Keefe- Corrections Group of Company

Keefe Group is a supply company that engages fully in corrections services through packaging and supply of products. It’s made up of six functioning entities that deal distinctively with aspects of commissary services. Keefe has been meeting the needs of correctional facilities nationwide since 1975.

Difficulties faced by Prisoners through Keefe

There is a lot of abuse and corruption going on in prisons. Sadly, this is something that those of us in the system know about. These practices are, however, not only experienced in prisons but other correctional facilities are going through the same thing. As a result, what we should do is fight against these deeds by Centric Group LLC and its affiliate, Keefe. Keefe is a monopoly with lucrative contracts through the nation. To Keefe Group, prisoners are money. The contracts given to Keefe began on 11/05/2008, and they have been renewed many times since. The last contract that was renewed in 2011 will expire in August 2015.

Department of correction is struggling to ensure that better deals come its way as they work to terminate corrupted contracts. Scrutinization will be done to companies with active contracts despite the amount of money they bring into the department. Those culpable to bribery are to be probed. Secret agents should advice the government whether it should continue to use private entities to service a number of its prisons.

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Service System offered by Keefe

Inmates receive money that they use order items such as candy bars or combs from their relatives through commissary system. However,measures should be taken to ensure responsibility since some complaints have been emerging from family members of the inmates. This is due to the high prices of goods that is causing financial constraints. If put in place, recommendations being made will affect all state organizations.

Keefe Group services includes; inmate kiosks, package services, investigative software, debit release cards, kiosk booking, inmate phone system, package program, offenders management suite, email, deposit services among others.Keefe through technology emphasizes on entertainment of inmates, transaction of finances, and the way information is managed and processed. The correctional institutions, therefore,not only turn out to be well-organized but safe too through Keefe’s dedication in service and skills.

Inspire Inmate Tablets By GTL: The Best In Correctional Communications

A Davidson County, Tennessee, inmate facility recently acquired the use of GTL’s Inspire® inmate tablets. Inspire 1.5 is the latest endeavor by GTL, a company known for providing integrated technology solutions to correctional facilities, assisting them in keeping control.

The tablets undergo a rigorous test, using a standard set by the U.S. Department of Defense: this assesses the tablet’s ability to stay functional if dropped or shaken. The Inspire tablet offers the inmates a way to communicate frequently with the outside community as well as providing them with an incentive for better behaviors. Inmates who improve on behaviors have the privilege of receiving more options on the tablet: hearing music, playing games, reading e-books, and so on.

Correctional facilities that have provided inmates with these secure tablets are exhibiting potential. Additionally, when the prisoners are released, the likelihood of them repeating their crimes is decreased. GTL works diligently to create services that keep inmates and their loved ones connected for the very purpose of reducing repeated crimes.

Receiving the exclusive Transit Drop test certificate for the Inspire 1.5 gives GTL the inspiration to invest time and money into constructing the best products for the corrections environment. Click the link to find out more about Inspire inmate tablets.

Some Prisons Move Towards Video Visits

In-person visits are great for prisoners when they are possible, however we all know that they are not always possible. The problem is that many are not able to get to the prisons where their loved ones are during the visitation hours. There are very specific hours set that help the prisons to control who is able to get into the prison and for how long. This is just something that they have to do in order to maintain security.

Instead of leaving some families out of the rain because they are unable to make it to the prison when they need to, many prisons are now offering video conferencing as an alternative.

The prison sets up a video link to the inmate that the loved ones can view them through and have their visit this way. It means that the loved ones do not have to leave their home at all in order to have this visit, and the inmate still gets to see what is going on back home. It is less prohibitive because it simply means that the inmate can see his or her loved ones more often.

Companies like Securus Technologies are working to get more of these video link systems set up throughout the country. They want to make it possible for all families to have the same opportunities as all others. It is critical if they are to have as much contact with the inmates as possible. Keeping open those very human lines of communication helps the inmates feel better and behave better in many cases as well.

The video conferencing does cost some money but some families report that it is still much less of a strain on them personally because they do not have to travel nearly as far as they once did in order to visit with their loved ones.

Prisoners’ keen still being fleeced despite the capping of prison call rates

There was widespread public outcry when it emerged that calling any of the correctional facilities in the country was costing over ten times more than the normal rate, even for the same area codes. What was even more worrying was the fact that there are certain companies that seem to be getting the lion’s share of the proceeds that come from these exploits, and an invisible hand that supports them as they keep milking the families of the prisoners dry. Research shows that a phone call to jail would cost up to $14 per minute and families of the inmates spend up to $2000 annually to stay in touch.
While the federal communications commission seemed to have helped the situation when they capped the call rates, the reality is that nothing much came out of this move. The fact that there are still private companies offering these ICT services, and that the process used to bid for the calls is still not transparent, means that the struggle is far from over for the inmates and their families. The problem may not be the phone companies per se, it is the commissions that are demanded from them by the prison systems. The companies often find themselves having to add hidden charges to the call rates to break even after paying these commissions.
These are the abuses that the system wants to put an end to. Surprisingly, companies like Securus are threatening to act against these rulings because they feel as if their hands are going to be tied. The other ways in which the family members of the prisoners are being fleeced include commissaries that help send consumables, money transfer services that sometimes charge as high as 35 percent of the money being transferred and at times even encumbrances from fees charged as part of the sentencing.
If the system is to become fair to both the inmates and their families, some serious changes need to be done.

IC Solutions Loves The Smell Of Money

Whenever there is a company out there and all they care about is money, they are clearly in the wrong business. That is what is happening with IC Solutions, the inmate communications provider, at the moment. They have lost all sight and all sense of what it means to run a company and run a company well. Even worse, they have lost the interest in learning how to do it. They are all about the bottom line and that is the almighty dollar. It is always sad when a company gets to this point where they do not care and they are simply going through the motions of collecting money.

However, that is what has happened with IC Solutions and there does not appear to be any end in sight for the company. They are jail phone services provider, and they are supposed to allow inmates to speak to others over the telephone. It is a fairly run of the mill and ordinary procedure that is commonplace. However, as someone has pointed out here on, they have been double charged by IC Solutions and they have still been unable to get through to the inmate. They have been ripped off not once but twice.

This is commonplace for a company like IC Solutions. This is clearly not the first time they have done something like this, and something tells me it won’t be the last time either. A company like IC Solutions is known for this and they live for this sort of thing. They enjoy seeing people at their weakest. Instead of offering a helping hand and getting them up, they simply kick them while they are down and move on without even showing any humanity inside their bodies and inside their bones. It is strictly business, but it doesn’t have to be this extreme.

Keefe Group – Leading Provider for the Correctional industry

The Keefe Group is a large corporation which is based in the United States of America. The Keefe group works as a provider of a wide number of services and products that they deliver to prisons and jails as well. The large company works in partnership with a wide variety of companies. The company has its main building set up in the city of St. Luis.

The Keefe Group is an umbrella for many organizations. Each of them is taking care of one of the many aspects of the business of Keefe Group. There are as many as six affiliates that work with packaging, technology and gadgets, food and apparel, entertainment and management, inmate communication industry, and so on. The Keefe group provides nearly every single kind of product that can be desired or needed by the correctional industry and by inmates. The affiliates are IC Solutions, Keefe Supply Company, Advanced Technologies Group, Access Corrections, Access Securepak, and Keefe Commissary Network.

According to, the Keefe Group has been a leading supplier for the correctional market for many years. The company was established and entered their line of work in 1975. The company of Keefe Group has the goal of revolutionizing the industry they work in. The large corporation aims at creating new services and bringing them to the correctional industry with stability and efficiently.

In order to take better care of their products and have a more stable and efficient product distribution, the Keefe group established several factories that have been dedicated towards packaging that sports the branding of the companies they have started partnering up with. The company has been developing software that will make the way Keefe des things completely different. They have revolutionized the software which handles the financial aspect of the corporation.

Over the course of the past couple of years, the financial software has been further developing in order to keep a better account of the revenue of the company. The production panel software has also been undergoing further development. The company of Keefe group has been thriving and has expanded further across the United States of America.