Keefe Group’s Innovative Products for Correctional Industry

Keefe Group Inc.; a leading supplier of correctional industry products, has been successfully and continuously servicing the United States’ correctional market in since 1975. It offers various solutions including personal care products, food products, technology, electronics, software solutions, clothing, and telecommunications. The group has achieved this by spearheading the innovative products, technology, and packaging services to match the needs of the facilities all over the nation. It is affiliated to Keefe Supply Company, Keefe Commissary Network, IC Solutions, Advanced Technologies Group, Access Corrections, and Access Securepak.


Keefe Group’s Secure Deposits give family members and friends an efficient way to provide their loved ones with essential finances while in the correctional facility. This benefits the agency by reducing the workload for the correctional facility’s staff. The group offers this service freely to the agency by providing technical support and furnishing all the software and hardware. This helps eliminate issues related to counterfeit money in the correctional centers.


Through Access Secure Data, Keefe Group offers solutions for investigations that enable the correctional facility identify the relationship between outsiders communicating with the inmates and providing them with financial needs. It has been able to achieve this objective by working in conjunction with technologies like Access Secure Photo, Access Secure Mail, and Access Secure Deposits. The software is the most advanced technology in the correctional industry that enables the centers minimize the time they spend when investigating cases.


Keefe Group is focused on developing innovative technologies and services to ensure security and efficiency in the correctional industry. With a contract that began in 2008 and renewed multiple times, Keefe Group avails three kiosks including pod styles, the lobby, and booking for the specific needs of the facility. The technologies focus on rationalizing how correctional industry manages the flow of financial transactions, information, and entertainment for the inmates and their loved ones.


Global Tel-Link Makes Life Difficult for Many

Imagine your children really wish to speak to their father. Now, think about what you would be willing to give to make that phone call happen. For example, would you be willing to skip a car payment? Would you be willing to slice the grocery bill in half? These may seem like silly questions, but they are real questions for families all across America. This is all because of a company named Global Tel-Link.


Global Tel-Link is a communications company that has made generous donations to prisons. Since politicians are loathe to raise taxes, prisons are more than happy to accept this extra cash. These donations then help Global Tel-Link secure exclusive contracts with prisons. Protected by the contracts, Global Tel-Link can then get away with charging the friends and families of prisoners up to $1.25 a minute to make a single phone call to a loved one behind bars. The contracts also allow Global Tel-Link to spring numerous fees on their customers. All of this money adds up to a devastating monthly phone bill.


Many friends and family members of prisoners are already below the poverty line. This means the phone bills delivered by Global Tel-Link force people to make difficult choices. For example, Christmas and birthdays are difficult for the friends and families of prisoners. In order to afford to make a phone call on these special days, sacrifices in other areas of life need to be made. This means a child’s only present on these days is often a single phone call that simply makes the executives at Global Tel-Link richer.


It shouldn’t to be this way for families all across America. Take the time to educate yourself about Global Tel-Link and their business model. If more people become informed about this issue, it will eventually change for the better.


Prison task force: Ban no-bid contracts

Due to the massive increase in corruption for the state and federal prison supply contracts in the country, the Mississippi Corrections Department has decided to develop a new way of making work easy in the state and federal prisons. Many companies in the United States working in the state and federal prison setups have engaged in a wide range of corruption deals that end up staining the management and issues associated with working solutions in the state. For those who are not willing to adhere to the new regulations, they will end up anticipating working solutions that will not favor their corrupt deals.


According to a report issued by the Mississippi Corrections Department, Keefe Food Group is one of the most corrupt companies operating in the state and federal correctional facilities across the United States. The company also inflates the commodity prices that are essential for the survival of the inmates in a way that is not anticipated in the business world. Business dealers in the United States have always worked through thick and thin to develop relationships with business and other entities as a way of accelerating better business deals. Keefe Food Group is one of the companies that the Mississippi Corrections Department is wondering how they keep securing the same business deals all the time. This is a clear indication that the company is not working towards achieving better business deals or accelerated income solutions in a manner that does not depict the true nature of business solutions.


The five-member task-force determined that all the contracts operating in the prison setups will take a new wave of direction by working for a better business in a manner that is not capacitated in the business world. Those who do not engage in doing business using the new system of competitive bidding will be disqualified from taking part in the business. This competitive process will work towards achieving better business in a manner that only the best companies get to do business in the state and federal prison setups. Keefe Food Group will also reduce the number of monopolized business deals they have secured for a long time now.


Taking Money For The Business

Global Tel is nothing more than a company that likes to rip people off. It takes money that it really doesn’t need from people because it charges exorbitant rates that allow the company to stay in business. The money that the company does make is likely given to the prisons that it works with most of the time because facilities enter into contracts with this company and others that are similar. It’s a wreck of people who try to answer phone calls and think that they are giving you information but are simply trying to get you off the phone.


I’ve called customer service so many times and have been hung up on and given rude answers almost every time I call. It’s like the company doesn’t want people to know what it’s doing, but it wants you to be able to accept phone calls from inmates at the same time. There are times when I’ve wanted to add a certain amount of money and have been told that I can only add an amount that they approve instead of what I’m able to pay. This isn’t the way to grow a business. It’s a way to lose business and go bankrupt if more people would stand up to them.


How Telmate Hurt Their Clients

Telmate is a communications company. They are based in the prison sector and they do a lot to make sure that prisoners are able to get the experiences that they need from different things. They started out with mostly phones and phone call administration but they have grown their business since then. This is something that the company started to do and something that they were hoping they would be able to continue to do no matter what was going on but they also had to make sure that they were profiting. The most important thing to Telmate is the profits that they can make. In fact, the company doesn’t even look out for the prison administrators in the way that other prison communications companies are able to help the prison administrators.This is a huge part of the reason that Telmate is suffering when others are doing well with their performance.


Right now, Telmate is charging nearly double what other companies are charging for prisoners to make a phone call. They have to make their money and they know that the prisons that they work with will take it because they like to make their inmates pay for a lot of different things in the area that they are in. Telmate continues to do things that make it hard for prisons to be able to try different things and do more with the options that they have. It is also something that has made it difficult for people to learn more about the areas that they are in.


Along with the things that Telmate is doing to the prisons, they are also lying to other companies. They have told lies to prisons that were with other communication companies. They have also used bait and switch techniques to draw these clients in so that they will be able to make the prison a better place for their business. Since Telmate knew what they were doing, it was something that made it hard for them to try and get more out of the situations they were in and the areas that they served.


Talking To Family With Global Tel

Global Tel Link is one of the leading providers of telephone communications systems that prisons across the country use to allow inmates to make calls. However, it’s a company that takes money from those who don’t have it to spare. It charges outrageous rates for those who rely on the system to be able to talk to the people they love that is in prison.

There are children who need to talk to a parent who is in prison. According to Consumer Affairs, since the company charges fees when setting up an account, fees that are very high when a call is made and fees that are taken out if a call is dropped, it’s hard for families to stay in touch with loved ones. GTL makes over $500 million each year from the calls that are made. The only way that many people get to talk to their loved ones is by a phone call. They can’t go visit because it’s often too far away. In an investigation by ACLU, Global Tel enters into a contract with the prison with the prison getting a kickback from the company when calls are placed. Most people can talk to others across the globe for much less than what inmates and families pay through Global Tel.

Connecting Through Keefe

There are many common misconceptions about the American prison and detention center system. Everything from the ways that inmates are dressed, to what they eat, to how they interact and communicate with the outside world is often miss under stood by the general public. There are many causes for these miss conceptions like television and movies, but it is important people have a more realistic understanding about what it is like to end up in prison, jail, a juvenile detention center, or an immigration holding center while awaiting deportation. The reality is that even if an individual is not one that finds themselves as an inmate, it is more and more likely that they will know a friend, family member, or colleague that will end up in one of these facilities.
The way these inmates and prisoners communicate with their friends, family, spouses, attorneys, and love ones in general, is one of the biggest misunderstandings that the public about the prison system. Most people would be shocked to find out that prisons and other facilities like this are not the ones that are providing communications abilities to prisoners and inmates. In fact, they are actually provided by out sourced third-party communications and technology companies.

One example of one of the leading companies to provide these services to prisons and juvenile detention facilities is the Keefe Group. The Keefe group realizes just how valuable the ability to communicate with the outside world is for anyone that finds them self in this type of situation. For many people that are living on the inside, those brief moments that they spend talking on the phone with someone from the outside world are the most important moments of their current life. That is why they do their best to be a leading provider of various communications services to those facilities. View the Keefe Group company profile on

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I Check In Back Home With Keefe Group

I am the guy that moved across the country to get out of my old community, and when I did that I let some people behind. Some of these people are in jail, but I want to check on them as best as I can. I am not going to move back home just because of how it looks right now, but I am going to use Keefe Group to call the jails to check on these people that I know. The first time I had a thought of calling I had no idea how to do it, and then I realized that I would be able to use the company to get the help that I needed no matter when it was.
They have an account set up for me that works great, and I use it to call three different people that know from way back. I think I will be able to get one of these a job out here after he gets out, and the other two are giving me information to give to their families. I feel like I am really helping because I am involved in showing them what to do after they get out instead of just wondering what is going to happen to them.

I have been calling with Keefe Group for a while now, and it really helps because I do not have to worry about anything other than making sure that I am helping people I was close to. I do not want to just leave them there, but I have to have a Keefe Group account if I want to talk to them. I have been able to get a lot of help to these old friends and their families just with the phone calls I am allowed to make.

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Keefe Group – The Market Leader in Providing Quality Products

Keefe Group, Inc is involved in the packaging and distribution of personal care products, food products, electronics, telecommunications, technology, and clothing for the correctional industry. The firm offers foods and snacks like ready-to-eat meals, seafood, crackers, meat snacks, nuts, cheese products, and candies among others.

Their range of health and beauty products include mouthwashes, Toothpaste, shaving products, vitamins, lotions, supplements, deodorants, shampoos, and conditions. The company also offers clothing and apparel that include shoes, jackets, hats, underwear, denim and jean, boots, and shirts and shorts. Electronics include typewriters, televisions, and media players among others.

Branching Out

Today, the company has grown to a maximum of six other firms making it the nation’s top supplier of food products, electronics, and personal care effects and telecommunications solutions to the correctional sector. Each of these enterprises specializes in offering different services. They include:

  • Advanced Technologies Group,
  • ICSolutions,
  • Access Corrections,
  • Access Securepak,
  • Keefe Commissary Network,
  • Keefe Supply Company.

It boasts of national facilities that include seven primary delivery units and ten service units spread regionally. The company maintains an in-house manufacturing plant where they package different private-label products and brands.

The focus is to serve the correctional market exclusively while developing innovative products and services. Customer satisfaction is the company’s primary goal which it has continued to fulfill throughout all its years of operation. Everything that happens at the company equals to the same objective of delivering the state of the art solutions that are customized to the client’s unique needs.

Keefe Group is seen by to be at the forefront of fighting corruption and injustices within the correction industry. As a result, it has encountered massive resistance and roadblocks in fulfilling its mandate.

Some of the distribution centers are in Atlanta, Dallas, California, Virginia, New Jersey, Florida, Jacksonville, and Texas among others. The company operates as a subsidiary of Centric Group, LLC, having started its operations in 1975.



How Did IC Solutions Help Our Family?

We have been using IC Solutions to help our family because we need to call my niece in jail. I discovered this company through a Rip Off Report article I read. There are many people out there like us who need to make calls into a prison, and we needed to find a service that was going to help us. The idea was that we needed to make reliable calls into the jail, and we needed to know that we could get through when we called. We were calling my niece in prison, and we wanted to be sure that the calls would go through every time.

It was a very simple process for us to get everything set up, and that is why we were going to have the best results possible with our account. We have made many calls with the service to date, and we are very happy with the way that the service works. I have been making most of the calls myself, and I have been able to check in on my niece to see that she is alright. It is very important that we have a service that lets us make these calls, and we also wanted to be sure that we could all use it if we wanted to.

I started out with IC Solutions because I learned from JailPhone Services that it is the easiest way to get in touch with my niece, and I have been able to get most of the people in the family to talk to her through the same service. It was just a very easy thing to do because it took just a few moments to set up the service, and I have been enjoying it ever since. We will keep making calls to her until she gets out, and we will always have our calls go through when we make them out to the jail.