The Keefe Group Serves up a Bowl Filled with Harsh Truths

I’ve been interested in diet for most of my life. My entire outlook on the world is colored by the idea that health bodies are an important component of healthy minds. Which might be why I was caught so off guard by a recent article about the prison system.


I’d certainly have thought that a good diet would be central to any attempt to change people’s behavior for the better. People deprived of the necessities in life aren’t prepared to make any huge changes. Sadly, the article suggests that my view of things is overly optimistic. The article showcased some issues with one particular company and how it relates to prison food.


The general tone of the article painted the Keefe Group in a rather negative light. The author called on inmates to compile lists of prices within their particular prisons in order to demonstrate widespread corruption. The prisoner also offered up allegations of what amounts to a monopoly status. This is even more concerning when one examines the fact that the Keefe Group doesn’t always operate under that name. Their parent company can operate under different names, and can even act as a supplier to seemingly independent companies.


The underlying point is that if something is wrong with the Keefe Group than something is going to be wrong with the majority of prison food sales. It’s not just the prisoners who should be concerned either. The prison industry has a shockingly wide reach. People might handwave the issue by saying that they’re never going to be in jail. But nobody can say whether family, friends or close associates might wind up there. And a similar thing can be said about employment.


The prison system is a huge factor when it comes to employment. It’s often one of the larger employers in any given area. The people working there are just as part of the food supply chain as the prisoners. The quality and price of food has an impact on everyone.


Proper nutrition is a vital part of someone’s overall performance in life. Prisoners can’t be expected to push for a better life when they’re suffering from malnutrition. Prison officials can’t properly plan to help in rehabilitation efforts if they’re more concerned with trying to get a proper meal. And in general every part of the system suffers when something like the Keefe Group doesn’t live up to their responsibilities.


How to Make the Most of the Telmate System

If you have a friend or relative in the prison system, you know how difficult it is for you to keep in close contact with them. In a lot of cases, you’re stuck trying to figure out how to make routine trips to the prison, which might not necessarily be convenient if you’re nowhere near to the prison itself. One of the most important things to remember is that you’re always able to get in touch with them when it’s needed.


One of the worst things about having a relative in prison is the inability to keep in touch with them regularly. The Telmate system was designed and created to bridge this gap. You will be able to both call and video chat with your loved one even if they are hundreds of miles away. The beauty about the Telmate system is that it is entirely secure, so you can feel confident calling your relative or friend without the world knowing about it. Plus, it is incredibly affordable, even for individuals who might be on a strict and tight budget.


The next time you find yourself wondering how to keep in touch with a relative or friend in prison, just remember that the Telmate system is there to put your mind at ease. One of the most important things you can do for that individual is keep in touch with them. It keeps their morale up and gives you the confidence in knowing that you’re able to keep them close to you and the rest of your family. Whether you are going to be using Telmate because of the upcoming holiday season or you’re simply looking for a way to contact a loved one day in and day out, Telmate is there to make things easier and more convenient for you. Gone are the days when you were forced to make trips to the prison just to see that person. Telmate is there to help you out and give you the freedom that you need to stay positive in a time when everything feels like you’re being cut off from the world.


Global Tel-Link Goes Against the Common Sense of a Free Market

It may be difficult to really get a clear idea of the quality of service that Global Tel-Link provides if you haven’t used the service, or if you do not know anybody who has used the service. However, in this day and age you can just look up online forums to see what people have to say about the service that Global Tel-Link provides. The vast majority of people online have given Global Tel-Link negative reviews. Most of the reviews sound confused, fed-up, angry and tired. Global Tel-Link boasts that it serves eighty-five percent of inmates in the United States, yet it does not give the best service. Why is this so? Why is Global Tel-Link chosen by detention centers if it gives not-the-best service? There is a reason for this.–securus-corrects-inaccuracies-300264749.html

Prisons do not necessarily judge phone service companies based upon quality; they judge based upon which company can slip them the most money. Global Tel-Link has made it’s way to the top in the detention center telecommunications industry because it has been able to give detention centers the best offers in contracts. The ones who are directly using the telecommunications services for the most part– the loved ones of prisoners, do not have a say in which phone companies to use, despite the fact that they are expected to flip the bills for calls. This intuitively goes against the ways of our free market, capitalistic system to a point where it seems wrong. Normally, people are able to choose their phone companies and terms of service, for the most part. When it comes to the inmate telecommunications industry, consumer demand does not rule the success of phone companies—the interests of facilities to make as much money as possible and what phone companies can offer to facilities rule the success of phone companies

Taking Money For The Business

Global Tel is nothing more than a company that likes to rip people off. It takes money that it really doesn’t need from people because it charges exorbitant rates that allow the company to stay in business. The money that the company does make is likely given to the prisons that it works with most of the time because facilities enter into contracts with this company and others that are similar. It’s a wreck of people who try to answer phone calls and think that they are giving you information but are simply trying to get you off the phone.


I’ve called customer service so many times and have been hung up on and given rude answers almost every time I call. It’s like the company doesn’t want people to know what it’s doing, but it wants you to be able to accept phone calls from inmates at the same time. There are times when I’ve wanted to add a certain amount of money and have been told that I can only add an amount that they approve instead of what I’m able to pay. This isn’t the way to grow a business. It’s a way to lose business and go bankrupt if more people would stand up to them.


Keefe Group: How To Save Money On Prison Phone Calls

Are you researching inmates phone services and other prison communications companies? Trying to find a company that offers reasonable rates on their prison or jail phone calls? Keefe Group, a well established provider of inmates communications service, offers affordable rates.

Although staying in contact with your incarcerated relative or friend is crucial, you also want to be certain you choose a phone or inmates communications service that offers affordable rates. In addition to reasonable rates, you also want to make sure they offer the features you need. That’s where Keefe Group can help.

Keefe Group is a highly reliable provider of affordable phone rates to the corrections industry. This recommended company has been around for many years and has top notch features and services that customers truly enjoy. No wonder many families across the country are raving about the huge savings and great features they have been receiving from this company.

Legitimate prison phone services like Keefe Group work with corrections facilities around the country to ensure proper guidelines and requirements are met regarding phone and communications systems. This ensures an extra layer of security is added to your telephone calls as well, to make sure only the individuals or professionals who are legally allowed to listen to, or monitor, your conversations are able to do so.

If you have been spending a lot of money on prison or jail phone calls, just to keep in touch with your loved one, consider switching to Keefe Group. You will have access to better features and services while saving a ton of money.

Their services and systems will help you benefit tremendously and save you a lot of cash when it comes maintaining contact with an incarcerated friend or relative.

Set up an account and follow the provided instructions on how to use their systems. If you are in need of help with any of their features or services, simply contact the service representatives or customer support and they will guide you through the process, or address any issues you may have.

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Learn about Telmate in 3 minutes

Criminals have a right to communicate with their loved ones. Even if you commit a crime and go to prison, you should not be denied communication with your family. One company that ensures this is possible is Telmate. It has been in business for more than ten years, and along the way, the company has gained vast experience in offering innovative and reliable technology, which gives efficiency and control. Telmate is the leading provider of prisons communications system. They offer phones, video visits, tablets, content, investigator tools and much more. Telmate serves hundreds of correctional facilities in the US and Canada.


Goals and mission


The company’s primary focus is to create secure technology, which empowers inmates to break the behavior of recidivism while protecting the correction facilities and the community.


The principles that guide Telmate


  • The workers are dedicated to offering communication between prisoners and the loved ones thus enhancing prisons security and that of the community


  • Providing physical safety and making prisons secure to serve the community


  • Providing efficient verification and investigative tools to protect the community



  • Telmate offers tools that help the inmates to be self-independent and assist them to become responsible citizens.


  • Telmate ensures that the prisoners and relatives are responsible for the costs of their communications. Through this, no burden is passed to other citizens.




Telmate takes reviews and feedbacks from clients seriously. For example, one reviewer suggested Telmate needs to train their staff. His reason was that telmate blocked the account his son uses since another person used the unapproved account. However, people should note that Telmate has a goal to ensure that the prisoners and their relatives are responsible for the costs. It is just a precaution measure to ensure that inmates are not using fraudulent ways to communicate.


With such a complaint, individuals should contact the Telmate offices. Their workers are friendly and welcoming. They will help them solve the problem. All complaints are addressed immediately to ensure efficiency and security. Telmate provides a variety of options when one fails you can try the other.


IC Solutions: They Are Without Feeling

I’ve always been amazed in the worst possible way at how some people can operate in their lives. How can they have no emotion and no feeling? How do they live the way they live? This has been something that has struck me as very strange and very odd. Once I think about it a little more, I realize they are sociopaths, as these are the kinds of people that display this type of behavior. It is even worse when it comes from a company like IC Solutions, an inmate phone call company. They have a reputation that is really, really poor based on online reviews about IC Solution, which, personally, I take a lot of stock in.Let’s stop and think about that link for a second: they are on Pissed Consumer.

When someone is pissed, it means they have reached their breaking point and they have been pushed to the limit. They have simply had enough and they will not stand for it for another second. IC Solutions has done this in numerous ways such as fraud, lying to customers, and generally not caring a single ounce about them. That is enough to rile anyone up and get him or her incredibly upset and angry.This is a matter of family and friends in many regards as well. They have someone they love more than anything in the world behind bars. They still love them, care about them, and are there for them. They wish they did not wind up in prison, of course, but they are hoping this is the wake-up call needed to get them back on track and reexamine how they are living their lives. In life, when it hands someone something that is bad, they can either choose to ignore it or they can choose to do something about it. IC Solutions needs to let them do something about it.

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Keefe Group Provides Innovative Products and Services to Corrections Facilities

Keefe Group has been a leading provider of products and services to the correctional market since 1975. Keefe Group became a specialist in the packaging of products sold within the correctional system. We started out packaging instant coffee and drinks in paper pouches. Then we moved on to pouch-packaged seafood because it was a safer way to distribute items, eliminating the danger of metal and glass containers. Read more about Keefe Group on

Today, the company has six parts, the Keefe Supply Company, Keefe Commissary Network, Access Securepak, Access Corrections, ICSolutions and Advanced Technologies.

Keefe Group is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. We have plants and distribution facilities throughout the country. We have manufacturing areas where we make our own products. We focus on providing the best products possible to our customers.

Not only do we offer packaged foods we also provide technology services to the correctional facilities as well. We help the organizations process and manage information flow and communications, financial transactions and other services.

Our Access Secure Data software helps prison personnel to identify relationships between inmates and the outside world as well as others inside the system. It works alongside Access Secure Deposits, Secure Mail and other Secure Services. The Access Secure System allows monitoring of activities inside and outside the system, in order to maintain safety and security.

Through the Secure Deposit system an inmate’s family can provide them with spending money for snacks and personal items. All funds are deposited in real-time. The staff does not handle cash, so reduces workload. Each depositor is photographed for security. The system eliminates fraud. Learn more on STL Today about Keefe Group.

The Enforcer is a top of the line telecommunications system, that allows for monitoring and controlling the communications between inmates and outsiders. It makes the whole process of contacting family and friends easy to control and handle. Keefe Group provides other important technologies to make inmates lives better and the management of the facility easier for staff and personnel.



How Telmate Hurt Their Clients

Telmate is a communications company. They are based in the prison sector and they do a lot to make sure that prisoners are able to get the experiences that they need from different things. They started out with mostly phones and phone call administration but they have grown their business since then. This is something that the company started to do and something that they were hoping they would be able to continue to do no matter what was going on but they also had to make sure that they were profiting. The most important thing to Telmate is the profits that they can make. In fact, the company doesn’t even look out for the prison administrators in the way that other prison communications companies are able to help the prison administrators.This is a huge part of the reason that Telmate is suffering when others are doing well with their performance.


Right now, Telmate is charging nearly double what other companies are charging for prisoners to make a phone call. They have to make their money and they know that the prisons that they work with will take it because they like to make their inmates pay for a lot of different things in the area that they are in. Telmate continues to do things that make it hard for prisons to be able to try different things and do more with the options that they have. It is also something that has made it difficult for people to learn more about the areas that they are in.


Along with the things that Telmate is doing to the prisons, they are also lying to other companies. They have told lies to prisons that were with other communication companies. They have also used bait and switch techniques to draw these clients in so that they will be able to make the prison a better place for their business. Since Telmate knew what they were doing, it was something that made it hard for them to try and get more out of the situations they were in and the areas that they served.


The Keefe Group Highlights an Important Part of Meal Planning

I’m well aware of the fact that prisons are unpleasant. After all, they’re supposed to scare people away from committing crimes. HOwever, the main purpose of the prison system is rehabilitation. It’s not just something to scare people or hold criminals for every single day of their life. Instead, prisons are supposed to teach prisoners how to enter society again as productive citizens. I’d have thought that the prison experience would center around that ideal. But a first hand account written by a prisoner gave me a very different impression.

The prisoner’s main point of concern had to do with a company called the Keefe Group. It’s not a commonly heard name on the outside of the prison system. On the inside though, the Keefe Group is usually the sole provider of anything people would consider comfort foods. Basically the empty calories that people love to eat when they’re feeling down. Cheap and unhealthy are the two major selling points of comfort food.

But that’s where the problem with the Keefe Group makes itself known. The Keefe Group certainly sells unhealthy food. But they push up prices on those items to the point where they wouldn’t even be considered cheap on the outside. And on the inside, prison work programs tend to pay only around 10% of the state’s minimum wage. The two points come together to ensure that prisoners essentially empty their wallets every time they want a candy bar.

This issue is made even more alarming due to the nature of prison food. Cafeterias serve healthy food which places an emphasis on safety. Prison food can’t increase chances of heart attacks, raise blood pressure or have a chance of triggering allergies. It’s basically even more bland and tasteless than hospital food. Read more on Prison Censorship about Keefe Group.

That combination of food choices is what makes the Keefe Group such a bad match for prisons. Anyone would become desperate for food with a bit of taste to it after they’ve been on prison rations for a while. Eventually most people will pay whatever the Keefe Group asks. And of course, the Keefe Group will ask for as much as they can. It’s good business. But it’s also something that the prison needs to take a closer look at. Prisons aren’t supposed to be about making private companies even richer. They’re supposed to be giving prisoners the time and resources needed to properly reform themselves. Constantly stressing over food is just adding more complications on top of an already difficult situation.

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