Global Tel-Link Leads in the Way in Innovation in the Prison System

Global Tel-Link is recognized as the leader in prison technology. This is a very competitive industry, but Global Tel-Link is reigning as the leader because it has been able to bring forth some serious innovation in video visitation while lowering inmate communication costs.

The thing that this company has been able to do is change the entire structure of the way that people communicate. This is company that provides a platform for inmates to obtain entertainment media. Secure inmate entertainment comes in the form of CD players and MP4 video through tablets. This is a profitable industry, and this entertainment is secure so correctional officers are able to monitor what the inmates get access to. Read more reviews at

There is also a great amount of interest in the prison video visitation in the prison system. The correctional officers can actually terminate a video session if it is deemed inappropriate. This is a very important aspect of prison visitation because it increases safety. A lot of people have brought contraband into prisons.

There is a need for communication software like what Global Tel Link is providing. This company has become one of the top players when it comes to providing crisp and clear video solutions that make it easier for family members to stay connected to their loved ones on the inside. For the prison administration staff it also cuts down on the amount of contraband that enters into the prison system. This has always been a problem, and sometimes it can become a dangerous thing for administrators in the prison system. When inmates are doing the video visit there is a complete elimination of any type of Contraband that might friends of prisoners might sneak into the system.

What the Global Tel Link Company essentially does is give the administrators a greater level of control. I think that this is something that is certainly needed in prisons today. With this company in place to provide this type of increased security measures it is going to be a safer environment for people that work in the prison. That is why I think that every prison needs to consider what Global-Tel Link has to offer at some point. This company has been around for more than two decades, and I think that their services are needed. Visit Consumerist to know more.

I think the Global-Tel Link is the type of company that will continue to be around because the engineers behind the software are innovator. They are always bringing new and exciting things to the table. That is what has given this company the type of longevity that it has had so far. It is definitely a a welcomed addition to the technology that has been incorporated into prisons today.

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Keefe Group – Leading Provider for the Correctional industry

The Keefe Group is a large corporation which is based in the United States of America. The Keefe group works as a provider of a wide number of services and products that they deliver to prisons and jails as well. The large company works in partnership with a wide variety of companies. The company has its main building set up in the city of St. Luis.

The Keefe Group is an umbrella for many organizations. Each of them is taking care of one of the many aspects of the business of Keefe Group. There are as many as six affiliates that work with packaging, technology and gadgets, food and apparel, entertainment and management, inmate communication industry, and so on. The Keefe group provides nearly every single kind of product that can be desired or needed by the correctional industry and by inmates. The affiliates are IC Solutions, Keefe Supply Company, Advanced Technologies Group, Access Corrections, Access Securepak, and Keefe Commissary Network.

According to, the Keefe Group has been a leading supplier for the correctional market for many years. The company was established and entered their line of work in 1975. The company of Keefe Group has the goal of revolutionizing the industry they work in. The large corporation aims at creating new services and bringing them to the correctional industry with stability and efficiently.

In order to take better care of their products and have a more stable and efficient product distribution, the Keefe group established several factories that have been dedicated towards packaging that sports the branding of the companies they have started partnering up with. The company has been developing software that will make the way Keefe des things completely different. They have revolutionized the software which handles the financial aspect of the corporation.

Over the course of the past couple of years, the financial software has been further developing in order to keep a better account of the revenue of the company. The production panel software has also been undergoing further development. The company of Keefe group has been thriving and has expanded further across the United States of America.