Network With A Superior Inmate Calling Network With IC Solutions

Being able to communicate with your loved ones in a correctional facility can make all the difference in their rehabilitation. Do you have the burden of expensive inmate calling with your inmate calls? IC Solutions is premiere inmate calling network that have been serving their customers for over 25+ years. Thanks to their successful partnership with the Keefe Group they are now proudly affiliated with the American Correctional Association. They continue to be a trusted name in the inmate community with a superior customer feedback platform. Learn what others have to say about the popular IC Solutions website.Now, IC Solutions customers can take part in the Inmate packaging services feature directly from the IC Solutions website, or through an inmate commissary. They can choose from the top selection of food products, personal hygiene items, shoes, clothing, and electronics. Choose from popular brands like Dove, Hostess, Cactus Annie’s, and Maxwell house. Their extensive list for packaging services includes thousands of products. Love ones can prepare a package for their family, or friends in a institution, and have it packaged, and shipped through IC Solutions. Surprise them at anytime of the year with a great food, or clothes care package.

IC Solution Features

Advanced Pay Features

Get many features in advance with the IC prepaid service feature. They ensure you never have to leave home to order many services, and features from their website, or 800 number. Enjoy this great feature for disabled, or out-of-town residents today.

Online Photos

Send your friends, or love ones in a facility a photo online for a small fee. They never have to miss another moment of what matters most with a simple photograph.Registering for an account is easy with IC Solutions. Visit their exclusive website, or speak with one of 246,000+ of their highly trained professionals to discuss your new, or existing account.

Global Tel Link becomes dominant player in prison communications space

For as long as private contractors have been involved in the prison industrial complex, there’s been a great deal of controversy regarding the role that these companies should play, if they should play any role at all. However, today’s U.S. prison industry is a surprisingly competitive environment. Companies compete for billions of dollars annually, oftentimes on surprisingly low profit margins that require them to cater to the inmates to the best of their abilities.


Nowhere is this truer then in the case of prison communication services. In the United States today, two companies dominate the prison communication space. One is Securus Technologies, a company founded in the early 2000’s that has been dedicated to creating high-tech solutions for inmate communications throughout the nation’s prisons. The other company is Global Tel Link, which is now the largest prison communications provider in the country, accounting for more than 50 percent of all outgoing communications made from the nation’s prisons by inmates.


Although many critics of Global Tel Link claim that it has gotten to its current position through sweetheart deals and enticing prison staff and management with what are described as legal kickbacks, the truth is that Global Tel Link has arrived at its position through delivering superior calling services to the nation’s inmates.


Across the prisons where Global Tel Link does business, the average cost of an outgoing phone call is around $0.15 per minute. At these rates, inmates are able to stay in constant touch with their family members, leading to the maintenance of strong relationships and giving them hope through a difficult time in their lives.


Global Tel Link also generates tremendous revenues for the institutions in which it operates. In 2016 alone, Global Tel Link was responsible for generating over $500 million in commissions for the institutions where it is a provider. This provides crucial revenues that allow these institutions to remain safe and secure.


Why Choose IC Solutions For Your Inmate Calls

IC Solutions specializes in the top inmate calling features in the industry with cheaper rates than their competitors. Their rates outsource their competition $4 to $1. Thousands of customers have made the switch to their network for reliable inmate calling allowing their customers to end their dropped calls. IC Solutions is proudly affiliated with the Keefe Group under a packaging services deal. The American Correctional Association is proud to help them continue to be a standout name in the inmate calling network.They are also committed to the highest level of customer service assurance for their customers. You can learn what others are saying from their customer feedback form on their website.

IC Solutions Features

Remote Visitation

Get the advantage of visiting your friends, and family members securely over the internet. Interact over a high definition video with quality sound.

Advanced Features

Pay for many features online with a valid payment method, and by visiting the IC Solutions website. You never have to spend the time, and money trying to locate an authorized agent. You can have the minutes you need when you need call features to stay connected with an inmate. You can get packaging services features from IC Solutions allowing inmates, and their family to receive household brand items. Choose sparingly from an inmates commissary list, or their website. Enjoy Maxwell House, Dove, Cactus Annie’s, Hostess, Sony, and more. Their tablet program is a very important part of visitation because it allows inmates to visit from their tablet. Tablet access also let’s the receive facility approved mp3’s, downloads, games, and more. The tablet is available for a monthly fee, and uses facility wi-fi access. You’re invited to learn more about IC Solutions by visiting their website for product, and service details.

Telmate Communications Unable to Keep Up With the Progress in the Inmate Communications Industry

Telmate Communications has been one of the most trusted names in the inmate communication sector for long. The company offers its services to more than 300 correctional facilities in Canada and the United States. Its services have been making a huge difference in the lives of the prisoners and the law enforcement officers as well. However, it has been seen that the company hasn’t been able to catch up with the progress that the correctional industry has made in the last few years. Their services are far from satisfactory and have been miserably annoying its customers, who have been sharing their experiences online. It is difficult to see why a well-known and established company would stall its progress at a time when the industry is in its most lucrative curve.


The field of inmate communications has fast grown into becoming a full-fledged industry. However, the company hasn’t been able to keep up with the fast-moving industry, or so it seems. There have been a lot of negative reviews doing rounds on the internet about the inferior quality of Telmate’s inmate communication services, and how the company has been charging the customers wrongfully on their credit cards. Many customers have even filed lawsuits against the company as they were fed up with the non-responsive customer service of the company.


I was incarcerated a little more than a year back, and since then I have been using the Telmate’s phone services as there are no other service providers in the region. I didn’t face any problems in the beginning, but in the last couple of months, I have been frustrated with their services. The company had charged my credit card twice in the last few weeks when I was trying to refill my account balance. And, even though the refill happened just once, the amount was deducted twice. I tried contacting the customer care of the company, but they are refusing to refund me in the bank, and are saying that they would be given free credit balance. I don’t understand why they would refuse to pay me the amount when the mistake is theirs. I am not in a position to file a lawsuit against them else I surely would have.



GlobalTel continues to disconnect inmates from their families

When someone gets sent to prison, he or she wants to stay in contact with their friends and loved ones. There is a good reason for a prison or any correctional facility to allow this privilege. Offenders who stay in touch with the outside world are less likely to offend. Multiple stories have shown this. Despite the results of multiple studies, correctional facilities continue to use companies like Global Tel Link and its competitors. GlobalTel is known for charging exorbitant rates on its collect calls, according to Inmates can pay for these calls using their funded accounts, but these accounts are often funded by family members.


Intrastate calls can cost up to one dollar per minute or more if they are made from correctional facilities. The FCC attempted to regulate the industry at the beginning of 2015, but GlobalTel managed to block part of the ban. Interstate calls made by inmates are capped at twenty-five centers per minute.


Inmate advocacy groups work to correct this situation, but the families of the inmates continue to suffer. The inmate advocacy groups face a largely apathetic public who views the primary captive customers of the inmate communications industry as criminals who deserve punishment. Few seem to notice that the privatized prison system and companies like GlobalTel are punishing the families of the inmates.


Until the situation changes, GlobalTel will continue to charge the families of prisoners high rates for intrastate collect calls. Prisons receive a commission from the company, and the competition focuses on providing prisons with the best rates. The prisoners have no choice but to use these companies, and if they want to stay in touch with their families, they must use the systems provided by their correctional facility.


IC Solutions: Don’t Let Them Win

If there were one thing I would tell everyone out there using IC Solutions or battling them, it would be to not give up and not give in. The minute someone does that, they have admitted defeat. They can’t let this inmate phone provider win. They need to speak up, they need to say something, and they need to keep on fighting against this evil empire. They might have some people fooled, but we all know you are smarter than that. You have seen firsthand what IC Solutions can do and what kind of company they are running. They didn’t just fall out of bed and land onto Pissed Consumer and Rip Off Report.They have earned their spot on there and they deserve to be on even more websites that expose companies like this one.

There is a reason they are on there and there is a reason they have had so many unhappy customers. It all starts with the basic concept. They are an inmate phone company, which gives inmates the ability to speak to family, friends, and loved ones over the telephone while they are in prison. The phone call is what they need, what they live for, and what gets them through the darkest periods of prison. However, IC Solutions, instead of doing their job, they would rather rip off the customer and get as much money out of them as they can. They see them as their meal ticket. They know their family and friends want to talk to them and will keep on paying until the phone call goes through. They might be playing dumb, but they know exactly what they are doing and why they are doing it. They are looking to take advantage of people in a state of vulnerability. That is why people need to rise up and speak their mind.

Keefe Group’s Innovative Products for Correctional Industry

Keefe Group Inc.; a leading supplier of correctional industry products, has been successfully and continuously servicing the United States’ correctional market in since 1975. It offers various solutions including personal care products, food products, technology, electronics, software solutions, clothing, and telecommunications. The group has achieved this by spearheading the innovative products, technology, and packaging services to match the needs of the facilities all over the nation. It is affiliated to Keefe Supply Company, Keefe Commissary Network, IC Solutions, Advanced Technologies Group, Access Corrections, and Access Securepak.


Keefe Group’s Secure Deposits give family members and friends an efficient way to provide their loved ones with essential finances while in the correctional facility. This benefits the agency by reducing the workload for the correctional facility’s staff. The group offers this service freely to the agency by providing technical support and furnishing all the software and hardware. This helps eliminate issues related to counterfeit money in the correctional centers.


Through Access Secure Data, Keefe Group offers solutions for investigations that enable the correctional facility identify the relationship between outsiders communicating with the inmates and providing them with financial needs. It has been able to achieve this objective by working in conjunction with technologies like Access Secure Photo, Access Secure Mail, and Access Secure Deposits. The software is the most advanced technology in the correctional industry that enables the centers minimize the time they spend when investigating cases.


Keefe Group is focused on developing innovative technologies and services to ensure security and efficiency in the correctional industry. With a contract that began in 2008 and renewed multiple times, Keefe Group avails three kiosks including pod styles, the lobby, and booking for the specific needs of the facility. The technologies focus on rationalizing how correctional industry manages the flow of financial transactions, information, and entertainment for the inmates and their loved ones.


An Insight on IC Solutions

An inmate telephone service provider, IC Solutions helps inmate in keeping in touch with their family and friends. The company provides solutions when it comes to inmate management right from booking to release. IC Solutions also provides purchasing phone services and helps inmates chat in real time with their friends and family through the video visitation service. Through a video link, inmates get to communicate with their loved ones face to face without the need of them travelling to the facility. When it comes to affordability and convenience, IC Solutions is known to be the best since it has managed to stay ahead of its competitors. IC Solutions has been in operation for many years and it has managed to register lots of success and growth. The company has earned a reputation as a reliable and efficient company when it comes to the inmate communications industry.

The company also has an outstanding leadership which ensures that the strategic plans of the company are implemented. IC Solutions has employed a team of professionals who have lots of expertise and experience in working with correctional facilities. Customer satisfaction is also at the top of the priority list at IC Solutions and the inmates are provided with personalized services in order to suit their individual needs.Automated Information Line is one of the key services that are provided by IC Solutions. This is a platform of IVR (Interactive Voice Response) that offers an automated phone response to questions that are frequently asked by both the inmates and their family members. When this platform is integrated with the Jail Management System, it can be able to present and retrieve up-to-date inmate data like release date, bond amount as well as upcoming court appearances. IC Solutions also provides inmates with the Inmate Voicemail which is a system that normally alerts the inmates in case they have a new message. The inmates can then listen to the message at any time after they access the inmate phones.


An Insightful Look at Products Offered by Telmate and its Acquisition by GTL

With a combined decade of vast experience with reliable and innovative technologies, Telmate has proven to be a leading inmate communication company. In fact, it prides itself on the provision of reliable and secure inmate communication systems such as investigator tools, content, video visits, tablets and phones among others. Telmate is driven by its goal to reduce recidivism through boosting inmate communications and providing access to productive content.


Telmate is guided by certain company principles such as connecting inmates with their loved ones, which helps to curb recidivism. Other values include serving the community, demonstrating financial responsibility, improving mental health among inmates, protecting the community and encouraging personal responsibility. Also, Telmate boasts the ability to serve inmate facilities of varying sizes such as federal detention centers, county correctional facilities, holding cells, state DOCs and city jails. In fact, Telmate’s services are deployed in 300+ facilities across Canada and the United States.




Some of the corrections products provided by Telmate include:



This product is meant to positively engage prisoners or inmates through games, eBooks, education, movies, music and more.


  • Inmate Communications


It helps to build secure connections between detainees and their family members and friends through photos, to message, calls and video visits.


  • Facility Operations


This Telmate product is designed to help correctional institutions become model facilities with automated approvals, workflows, and paperless procedures.


  • Facility Control


It helps not only in maximizing facility control but also in capturing deep insights through Telmate’s investigator and end-to-end administration tools


Acquisition of Telmate


GTL, a leading provider of innovative correctional technology, announced on August 1, 2017, the purchase of Telmate. Before the acquisition, Telmate had entered into a partnership with one of GTL’s companies, TouchPay Holdings, to start providing clients with access to TouchPay’s payment services. Despite the acquisition, Telmate customers will continue enjoying access to the payment solutions.


The acquisition of Telmate significantly boosts GTL’s services and products for probation, parole, community corrections agencies. Brian Oliver, the CEO of GTL cited that Telmate’s services would complement those offered by GTL to fill the gaps in certain areas like community corrections.


Global Tel-Link Makes Life Difficult for Many

Imagine your children really wish to speak to their father. Now, think about what you would be willing to give to make that phone call happen. For example, would you be willing to skip a car payment? Would you be willing to slice the grocery bill in half? These may seem like silly questions, but they are real questions for families all across America. This is all because of a company named Global Tel-Link.


Global Tel-Link is a communications company that has made generous donations to prisons. Since politicians are loathe to raise taxes, prisons are more than happy to accept this extra cash. These donations then help Global Tel-Link secure exclusive contracts with prisons. Protected by the contracts, Global Tel-Link can then get away with charging the friends and families of prisoners up to $1.25 a minute to make a single phone call to a loved one behind bars. The contracts also allow Global Tel-Link to spring numerous fees on their customers. All of this money adds up to a devastating monthly phone bill.


Many friends and family members of prisoners are already below the poverty line. This means the phone bills delivered by Global Tel-Link force people to make difficult choices. For example, Christmas and birthdays are difficult for the friends and families of prisoners. In order to afford to make a phone call on these special days, sacrifices in other areas of life need to be made. This means a child’s only present on these days is often a single phone call that simply makes the executives at Global Tel-Link richer.


It shouldn’t to be this way for families all across America. Take the time to educate yourself about Global Tel-Link and their business model. If more people become informed about this issue, it will eventually change for the better.