies to provide commissary services. Many times, these are through no-bid contracts.

According to the Dispatch, the exclusive contracts permit the Keefe Group the ability to set whatever prices it desires on products sold through the commissary program. Usually, this pricing system results in commissary inventory being significantly more expensive than the cost of similar products in the outside world.

Some states have started to take at least some look at the Keefe Group relationship with its correctional agencies. For example, the state of Mississippi has a task force that is taking a close look at contracts, including the Keefe Group no-bid, exclusive agreement with that states corrections agency.

The Mississippi task force was initiated by the Governor. It was created after the former Corrections Commissioner was indicted for corruption. Some of the charges against the Commissioner stemmed from a contract now associated with the Keefe Group through an acquisition made by that company.

If a correctional agency so desires, the Keefe Group offers a comprehensive commissary system that includes everything from management of an inmate’s trust account, to automated ordering via kiosks, and stocking of products for the canteen itself.

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IC Solutions Unethical Attempts At Skirting Regulation

IC Solutions continue to dodge government regulation and it has gotten the company in hot water with the state of Alabama. This is how crazy our political system has become. The legislatures and the people who run the criminal justice system in the state of Alabama have selected IC Solutions to provide telecommunication services to all 28 prisons in the state. The attorney general is now suing the company despite the fact that they maintain a monopoly on inmate telecommunications in the deeply red state.

The attorney general is suing the company because of their repeated attempts to sidestep regulations. These regulations have been put into place by the federal government through the FCC and the state government of Alabama after complaints of overcharging. The regulations put a cap on the amount the company is able to charge for in-state and out-of-state phone calls.

To get around the regulations, IC Solutions charges a menu of hidden fees that hit customers out of nowhere. This ensures that the price of a single telephone call remains high despite government regulation, http://www.al.com/news/index.ssf/2015/06/the_high_cost_of_a_phone_call.html. These fees include fees for putting money into an account, fees for opening an account and a flat fee to initiate a phone call. This makes a 56-second phone call just as expensive as a 15-minute call. And the fees are charged whether or not the call goes through or is dropped.

One woman in Alabama claims to spend more than $100 per month talking to her son. She pays for the service because she is worried about him, as she should be. IC Solutions.com seems to be profiting off of this mother-son connection. This kind of abuse will continue until states no longer contract these unethical companies. You can call or email your local representative to get your local government to drop this company.