Issues With Telmate

Telmate is a company that should be listed as a scam. Money is added to an account only for it to disappear without any phone calls received it seems. Even though money is added each week, inmates still can’t call family members. The rates that the company charges are too high, making it difficult for families to stay in touch with their loved ones who are in prison. When talking with customer service representatives, family members aren’t able to get any kind of answers about the issues that are seen with the services that are provided. They are only left with more questions as to where the money goes that is put on an account that is supposed to be designed for inmates to call home.


Some of the excuses that the customer service representatives offer include that the person calling is holding a wrong button or that there isn’t enough money on the account. However, when the person tries to find out why there isn’t any money when there should be, the customer service representatives are unable to give an honest answer. The company always tries to make the customer feel like the lack of phone calls received are no fault of Telmate. At times, the company claims that debit or credit cards are not valid when people use them at other locations. This is a common issue with this company that people need to be aware of if they have loved ones who are in prison and rely on the services offered.


IC Solutions: The Downfall Of Society

IC Solutions is a company that signifies everything that is wrong with the world and everything that is wrong with society as a whole. They are a dog-eat-dog company that is only out for their own self-interests. They do not care for one second about the customers. They are an inmate phone provider, which works this way: a family member loved one, or friend pays them upfront for the ability to speak to an inmate while they are in prison. It is an important part of their recovery process. Many would argue it is the most important part of their recovery process. They need this phone call very, very badly.


Now, you have to try your hardest to understand this from the point of view of an inmate. This was hard for me to do, as I’ve never been in prison. However, I can imagine they are scared, frightened, and they feel isolated from the world. Everything is changing for them and nothing is familiar. Because of this, the phone call works as a way for them to have something that gives them some semblance of normality in an otherwise crazy and stressful environment. They pray for that phone call and they rely on that phone call.


It is why what IC Solutions is doing, is grotesque to the inmates and their family, friends, and loved ones. It is even worse because they are making money while everyone else is losing money. I still can’t, for the life of me, understand why someone has not stepped in and done something about it. There has to be someone that can put a stop to IC Solutions once and for all. I know there are powerful people out there with the ability to do so. I wish they would have done it before it got this bad.


Keefe Group Brings Innovation To Inmate Care

Keefe Group has been a leader in inmate care for over 40 years. The company has valuable experience and understands the ins and outs of correctional facility maintenance. There are many variables that go into managing a prison or jail. People on the inside need basic necessities such as food, clothing, bedding, medical products and communication abilities. Administrators of correctional facilities also need specific tools that help them conduct business and maintain a safe environment at all times. The company has contracts with detainment agencies throughout the United States. Their services are on the cutting edge of the industry and range from extremely simple products to highly complex technology.


Booking kiosk have become a convenient innovation in correctional facility management. These machines allow the inmates to conduct business transactions with their contacts on the outside using minimal interaction from the facility staff. This dynamic increases the level safety between facility staff and detainees. The kiosk can receive cash from people on the outside, which is securely transferred to a banking system administered by Keefe Group. The process goes through a thorough screening and then the money is made available to the detainee.


Email is a modern form of communication that has relieved prisons and jails of the contraband issues they had in the past. Email management allows the detainee to communicate electronically with their loved ones. Facility administrators can screen emails thoroughly and distribute them to the inmates within one working day. Keefe Group’s Word Watch system is in place with automatic investigation security. It identifies key words and makes information research more accurate.


Detainees cherish the ability to talk to their contacts on the phone. It is an intimate form of communication that is critical for the morale of many inmates. However, phone calls also need to be carefully monitored to maintain safety throughout the facility. Keefe Group provides the ability to let inmates communicate with their outside contacts while being monitored by prison staff. The service offers payment plans that include debit, prepaid and other convenient options for customers who need to maintain contact with their loved ones on the inside.


The Tremendous Keefe Group

I carried out a research about Keefe Group and discovered that the company has been transacting its business in correctional institutions. The company has established the business in prisons that are located in the North American region. I found out that the Keefe Group works closely with the Centric Group LLC.

I discovered that the Keefe Group has been able to get lucrative contracts in the United States. This is because the company has set up a good rapport with the market. The services that the company has offered to the institutions have been phenomenal. The federal systems, county, and state organizations are some of the regions where the Keefe Group has established its services.

The Keefe Group has established its networks in many regions. THE Keefe Group has set up public records where all their activities and transactions are done. Individuals who are interested in the affairs of the company can attain the information through the forum. I realized that the revenue that Keefe Group collected was valued at 40 million dollars. This amount alone was from the services that the company offered to the inmates.

From my discovery, the contracts that have been awarded to the company have been renewed over the years. The company began its businesses in 2008 and has continuously worked for the prisons. The last time that the Keefe Group renewed its contract was in 2011. The contract of the company ended in 2015.

Commissioner Chris Epps was tasked with signing the contracts. The Keefe Group offers numerous services to its clients. The services that the company engages include processing the deposits of the inmates and exclusive rights to conduct other businesses. The businesses include selling song downloads, music players, and the commissary items. The company has also been able to process trust funds and debit cards for the inmates.

From my research, I noticed that the Keefe Group acquired the G.T Enterprises in 2008. Cecil McCrory owned the company. The GT Enterprises sold its contracts and commissary items such as the food, tobacco, and personal hygiene. I noticed that the GT Enterprises also conducted the business operations which they later transmitted to the Keefe group.


IC Solutions: They Don’t Have What You Are Looking For

IC Solutions is a constant disappointment as an inmate communications provider. Time after time and day after day, they keep customers in the dark. They have a so-called “customer service” team, but it is known more for arguing with customers than actually coming up with any resolutions to the problems they have at the moment. The issue is simple: they want to speak to the inmate behind bars. IC Solutions is prepaid, so they have paid IC Solutions for the ability to speak to them. Since they have paid for this, they should get what is coming to them, which is the phone call. This is pretty standard and easy stuff, people. I understand it and the customers understand it.IC Solutions understands it, but they don’t want to partake in it.

They would rather keep collecting money from the inmates and keep ripping them off. Here is a story of a parent that lost nearly one hundred dollars trying to reach their son and still did not get the ability to do so. The poor parent must be worried sick to their stomach. It is bad enough they have to lose money, but when you factor in the reality that IC Solutions is not putting the call through, that is insult to injury in this case. Everything about IC Solutions does not sit right with the customers and it does not sit right with the general public. They don’t like it, and they are in no mood for games. There is someone they love behind bars, and they need to know they are alive, surviving, and hopefully improving. IC Solutions needs to put on their big boy pants and do their job and stop acting like children. At this point, the pain has been caused and there is no turning back.

Get Impressive Inmate Calling With Telmate

Who Is Telmate Inmate Calling Services

Telmate services is a new inmate calling network that has successfully been able to compete as a competitive inmate calling provider. Their fourth quarter audit with Securus Technologies was successful and caused them to be one of the popular networks for affordable inmate calls. Telmate has been chosen over other big name competitors 10 to 1. You can find a list of their features and services listed on their website. They continue to be a trusted name who puts the needs of their customers first with reliable and advanced technological calling solutions.


Telmate Calling Features & Services

Video visits

Would you like to visit your friend or love one in a correctional facility without ever leaving home? Enjoy the new Telmate video application which gives customers the convenience of visiting online. You control the video and the sound. Customers must be 18 years of age or older and be included on a inmate’s visiting list. Visiting the ones you love has never been easier or more cost efficient for inmates and their families.

Online Photos

Inmates can now receive facility approved photos over the internet. You can pay a small fee and send as many or as little as you like. They never have to miss another moment of progress in their child’s life with a photo.

Visit the Telmate website today and pick and choose from the features which work best for your inmate calling needs.

Things Go South in Telmate Company

Convicts need love and compassion when they are in jail. Adjusting to a new life may not be easy. Abandoning a convict at this stage may lead to frustration, and they may feel unwanted. As a result, they may come out of the correctional facilities worse people than they were. It is, therefore, the duty of the family members to keep in touch with them. Their high technology companies that facilitate communication between the incarnated individuals and their families, Telmate Company has been providing this services. However, the company is slowly losing track, and it may not be convenient anymore.

Many complaints have been filed against the company. These complaints are both the competitors and the clients. Securus Technologies sued the company recently. Securus Technologies allegedly accused Telmate Company of unfair competition. Telmate gave false negative information regarding Securus Technologies. This plan was to make the clients sign out with Securus and sign up with them.

The customers are complaining all over. One client said that she cannot deposit funds into her son’s account. This is because someone else used a wrong card. For this reason, no other person can make a deposit. The client tried money gram, but the account was also flagged. The only alternative the client had is the Telmate kiosk, which she claims is always broken. It is unfortunate that there is no other network around the area.

Telmate Company needs to narrow down their services. The fault of one person should not affect the whole system. Working to ensure that their kiosks are in good shape is also something they need to consider as well.

When the client called the customer care, she says she talked to the supervisor. The customer explains that he sounded so confused. He seemed to be reading the response from a book.

Final Verdict

Telmate Company has been operating efficiently until recently. Many complaints have been filed against them. Some clients are beginning to think that they are frauds.

It is the high time that the administration works towards resolving such issues. Narrowing down the system and improving their customer care services are possible solutions.


Telmate Works Hard To Provide Phone Service and Calls To Inmates and Their Families

The inmate who is sent away to serve time for a crime they are charged with and found guilty of is forced to stay away due to the high cost of phone calls being made by the prison. The inmate is already serving time away from their families and are being prohibited from seeing them on a day to day basis. The point of sending an inmate to jail is to teach them that their crimes must be paid for. That doesn’t mean though that we must not speak to them on a day to day basis.


Through the use of programs and services like Telmate, inmates are granted the possibility to remain in touch with their loved ones on the outside. Before Telmate came along, the cost of the phone calls being made from the prison system was double what a normal call would cost from a home phone. The cost is higher because of the charge that phone companies place on the jail facilities. The cost is higher due to the kickbacks that most facilities get from the contracts shared between the facility and phone companies.


In order for the commissions to be made up for, the cost of the calls being placed from the inmate facility must be high. In those cases, the inmate is being charged nearly twice what you would think of. Many consumers can attest to the charges and surcharges being made or claimed by telephone companies to deliver quality phone service can be applied to for a much lower cost associated with the calls being made from the prisons.


Telmate is working hard to provide you with the services that you need to keep in touch with friends and family behind bars. The time they spend outside of their jail cell is valuable and standing by a phone for the time spent outside of the cell should not be spent only focused on trying to keep in touch with those on the outside or if the calls are cheap enough to be made with Telmate in your pocket. All calls can be made to landlines, cell phone providers or any other form of communication that an inmate has access to behind bars.


Keefe Group Continues To Deliver First Class Service To Inmate Facilities

Keefe Group has led the business of inmate care for many years. Members of jails and prisons are a forgotten population. However, they still are required to have basic living necessities such as clothing, food, medical care and communication capabilities. There are a few high-powered companies who are able to negotiate deals with incarceration facilities in order to control pricing and regulate consumer choice. Some have suggested that there be a bidding process in order to regulate this dynamic and create a better structure for consumers of the product. At this point users of inmate services have few options. They are forced deal with the products that they are presented. This business model does not inspire companies that service inmate facilities to appease the demands of frustrated customers.


Booking kiosks are one of the many features that Keefe Group provides to jails and prisons. The kiosk machines are automated and work in place of most human interaction. The booking kiosks allows detainees and people on the outside to conduct financial business without the influence of a corrections officer. Currency is directly placed into the machine. The money is securely recorded to the inmate’s account. They are then able to use it for necessities on the inside.


Email is a modern form of communication that helps prisons minimize security issues. Emails are delivered in real time. They are then able to be investigated and facilitated to detainees in a reasonable manner. Keefe Group provides the software for this particular operation. There is also a 24-hour technical assistance for needed support. The electronic process of emailing eliminates the hazards that come with handling postal mail. The potential for contraband is thoroughly reduced with email.


Phone calls are a cherished privilege among members of incarceration facilities. Those on the outside desire to hear the voice of their loved ones on the inside and have a more intimate interaction. The Enforcer System is used to manage the phone call operations. They provide security measures so that detainee officials can monitor the calls and make sure that business is being conducted properly. The program offers flexible rates on calls as well as debit, prepaid and collect payment options.


Telmate Tablets Continues to Lead in Terms of Clients’ Acceptance within the Corrections Sector

Telmate LLC has in the recent past been hitting milestones one after the other. After launching the Telmate Tablets four years back, the telecommunications company has already registered over 150 million usage minutes for inmates and detainees using the tablets to make calls. Its president, Mr. Kevin O’Neil reported in February this year that the company had realized immense success from the tablet project, which had grown to become an industry-leading innovation in only three years.


O’Neil admitted that hitting 150 million minutes in such a short time was surprising to him and everyone else in the industry. He said that with such levels of acceptance, then it is evident that inmates are finding Telmate’s services satisfactorily good. He was of the opinion that tablets stand out amongst other devices regarding benefits because they are multi-purpose; they can be used both as a communication tool and as a content device. Besides the calls’ data, Telmate also revealed that more than 8.6 million messages were sent through the Telmate Tablets in 2016. This represented about 69 percent increase relative to 2016. As for grievances and other inmates’ concerns, Telmate reported that about 2.7 million requests were processed in respect to the same in 2016.




About Telmate and Telmate Tablets




Telmate Tablets forms an integral part of Telmate’s communications service provision in the corrections market. Besides communication and entertainment, the tablets are equipped with contents of law that are helpful to inmates and detainees waiting for trial or case determination. Inmates also use the tablets to send and receive pictures as well as to share video messages with friends and families. The correctional facilities, on the other hand, benefit from the tablets by having commissary orders processed in good time. Due to the digitization of requests and grievances, traditional paperwork has since been phased out, making operations in jails and prisons more efficient. All these advantages make Telmate Tablets gain acceptance across the board.


Telmate LLC operates from San Francisco, California, but has employees distributed across the United States and Canada. The firm offers secure and innovative communication solutions to correction facilities in the two nations. Officials in more than 300 facilities use Telmate’s tools to investigate and monitor inmates.