The Keefe Group Might Not Have the Right Balance for a Meal

My doctor recently told me that I needed to make some big changes in my diet. In doing so I’ve come to realize just how late to that party I’ve been. Looking into it, apparently most of the modern world has been rethinking their relationship with food. I found that my attempts to properly balance nutrition with taste were the norm in a lot of areas. But my biggest shock didn’t come from finding out how well people were eating in the modern world. Instead it came from realizing how poorly one particular group of people were eating. Read more about Keefe Group on Blogspot

This revelation came about through a single article written by one of these people. It wasn’t some far flung group of people either. It was written by a prisoner in a nearby area. His main issue was something that hit pretty close to home too. Like me, he had a lot of concerns about food. Unlike me, he didn’t have the option to carefully mix and match choices in order to protect his own health.

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That’s what concerned me the most with his situation. He had a lot to say about something called the Keefe Group. It’s a third party contractor which often works in an exclusive partnership with prisons. They’re given sole right to sell food in prison. Meanwhile the government has the sole responsibility of providing nutrient dense, but usually taste poor, food. This is almost the exact situation which I was told to avoid creating in my own life. Separating taste from nutrition is usually a very bad idea. It almost insists on impulse splurging. For me, it’s bad because it promotes unhealthy nutrient profiles. Prisoners face the same problem, but they have the added concern of it costing so much of their income. Prison work programs aren’t exactly known for their high pay rate. In fact, they might spend an entire day’s wages on a simple bit of food from the Keefe Group.

This is the real problem with how things are currently set up. The Keefe Group is able to make a huge profit by selling low cost and low quality items at a huge markup. Meanwhile the prison system is trying to scrape by as much as possible with the lowest cost items with the lowest chance of provoking allergic reactions. It seems to me that both parties could stand to work a little more closely with some kind of budget sharing. The Keefe Group is already working under contract so it’d only be an extension of the current terms. Read more:

Telmate Provides Innovation in Jail Industry

There are several different ways that people can handle he jail industry. The majority of these options allow for the prisons to be able to operate but with a certain amount of support from third-party companies. This is the case with most prisons that have chosen to use Telmate because they know that they will be able to do more with the options that they have no matter what they are trying to do with the different situations they are in. Because of the way that Telmate is able to provide different solutions for all of the people who they serve, they know that they will be able to make things better and bring more opportunities to people who are in the prison. It is something that they have always tried to do and something that they will continue doing so that they can provide different levels of support for different areas that they are in.


While Telmate has been a successful company in the things that they are doing, they know that it will be necessary for them to get what they have in the different situations they are in. Telmate wants to make sure that things are going to go well for their company and that they will be able to provide different opportunities to the people who they serve and all of this will allow them the chance to make sure that things are going to work out for the prison and for the people who run the prison.


Telmate is confident in the skills that they have created for themselves. They know a lot about different things and they are confident that they can make sure that things are going to work out for their company. Because of the options that Telmate has implemented and because of the way that they are able to do business, Telmate can try to continue their business and grow it to new levels. They are hoping that this is what is in their future and they will not stop until they are able to be a premier provider of all of the tools that prisons need for support.


IC Solutions: Their Tactics Are Scary

I like to live my life a certain way and that is to be good to people and do the right thing when the right thing is presented to me. I’m not trying to get on my high horse or act all high and mighty. I’m just speaking to how I live as a person. That is not to say that my way is the right way or the wrong way to live life. However, my beliefs are that if we all work together, things could be a lot easier. Everyone could win. There does not need to be a winner and a loser at this sort of things. Everyone can come away feeling as though they have achieved something from this situation.IC Solutions, the inmate communications provider, does not see things that way.

They have next to no interest in the well being of their customers or the inmates. They do not care that they are on a website like Pissed Consumer. They do not care that they are rated 1.4 out of 5 based on 61 reviews. This just goes completely over their heads and they shrug it off because the checks are clearing and money is in their bank account. That is not the way a company should be run on any level, whatsoever.There needs to be a customer/client relationship. After all, the inmates and their families need these phone calls to feel connected with one another and to help the inmate get out of prison in one piece and in order to survive what they are going through at the present time. Yes, they are behind bars, and I’m not looking to give them sympathy. I’m simply looking for them to have a little empathy thrown their way.

Global Tel-Link Settles Robocall Lawsuit

Global Tel-Link (GTL) settled a class action lawsuit in March 2017 for $8.8 million dollars. The lawsuit alleged that the company made “robocalls” to their cell phones without permission and thus violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) of 1991.

The plaintiffs alleged that GTL, the nation’s leading provider of inmate telecommunication services, attempted to connect calls to their cell phones. When the calls from prisoners could not connect, the cell phone user received a pre-recorded message to notify them that an inmate had tried to contact. The lawsuit stated that “protections granted by Congress under the TCPA was the only means of protecting consumers from unwanted nuisance calls.”

The class included nearly two million people who had received calls from GTL to their cell phones from December 2010 until the settlement was agreed upon in the courtroom. Watch this video about GTL on Youtube.

Global Tel-Link provides inmate calling services to more than 30 states in the U.S., as well as Puerto Rico. GTL has been in the news over the course of recent years and the defendant of many lawsuits. The rate which GTL charges inmates and those they communicate with have been the subject of most of the lawsuits. Inmates, their loved ones, and associates allegedly paid as much as $13.00 for 10 minutes of talk time. The FCC attempted to challenge GTL by placing a federal regulation to cap the cost of inmate calling services but later dropped the suit.

GTL administered some changes to reflect consumer needs. The company’s website lists that inmates would need to set up an account, which costs $4.75. The fees for inmate calling services in California vary, depending on the type of facility and whether the call was pre-paid or collect. Read more on to know more about GTL.

These charges are separate from the fees that the recipient of the call must pay.

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Keefe Group has transformed the inmate industry

The Keefe Group is known to many as the largest private firm that is changing the lives of prisoners in the United States. The company facilitates financial transactions, entertainment, information flow, food and beverages, clothes, technology solutions and many other activities that make the lives of the people in the correctional facilities better. The institution has a team of professionals who work day and night to ensure that the clients get the best. For an inmate to become a better person in the society, they have to communicate with their loved ones all the time. The private institution has put in place several measures to achieve this objective. Here are some of the services Keefe Group provides. Read more news on Tampa Bay Times.

Booking Kiosk

This is actually the most critical services from the private institution. The Keefe Group Booking Kiosk is unique in its own way, and it is connected to the inmate banking system. The service is used by the correctional facilities to calculate the amount of money deposits from the individuals who are incarcerated. When the inmate makes a deposit, the Booking Kiosk issues them a receipt. The service is known to be very safe, and the money can be reconciled automatically. Experts say that the security of the Booking Kiosk from the Keefe Group cannot be compromised.

Inmate Kiosks

The inmate kiosk is also an important service from the Keefe Group that allows the prisoners to have a safe and friendly communication platform. The service ensures that the prisoners remain in constant communications with friends and loved ones at an affordable rate. The Inmate Kiosks assists the inmates to get pictures and images of their loved ones who are far away. This service has been efficient because it used the latest technology. Visit to know more.

Customer care support

In any modern company, customer care is an essential aspect. A company can never reach its clients if they do not have a perfect customer care support. Keefe Group has one of the best teams to service its customers by answering all questions in time. The customer care support from the Keefe Group is available 24/7, and it has individuals who are well qualified.

Telmate Inmate Operations

Telmate LLC, is a private company in the Telecom Industry. Telmate Company was established in 2010. The company specializes in the provision of telephone voice and data communications services. Telmate Company is located in Ontario, the United States. The Company’s mission is to create secure technologies that will empower inmates to break recidivism. Telmate intends to connect inmates with their loved ones, improve mental health and promote personal responsibility. Telmate provides inmates with a platform that offers them tools to enable them to become self-reliant and responsible individuals.

Telmate also aims at enhancing inmate’s communication with their loved ones. However, people have complained about Telmate in different forums. In the prison talk forum, several people with issues concerning Telmate aired out their grievances. One inmate complained of Telmate’s complicated services. In case you encounter a problem and you contact Telmate’s customer care services, you may not get a specific solution to your problem.

Additionally, the customer ratings of Telmate are at two out of five based on five reviews. The latest Telmate reviews show how their employees are inefficient. Adriana, on June 19, 2017, reported that Telmate has to train its employees. The supervisors who solve problems do not give an accurate explanation. This implies that the communication skills of employees and their customer care services are inadequate.

In the case of a misdial from an inmate, Telmate provides a recording of the detainee’s details and the option of whether you will accept or reject the call. If the number is blocked, Telmate’s operators can unblock it. Recording helps to eliminate possible frauds. Despite the challenges, Telmate still aims at improving its services to satisfy detainees, relevant authorities, and inmate relatives.



Global Tel-Link Sets the Record Straight on Scamming Accusations

Global Tel-Link is a technology company providing correctional facilities with integrated solutions. We are located in Virginia. We provide inmates and their families reliable and economical communications solutions. Our products are flexible. They can be customized to fit the needs of a particular correctional facility. We have over twenty-seven years in the industry. Our mission is to empower correctional institutions to manage their inmate populations with confidence.

Our offerings include inmate calling systems, financial services, prison management systems, inmate education solutions and investigative services among others. We have some of the lowest charges for our services. Our goal is to connect as many families with their loved ones as possible. This has enabled us to win numerous contracts with correctional facilities. These contracts are awarded on a competitive bidding system. Read more reviews at Yelp.

We are the sole providers of communications solutions in more than twenty-eight states covering over two thousand facilities. This is why we were surprised and gravely concerned to learn that the Federal Communications Commission was planning to cap interstate call costs. The decision forced us to challenge the same in court. We are confident of obtaining a favorable outcome. We are dedicated to achieving sustainable solutions that reduce the cost to consumers.

We are afraid that the FCC may cripple our operations, which will have devastating effects on millions of families and inmate populations. We welcome a balanced review that addresses discrepancies in call rates and commissions in light of already available cost studies. Visit Consumerist to know more.

Our collect call systems are transparent. They do not charge any hidden fees. We urge persons with unresolved issues to get in touch with us and resolve the matter amicably. We recognize that there are people who may be ignorant of the way our systems work. We have received information that some of these people plan to mislead many more by lodging an unwarranted class action suit in California. Read more on to know more about GTL.

Similar efforts to mobilize people against us have failed to take off. We utilize cutting edge platforms that are constantly audited to ensure we are compliant. In spite of this, there are claims that we overbill and surcharge our accounts. We only bill your account when the phone call is picked up and not a moment earlier. Moreover, our intrastate and interstate call rates are the lowest.


We have also been falsely accused of conducting smear campaigns against some of our competitors in the industry. We are the leaders in the industry. Disgruntled rivals are just frustrated that they cannot achieve what we have.

We expressed our opinion regarding matters in court because we believe we are going to win the pending patent infringement suits. Delivering quality services to our customers makes us successful. We are proud to stand behind our superior platforms and the innovative products we provide. Read more reviews at

IC Solutions: They Are The Problem, Not The Solution

IC Solutions has left a lot of damage in their wake and the sad part is I think they like it that way. When talking about the inmate communications provider, it is hard to ignore their many crimes they have committed against their customers and the inmates. Many people look at the inmates as the bad people, but in reality, they need to look no further than IC Solutions. They are the ones that are doing the real damage and causing the real pain for people out there. They are preventing people from speaking to those that they love.IC Solutions keeps finding ways to surprise others, and me however, with their actions and their behavior. In no way is that a compliment in regards to IC Solutions. It is high criticism and I wish that more people would take IC Solutions to task for what they are doing. I know the customers are upset and they have posted their thoughts on the Internet and they have not been shy about it. However, there needs to be someone in a position of power that can do something about it and they need to come after IC Solutions hard. Yes, the people have power, but there needs to be someone higher up that can really implement change and see it through.

It is truly heartbreaking and sad story. It brought tears to my eyes and made me incredibly upset. There are a lot of troubled kids out there for various reasons. It is not my place to judge them or say anything bad about them. I’m not in their shoes and I’m not living their life. However, it is clear they are in a tough spot and they need all of the support and love they can get from those closest to them. IC Solutions is the roadblock standing in the way as this parent paid almost 100 dollars and was still unable to speak to their son. This shows that IC Solutions is like an ambulance chaser. They are looking for situations where they can come in, steal the day, and take advantage of people that are not in a position to fight back and people that are seriously worried about their child. They can play dumb all they want, but they don’t have me fooled and they don’t have this parent fooled either.

A mission by Telmate to generate a secure capability that grants power to inmates

Telmate, founded in the year 1998 as technology professionals, used the name Pinnacle Public Services. Throughout that time, the facility used to offer state of the art service and installation familiar to communication solution providers to inmates within the Northwest. Such kind of practice leads to the acknowledgment of a requirement for more smart communication solutions, for instance, one that could offer complete reliability, cutting-edge security, and expertise in addition to fast customer service and repair.


Telmate’s exploration in ground-breaking solutions has extensively enhanced actions and catering to the full of life needs of the corrections sector. As a matter of fact, Telmate service facilities include holding cells, city jails, county correctional centers and an assortment of detention centers.


The biggest account houses not less than 18,000 inmates. Telmate facilities based on more than 300 correctional centers in North America and nearly every part of the United States and Canadian provinces. The regions are renowned as leading sources of telecom services in North America and beyond. The strategic growth that employed organic and close customer relationships gave Telmate an advantage over the rival service providers. The company’s workforce has a firm belief that clients they serve are the paramount confirmation and acknowledgment of their works.


Telmate has a mission to generate a secure capability that grants power to inmates as well as providing protection and service to the public. The set of principles that the company operates entails connecting loved ones to prisoners and growing safety within communities through appropriate verification and investigation resources. They promote personal dependability by providing inmates with the essential tools to be self-reliant as well as demonstrate their financial conscientiousness which guarantees no cost stimulated on to the general public.


The devotion of Telmate is directed from the top level of leadership to the smallest level to focus towards delivering unsurpassed performance and modernization. The phone system used by the inmates is possibly one of the best. Besides, the Phone calls they provide an incredible amount of jail acumen and helping the organization make cases and offenders.




Get Superior Inmate Packaging Services With The Keefe Group

The Keefe Group is a proud member of the America Correctional Association (ACA) and are well known for delivering exemplary products. They have big name products that have been a household name for years including Hostess and Maxwell House. Inmates also have the option of catering their meal to meet the needs of their Hispanics customers, as well. They offer a selection of products that can easily be ordered and packaged right from their warehouse. Their team of leadership professionals distributes their services and products to thousands of inmates nationwide. Become a part of the Keefe Group by visiting their exclusive website today.

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Did you know that inmates have their own financial system located directly in a correctional facility? That’s right; inmates can check their account balance at any time through a kiosk system. There is a number of people that have described this kiosk system as a great way for them to exert their independence while being confined in a correctional institution. Customers have the option of also giving their love ones in a facility a tablet that allows them to retrieve downloads approved by the facility, download music, and play many popular games. Read more on Prison Censorship about Keefe Group.

Keefe Group Features

Video Visitation

Talking to your love ones just got easier over the internet with features from the Keefe Group. If you’re eighteen years of age or older, have a valid checking or debit card, and willing to pay a onetime processing fee, you can talk to the ones you love securely online. You don’t have to worry about dropped calls because they secure a reliable network application over the internet. Follow the progress of the ones you love in a correctional institute. Get complete control over the video and the sound with the touch of a few onscreen buttons.

You’re invited to learn more about their products and services by speaking to a live representative 24 hours a day. You’ll never want to use the correctional commissary list when you have the option of choosing products from the Keefe Group. A trained and knowledgeable packaging services professional is standing by to take your order. Read more news on