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Through a combined effort with IC Solutions and the Keefe Group under national American Correctional Association accreditation, IC is one of the fastest growing network providers, as reported by PRN Newswire magazine online. They don’t hesitate to listen to the needs of their customers through their online customers feedback support network, and you can hear what other users have to say about them also. Het quality, and affordable features with a hassle-free purchasing experience. Their website invites their customers to feel free about exploring their inmate calling options. They also offer packaging services with the top brands in the industry and learn more about IC Solutions.


IC Solution Features

Remote Visitation

Interested in never leaving home, and visiting your loved ones in a correctional facility online? IC offers any services and features allowing their customers to get every minute allotted under their service agreement through a video chat feature. Get complete control with onscreen modules that control the picture, and the volume. If you’re on an inmate visiting list, never leave home to visit them on those special occasions including Christmas and their Website.

Packaging Services

Their packaging services feature gives you access to all the top food brands like Hostess, and Cactus Annie’s. They even offer a Mexican menu with familiar herbs and spices. In fact, order their tablet and get access to downloads, games, emails, photos, and more. Their tablet access is one of their most popular features at IC. Inmates pay a monthly fee for internet access in the facility and more information click here.

Join IC Solutions, and talk more while spending less.

Keefe Group has transformed the inmate industry

The Keefe Group is known to many as the largest private firm that is changing the lives of prisoners in the United States. The company facilitates financial transactions, entertainment, information flow, food and beverages, clothes, technology solutions and many other activities that make the lives of the people in the correctional facilities better. The institution has a team of professionals who work day and night to ensure that the clients get the best. For an inmate to become a better person in the society, they have to communicate with their loved ones all the time. The private institution has put in place several measures to achieve this objective. Here are some of the services Keefe Group provides. Read more news on Tampa Bay Times.

Booking Kiosk

This is actually the most critical services from the private institution. The Keefe Group Booking Kiosk is unique in its own way, and it is connected to the inmate banking system. The service is used by the correctional facilities to calculate the amount of money deposits from the individuals who are incarcerated. When the inmate makes a deposit, the Booking Kiosk issues them a receipt. The service is known to be very safe, and the money can be reconciled automatically. Experts say that the security of the Booking Kiosk from the Keefe Group cannot be compromised.

Inmate Kiosks

The inmate kiosk is also an important service from the Keefe Group that allows the prisoners to have a safe and friendly communication platform. The service ensures that the prisoners remain in constant communications with friends and loved ones at an affordable rate. The Inmate Kiosks assists the inmates to get pictures and images of their loved ones who are far away. This service has been efficient because it used the latest technology. Visit to know more.

Customer care support

In any modern company, customer care is an essential aspect. A company can never reach its clients if they do not have a perfect customer care support. Keefe Group has one of the best teams to service its customers by answering all questions in time. The customer care support from the Keefe Group is available 24/7, and it has individuals who are well qualified.

Global Tel-Link Sets the Record Straight on Scamming Accusations

Global Tel-Link is a technology company providing correctional facilities with integrated solutions. We are located in Virginia. We provide inmates and their families reliable and economical communications solutions. Our products are flexible. They can be customized to fit the needs of a particular correctional facility. We have over twenty-seven years in the industry. Our mission is to empower correctional institutions to manage their inmate populations with confidence.

Our offerings include inmate calling systems, financial services, prison management systems, inmate education solutions and investigative services among others. We have some of the lowest charges for our services. Our goal is to connect as many families with their loved ones as possible. This has enabled us to win numerous contracts with correctional facilities. These contracts are awarded on a competitive bidding system. Read more reviews at Yelp.

We are the sole providers of communications solutions in more than twenty-eight states covering over two thousand facilities. This is why we were surprised and gravely concerned to learn that the Federal Communications Commission was planning to cap interstate call costs. The decision forced us to challenge the same in court. We are confident of obtaining a favorable outcome. We are dedicated to achieving sustainable solutions that reduce the cost to consumers.

We are afraid that the FCC may cripple our operations, which will have devastating effects on millions of families and inmate populations. We welcome a balanced review that addresses discrepancies in call rates and commissions in light of already available cost studies. Visit Consumerist to know more.

Our collect call systems are transparent. They do not charge any hidden fees. We urge persons with unresolved issues to get in touch with us and resolve the matter amicably. We recognize that there are people who may be ignorant of the way our systems work. We have received information that some of these people plan to mislead many more by lodging an unwarranted class action suit in California. Read more on to know more about GTL.

Similar efforts to mobilize people against us have failed to take off. We utilize cutting edge platforms that are constantly audited to ensure we are compliant. In spite of this, there are claims that we overbill and surcharge our accounts. We only bill your account when the phone call is picked up and not a moment earlier. Moreover, our intrastate and interstate call rates are the lowest.


We have also been falsely accused of conducting smear campaigns against some of our competitors in the industry. We are the leaders in the industry. Disgruntled rivals are just frustrated that they cannot achieve what we have.

We expressed our opinion regarding matters in court because we believe we are going to win the pending patent infringement suits. Delivering quality services to our customers makes us successful. We are proud to stand behind our superior platforms and the innovative products we provide. Read more reviews at

IC Solutions: They Are The Problem, Not The Solution

IC Solutions has left a lot of damage in their wake and the sad part is I think they like it that way. When talking about the inmate communications provider, it is hard to ignore their many crimes they have committed against their customers and the inmates. Many people look at the inmates as the bad people, but in reality, they need to look no further than IC Solutions. They are the ones that are doing the real damage and causing the real pain for people out there. They are preventing people from speaking to those that they love.IC Solutions keeps finding ways to surprise others, and me however, with their actions and their behavior. In no way is that a compliment in regards to IC Solutions. It is high criticism and I wish that more people would take IC Solutions to task for what they are doing. I know the customers are upset and they have posted their thoughts on the Internet and they have not been shy about it. However, there needs to be someone in a position of power that can do something about it and they need to come after IC Solutions hard. Yes, the people have power, but there needs to be someone higher up that can really implement change and see it through.

It is truly heartbreaking and sad story. It brought tears to my eyes and made me incredibly upset. There are a lot of troubled kids out there for various reasons. It is not my place to judge them or say anything bad about them. I’m not in their shoes and I’m not living their life. However, it is clear they are in a tough spot and they need all of the support and love they can get from those closest to them. IC Solutions is the roadblock standing in the way as this parent paid almost 100 dollars and was still unable to speak to their son. This shows that IC Solutions is like an ambulance chaser. They are looking for situations where they can come in, steal the day, and take advantage of people that are not in a position to fight back and people that are seriously worried about their child. They can play dumb all they want, but they don’t have me fooled and they don’t have this parent fooled either.

The Keefe Group Monopoly

The economic state to which prisoners in the United States have been subjected in the last two decades is simply rejecting. The felons should be rehabilitated, in their condemnation to live in seclusion from the society to which they pose a danger. The point of correctional institutions should never be to sell commissary goods. The corruption that demeans the little self-worth these prisoners may have infuriates them, poisoning their minds to resent the authorities and practice corruption as well. It is not right the Keefe Group has been allowed a lucrative monopoly to supply commissary goods to literally all American prison, both publicly and privately owned and managed. Learn more on STL Today about Keefe Group.

Commissary goods are fundamental needs. They may not substitute basic goods, but they may constitute the later. Denying any human being access to their basic need would cause them to lose their dignity or piece of mind. The two are human rights and to infringe on them is unconstitutional. Furthermore, commissary goods like bathing soap, detergent, bedding, snacks, and beverages keep the mental and physical needs of prisoners intact. Since prison wardens and other patrons hold these prisoners in confinement, they have an obligation to keep them fed and healthy both mentally and physiologically. The provision of commissary needs may not be an obligation for these correctional institutions, but they are certainly obligated to the prisoners to supply such goods at the lowest prices possible, sometimes even at subsidized.

However, the reforms systems seem to forget their duty and obligation. They have given precedence to making profits over reforming their prisoners. They have instead, turned them to cash cows by monopolizing the supply of commissary goods. The decision, worse still, has been proven in courts of law to have influenced by incentives received illegally as bribes. Read more about Keefe Group on

In 2007 and seven, the then Correlations Secretary took a guilty plea to the offense of taking bribes to allow the Keefe scandalous trading. He was incarcerated in 2012 after being ousted from his office a while before. The Tampa Bay Times who won the 12 Pulitzer prices, reports that the individuals who offered the bribes to the Correlations Secretary also pleaded guilty to the offense. Joseph Authur Deese was one of them. According to Jackson Jambalaya, Joseph Authur Deese went down in the corruption case which heavily incriminates the Keefe Group, and its affiliate contractors who got in trouble for their involvement in the unethical dealings.

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Global Tel Link Still Gouging Customers In Spite Of Complaints

Prison telecommunications provider Global Tel Link (GTL) is still charging outrageous prices after the season of hit podcast Serial has ended.

This news is the latest saga surrounding GTL and its affinity for gouging inmates and their family members. The company has been hit with mass complaints, Federal Trade Commission (FTC) fines and exposes by other companies in an attempt to embarrass them to do the right thing — but nothing has worked.

Serial is a podcast about the circumstances surrounding the murder of Hae Min Lee by her boyfriend Adnan Syed, who has been incarcerated since 1999. The show features interviews between Syed and writer Sarah Koenig. The Serial episodes open with an announcement of a Global Tel Link call from a Maryland correctional facility. Read more reviews at

The point of the issue is — the entire serial likely wouldn’t have come to fruition without the services of GTL. Due to the rules and regulations regarding recording devices, the entire interviews had to be done via phone calls. The calls are not cheap by any stretch. An article in Bloomberg News suggests that the prepaid phone calls between Koenig and Syed costs around $2,500.

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How is that possible, one might ask? Easy. GTL is one of the highest prison prepaid services around. And at $3.95 the first minute and 89 cents for additional minutes, it’s highly conceivable. While contracts vary from state to state, the FTC is investigating GTL and other providers. Read more about GTL on

Keefe- Corrections Group of Company

Keefe Group is a supply company that engages fully in corrections services through packaging and supply of products. It’s made up of six functioning entities that deal distinctively with aspects of commissary services. Keefe has been meeting the needs of correctional facilities nationwide since 1975.

Difficulties faced by Prisoners through Keefe

There is a lot of abuse and corruption going on in prisons. Sadly, this is something that those of us in the system know about. These practices are, however, not only experienced in prisons but other correctional facilities are going through the same thing. As a result, what we should do is fight against these deeds by Centric Group LLC and its affiliate, Keefe. Keefe is a monopoly with lucrative contracts through the nation. To Keefe Group, prisoners are money. The contracts given to Keefe began on 11/05/2008, and they have been renewed many times since. The last contract that was renewed in 2011 will expire in August 2015.

Department of correction is struggling to ensure that better deals come its way as they work to terminate corrupted contracts. Scrutinization will be done to companies with active contracts despite the amount of money they bring into the department. Those culpable to bribery are to be probed. Secret agents should advice the government whether it should continue to use private entities to service a number of its prisons.

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Service System offered by Keefe

Inmates receive money that they use order items such as candy bars or combs from their relatives through commissary system. However,measures should be taken to ensure responsibility since some complaints have been emerging from family members of the inmates. This is due to the high prices of goods that is causing financial constraints. If put in place, recommendations being made will affect all state organizations.

Keefe Group services includes; inmate kiosks, package services, investigative software, debit release cards, kiosk booking, inmate phone system, package program, offenders management suite, email, deposit services among others.Keefe through technology emphasizes on entertainment of inmates, transaction of finances, and the way information is managed and processed. The correctional institutions, therefore,not only turn out to be well-organized but safe too through Keefe’s dedication in service and skills.

IC Solutions – Top Inmate Phone Provider

IC Solutions is a telephone service provider that is dedicated to being used by inmates in the prisons of the Unites States of America. IC Solutions offer a broad range of duty including booking and release. The company of IC Solutions focuses on to provide secure communication between inmates and their friend and family. There are services provided such as chatting in real time via messaging or video. Creating a contact account is also possible as well as purchasing a phone service.

More specifically, there are six services that are offered by IC Solutions. The Automated Information line is an Interactive Voice Response platform. It provides automatic responses to questions that are asked the most both by inmates and family and friends.

There is also an Inmate voicemail which allows inmates to receive notice when there is a new message for them. They are enabled to listen to their messages whenever they would like.

The service of Flexible calling options is the service that connects inmates with their family and friends. The service called Kiosks are created with the purpose of collecting money from inmates in a secure way.

The service of Phone and Web-based Deposit Services is the one use for depositing money in the account of the inmate. Customer Service is available at all times and is provided directly by the team of IC Solutions. It is meant to be of assistance to the user and answer any question they might have regarding payments, the process of setting up a prepaid account, as well as issues with the billing process.

The services of IC Solutions can be taken advantage of in several ways. The client can sign up on the official site of the company; call their service center by contacting the company via their email. All of the necessary information is listed on their website – IC

Read the company review here:

I’m Glad to Have Securus and Not Global Tel-Link

I tried that digital visitation with my brother not too long ago, and it was horrible. We could barely see each other and spent most of the time trying to work out the kinks of the system, instead of actually talking to each other. I cannot do much about it, since Securus is the only company that serves the prison where my brother is held. Still, I was curious to see what other companies were out there, and I found Global Tel-Link. I guess I should be happy with the company I have because this company is pretty bad. See,–securus-corrects-inaccuracies-300264749.html.

Global Tel-Link has been a competitor of Securus for some time and is quite successful, but it acts like it is just desperate for some reason. I read on that the company filed a patent lawsuit against Securus that was totally bogus. Securus had to fight the lawsuit and won easily, but the point was to mess with the company’s reputation. Of course, Securus got back on its feet, but I am sure it took the company some effort. I also read on that GTL was charging people a rate that could go up to 89 cents per minute. The FCC had to step in and say this was an unfair rate, yet GTL is still saying it is fine, which I thought was just nuts.

You would think that was the end of the story, but apparently this company loves a good story. It seems like GTL was also found guilty of sneaking in some fees and minutes onto bills. The people just paid for years without noticing. I feel like the people running GTL are the ones who truly deserve to be serving time, just like my brother. I am pretty sure nothing is going to happen to them because you know how the courts are in this country when it comes to dealing with criminals with money. All this made me appreciate Securus, so I guess I am going to have to make do with what I have for now.

How Much Is Support Worth?

Jail is supposed to be a place where people receive punishment for the crimes they did. It is supposed to be a place of repentance, growth and reform. Technically, inmates should not be having fun in jail. However, inmates should have access to support if anyone in the outside world wants to give it to them. Contact with family members, friends and other supportive people provides the inmate with hope and motivates that person to become a better person. An inmate who has no communication with anyone from the outside world is more likely to return to jail than someone who has the support. Just how much is that support worth, however? Should hope cost almost $100 an hour?

People don’t know whether to view Global Tel Link as a blessing or a curse. The communication company is often the only link between inmates and their loved ones. GTL has found a way to dominate many of the jails through kickbacks and contracts. Inmates that want to speak to their loved ones are left calling collect and forcing sky-high bills on the people who care. The Global Tel Link is on the receiving end of many complaints and less-than-raving reviews. Some people have even gone so far as to try to have the company investigated. Global Link doesn’t feel as though it’s doing anything wrong. According to PR News‘ report, the way the company see it, it is providing a much needed service to the families of people who would otherwise have to send snail mail. Never mind that the price of one phone call can sometimes be as high as the rent.

Perhaps the massive number of complaints from Consumerist groups will prompt a governmental entity to restrict companies like this one. Until then, desperate spouses and supporters will most likely keep on paying the absurd prices.

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