Trust IC Solution For Your Inmate Calling Needs

Through a combined effort with IC Solutions and the Keefe Group under national American Correctional Association accreditation, IC is one of the fastest growing network providers, as reported by PRN Newswire magazine online. They don’t hesitate to listen to the needs of their customers through their online customers feedback support network, and you can hear what other users have to say about them also. Het quality, and affordable features with a hassle-free purchasing experience. Their website invites their customers to feel free about exploring their inmate calling options. They also offer packaging services with the top brands in the industry and learn more about IC Solutions.


IC Solution Features

Remote Visitation

Interested in never leaving home, and visiting your loved ones in a correctional facility online? IC offers any services and features allowing their customers to get every minute allotted under their service agreement through a video chat feature. Get complete control with onscreen modules that control the picture, and the volume. If you’re on an inmate visiting list, never leave home to visit them on those special occasions including Christmas and their Website.

Packaging Services

Their packaging services feature gives you access to all the top food brands like Hostess, and Cactus Annie’s. They even offer a Mexican menu with familiar herbs and spices. In fact, order their tablet and get access to downloads, games, emails, photos, and more. Their tablet access is one of their most popular features at IC. Inmates pay a monthly fee for internet access in the facility and more information click here.

Join IC Solutions, and talk more while spending less.

Put A Cap On Inmate Communication Costs

Telmate is one of the leading prison communications providers. Correctional facilities often consider what communications service to utilize based upon the amount of money they’ll receive back from the contract. Prison communications companies such as Telmate provide communication services for inmates to talk to loved ones via phone, tablet and video chat. The cost of the phone calls can vary from a few cents a minute for out of state calling to a dollar or more per minute. This means that after connection fees and the charge per minute, a simple fifteen minute phone call could cost roughly twenty dollars. Recently people have tried to start a movement by contacting the federal communications commission about putting a cap on the rate for these phone calls at county jails.


It is believed that inmates who stay in contact with their loved ones are less likely to become repeat offenders. This is the arguement used in regards to placing a price cap on the per minute cost of correctional facility communications. Many families and friends of incarcerated people come from poverty or low income homes. For some of these families it is nearly impossible to come up with an extra twenty dollars a week to talk to their incarcerated family member. The person in jail then becomes depressed and hopeless and then becomes more likely to be desperate and a repeat offender when they are released. It is believed that the communities will benefit from lower communications costs for inmates. Less repeat offenders would produce better community members who have a sense of hope from the loved ones they were able to talk to prior their release.


The Only Way To Talk

One of the awful companies that I have dealt with since my husband was sent to prison is Global Tel. The company claims to make it easy for inmates to make phone calls, but the only thing that it wants is money. Right now, there isn’t another option that I have if I want to talk to my husband because it’s too far to drive to go see him. We write letters, but talking on the phone makes the time go by so much faster.


There has been one time that my husband hasn’t been able to reach me. I can answer the call, but it’s disconnected as soon as I accept. When I look at my Global Tel Link account, the money is taken off like the call went through. I talked to customer service, and I was told that there was nothing that they could do because I accepted the phone call at the time. This is unfair, and that money can’t be used in the future for calls that he can make. I think that the company hangs up on people on purpose just to get more money from people because it is a million-dollar company compared to other phone companies that offer similar services.


IC Solutions: There is a Major Issue Here

Looking at IC Solutions, it is clear there is a major issue with the company and they need to fix it. However, since they are so silent and since there is no one out there that is going to call them out on it besides people online,, they are going to keep doing it as long as they can get away with it. One of the most frustrating aspects about this inmate communications service is the fact they go silent so often. They don’t come out and they don’t explain themselves or why they do the things they do. Why are they not allowing phone calls to go through? After all, it is prepaid, so people have paid for the ability to speak to the inmate. It is not like the person has not paid for the phone call in the first place. They have done that. Since they have done that, they should be able to talk to the inmate with no issues and more information click here.

Customers of IC Solutions have lost an average of 78 dollars. That might not seem like a lot of money to certain people, but it is a lot of money when it adds up to losses of over two thousand dollars. That is money that is going directly in the pockets of IC Solutions. They have the money and they are not patching through the phone calls for the customers wishing to speak to the inmate. As far as what they are doing with the money, that is anyone’s guess. They seem to be awful quiet in that regard and learn more about IC Solutions.

I know one thing for sure: if someone were writing things about me like this, I would want to defend myself or apologize. IC Solutions completely and totally overlooks that aspect of it as it will not paint them in a positive light and IC Solutions lacrosse camp.

A Tough Decision For The Keefe Group

Keeping The Factory Line Going


“Offering great jobs since 1975.” This should be the new slogan for the Keefe Group who has more than 30 years in business and as an American based manufacturer. But making business possible or happen requires that Keefe keep the factory line going. The process is as old as the industrial revolution itself.


Just put to mind the vision of a factory line and of the pieces moving.


Everything has to be in synch when you’re Keefe.


The reason is because the manufacturer supplies enough distributed products weekly and to service over 1.5 million people at once. The picture we’re painting should be shedding light on an operation that’s massive to say the least. The 100,000 plus square feet of space in Keefe Group’s main factor is only a glimpse.


The business operates other factories like it but just on a smaller scale. The collective work of all of it factories and storage centers help to move massive amounts of products and across the United States but in little time. Keeping the factory lines going is big business for the Keefe Group, and every piece of the operation matters.


Piece By Piece And Consumer By Consumer


It’s the variety which Keefe produces that gives it its unique business opportunity.


You see, the Keefe brand manages business in the private sector. But it does so as if there are no public goods on the normal market for consumers. This means that many of the products we use daily are duplicated or recreated[through licenses] to be used but in the private sector of the USA.


This enables Keefe to leverage its massive factory and in ways that boost revenue or improves the business’s bottom line. By offering such a large variety, the Keefe brand is rarely in need of more demand in its market. Just consider the three categories of products produced, packaged and distributed by The Keefe Group.


They make food, cosmetic and clothing products.


In each of the categories listed above, Keefe group offers over 15 to 20 products. And these are only part of the variety as each selection of 15 to 20 items covers even more products which the company is sure to make at the highest quality.


Telmate Offering Inmates Amazing Services

Telmate is among the leading providers of inmate communications services creating a connection between inmates and their outside family and friends. It mainly focuses on creating new technologies that lower recidivism. It offers simple, convenient services at affordable prices. Telmate has its headquarters located in San Francisco, California with other staff members in Canada and throughout the USA. The services are accessible as their call center located in Ontario operates 24 hours.


The company was founded in 1998 under Pinnacle Public name with technology experts. Telmate serves in various facilities from holding cells, city jails and county correctional facilities to state DOCs and federal detention centers. It is deployed in over 300 correctional facilities. Employees provide ideas which are taken into account and used in creating new opportunities for their services.


Telmate provides services such as entertainment, education,photo sharing, inmate phones, messaging and deposits in over 200 correction facilities. Around 15,000 data requests per minute averaging to about 22 million a day in total are recorded by Telmate. Moreover, it offers installed secure wireless tables for inmates currently serving in over 50 facilities.


Correction and law enforcement services are supported by Telmate to reduce crimes. Telmate also provides outreach programs like Telmate Heroes, Telmate Fallen Heroes and Telmate Cares to educate the society on the dangerous effects of committing crimes. The members of Telmate also work with clubs in the community to prevent crimes. Recently, at the Memorial Fund’s National Police, Telmate received a badgeof Honor of Partner in Washington D.C at the National Law Enforcement Officers to perform the week activities.


The inmates have Telmate accounts where their family and friends deposit money for their usage and communication. Telmate ensures it offers reliable technologies that are secure, efficient and controlled. Inmate communication systems like content, phones, tablets, video visits, investigator, and tools are reliable with Telmate are used and appreciated by the prisoners.


Telmate manages to improve the human condition of inmates by having them connect with the outside world. Telmate has significant roles which are to protect and serve the community, connecting prisoners with loved ones, improve mental health, encourage personal and have financial responsibility for the inmates.


Global Tel-Link Comes Under Fire for High Rates

Although the company Global Tel-Link has been dealing with a lot of legal issues lately, including a patent dispute, it is most well-known for its high phone call rates. For the first minute of a phone call with an incarcerated person, many family members will pay almost four dollars. Every minute after that, the charges will rack up at the rate of eighty-nine seconds or so. Obviously, this can become a very expensive bill for people who would like to speak to their loved ones for longer than a few minutes. It’s also why the business practices of the company that charges these rates have attracted scrutiny recently.


Known as Global Tel-Link, this company has essentially transformed affordable phone calls from prison into the overpriced business model we see today. Prisoners and families don’t really have a choice if they want to keep in touch, but many don’t have the kind of disposable income to support a huge phone bill. The ACLU has emphasized this point repeatedly, noting that inmates are less likely to offend if they have a solid support system when they conclude their sentences and leave prison. For those prisoners who have young children, sometimes phone calls may be the only way that they can establish relationships with these children. With over two and a half million American children having a parent who is incarcerated, this problem is more common that most would think.


However, the FCC has recently looked into this problem, prompting more oversight and regulating how interstate prison calls are handled. With a new cap on these rates, families and friends of prisoners out of state will feel some financial relief. What will happen with the rest of the regulations, however, still remains to be seen.




IC Solutions: Too Many Questions, Not Enough Answers

IC Solutions is the company that is known for leaving customers with a lot of questions and little answers. They are quite adept at baffling, confusing, and rattling the customer. They back it up with some of the poorest customer service I’ve ever read about in my entire life. They are not interested in helping people come up with answers to their problems. They want to create more problems and more concerns for the customers. Now, they have taken it even further by going after random people that don’t even know what IC Solutions is. This is a person just minding their own business and they find out they are being charged by IC Solutions.

They had to do a double take as they no clue on earth what IC Solutions was or is. They just knew they were being charged by them and when they tried to reach the world’s worst customer service team on planet earth, they found they ran into even more issues and more problems. It is beyond exhausting for everyone that has to deal with them, especially the customers and the inmates using the inmate phone provider. For the inmates, they rely on this service to keep their head on right when they are in prison. They want to get out of there as quickly as possible and atone for their mistakes.For their friends and family, they are just looking to be there for them for emotional support and guide them during this difficult time in their life. They know they will defeat this, destroy it, and never step foot in prison again. However, just like anyone else in life, they need some support and some guidance. They will find none of that with IC Solutions. It is a world of pain.

Global Tel-Link Is Declared A Fraud By An Angry Individual In Texas

An individual in Texas is very unhappy with the phone services they received from Global Tel-Link. They claim they were told PCS is fraudulent only to discover they are the same company as Global Tel-Link. The individual is disgusted by the hidden fees and how money disappears in just one phone call. This individual attempted to close his account as his niece had been released and was threatened. Due to the procedures of his bank Global Tel-Link was proclaimed legitimate and more money disappeared from his account.


After all the fees had cleared he was still missing fifty dollars only to find out when his daughter was again arrested the money was still in his Global Tel-Link account. He claims the company is a fraud, sanctioned by the government, and a monopoly. As a writer, he plans to harass both Congress and his senator until reform becomes a reality. He feels they do not care about the families and are punishing them for the sins of the inmates. He feels he has been ripped off and this is causing his niece excessive suffering.


Although he desperately wants to help his niece he is tired of being played by Global Tel-Link. He feels taking advantage of families with loved ones in prison is despicable and does not know how families without money communicate with inmates. He does not understand how they can fight for what is right without any resources. This individual stated he is ashamed of America because the country is not showing any compassion for the poor and believes people will be subject to despair. He is encouraging anyone in this situation to speak up and fight and cautions if this is not done people will fail their children. He does not believe Global Tel-Link even pays taxes and is demanding changes in the system.


IC Solutions: Everyone Gets Hurt But Them

When it comes to pain, suffering, or being in a tough situation, no one is safe around IC Solutions, the inmate phone provider. It shows this is a company that is even going after a parent and their child. This story is two years old and I still don’t know if the parent was ever able to talk to their son on the phone. For all we know, the son could be dead because of IC Solutions. The parent is hurting and the child is hurting. IC Solutions is not hurting, however. They are laughing all the way to the bank.They are on Pissed Consumer, Rip Off Report, and a number of other websites, which expose companies like them. Even though they get exposed, nothing becomes of it and nothing changes in the long run. It is the same old song and dance.

People still can’t speak to the inmate and IC Solutions is still taking money from them. This is almost one hundred dollars we are talking about here. This is not five dollars. When IC Solutions goes after someone, they go after him or her in a big way.They are not looking for small potatoes. They are looking for the whole piece of the pie. As shown in the link in the first paragraph, they are going after a parent and their son. I imagine they would probably even go after their own grandmother if it meant more money for them. It shows they are off the rails and they have lost any sense of being human. I would imagine everyone has feelings, some empathy, and sympathy in their body, even if it’s only a little amount. With IC Solutions, I have serious doubts about that.