Keefe Group: Saving Money On Inmates Communication Service

Are you searching for low cost phone service for jails or prisons? Do you want to save money on inmates communications service? Keefe Group is a clear choice for any family or inmate searching for a way to cut costs while keeping in touch with loved ones.


Keefe Group has been around for years and is well known for rendering outstanding services to customers. The company has a team of representatives who is committed to ensuring your satisfaction.


Reputation is an important consideration when choosing a service provider, including phone service. Keefe Group is highly reputable and reliable and has customers around the country. Numerous people rave about the excellent features and services provided by Keefe Group and its customer service professionals.


I have been using the phone service provided by Keefe Group and I save a lot of money on my calls. I was paying outrageous amounts before I signed up with Keefe Group and was having financial difficulty. I’m glad I switched as soon as I found out about their reasonable rates and top notch service.


When it comes to inmates phone service or other communications system, you can’t just settle on any company. You need to research carefully and choose the right provider for your situation. With so many providers out there to select from, it can be a daunting task deciding which one is right for you.


If you want to save money on your calls, then do what most people do and go with a company that has a proven track record. That’s where Keefe Group comes in – to provide customers with affordable rates on phone calls.


The first step to enjoying the services and products offered by Keefe Group is to create a new account. Head over to their website to learn more about the company and set up your account. The process is fast and easy and can be complete in just a few minutes.


If you feel that you need help setting up your account, do not hesitate to contact their customer service representatives.


The Keefe Group and the Role of Rules in Prisons

Every now and then I come across a news story that makes me take a step back. Those are the moments in life where you really wish you could talk to everyone involved. As I read a prisoner’s first hand account of life I just kept wanting to intervene. Because he was quite right in his complaints. He had a lot to say about a company called the Keefe Group. And while a bit hyperbolic, there was a lot of truth to it.


The prisoner was furious about the low quality of their meals. And it’s understandable why that’d be the case. He only had two options for food. Bland prison meals from the cafeteria, or purchases from the Keefe Group. The former isn’t really much of an option. It’s like telling people to try living on a vitamin pill and protein drink. It’ll keep one going. But there’s more to life than simple sustenance. Even more so for prisoners who are trying to turn their life around.


But on the Keefe Group’s side of things, there’s the issue of profit. It’s a company, and the role of a company is to turn a profit. That was the biggest problem that I saw when reading the article. Prisons are all about helping people see how the world works. Without exception, prisons are filled with people who suffer from basic misunderstandings about how society operates. So one would hope that they’d receive a proper education. But the people running things aren’t providing for those needs.


What I wish I could tell the people at the top of the prison system is that companies are always going to try for profit. They more than anyone should understand that you can’t trust in goodwill. But there’s a big difference between the Keefe Group and prisoners. The Keefe Group’s food quality won’t violate laws or contracts. It’s simply that they’ll take advantage of whatever those contracts allow.


The final truth is that prisons need to operate under an assumption that the Keefe Group doesn’t care about food quality and prisoner health. Because, frankly, that’s not their role in the prison system. They’re only there to fulfill food expectations laid down in contracts. The prison system itself needs to carefully word those contracts to ensure a basic level of quality. And more than that, they need to actually look into the prisoner’s health to make sure things are working OK.


Keefe Group: Getting Affordable Inmates Phone Service

Are you getting tired of paying too much for inmates communications service? Looking for an affordable prison or jail phone service provider? Keefe Group is a clear choice for anyone who wants to save tremendous amount of money on their calls.


When it comes to selecting an inmates phone service for your needs, it is imperative to choose a reputable company. There are many companies that caters to the needs of inmates and their families and these companies offer a vast range of products, including phone service.


It is crucial to inquire about each company’s features and services. Find out if the inmates communications company has live person to provide customer service or support, and if they have efficient system for addressing customer concerns. Anyone who has ever used the service of inmates communications companies knows how costly it can be, and you ought to seriously consider finding a cheaper rate.


Keefe Group is a great company and has the best rate in the industry. The company has a team of knowledgeable professionals and is fully committed to rendering high quality services to customers. Countless people around the nation turn to Keefe Group for more affordable prison or jail calls and are happy with the way this company does business.


I highly recommend Keefe Group to anyone who wants to have a pleasant phone experience while having access to the best features. I know many people who have switch to Keefe Group once they found out about the low rates the company offers.


The first step is to set up a new account and it takes a few minutes to complete. Once your account is set up you can start to save a tremendous amount of money on your phone calls.


If you have any questions, or if you need help setting up your account, simply contact their customer service team for assistance. These professionals will walk you through the process and ensure that you understand how to go about using their service. Have a look around their website to learn more about the products and services they offer to the corrections facilities.


The Keefe Group – First Class Customer Service

The Keefe Group is a billion dollar revenue generating business within the correctional market. Their main objective is to provide the market with innovative product solutions and they have done so effectively throughout the years, leading the market in correctional system contract wins. Besides providing the market with such solutions, The Keefe Group has managed to become an extremely viable customer service industry leader as well. Sufficiently providing the most accurate and focused customer service solutions that has not only satisfied customers, but have motivated them to spread the word about the wonderful experiences encountered with The Keefe Group staff.


The size of the question isn’t an issue or the size of the your facility. Either or, The Keefe Group has an answer and will deliver as promised. Are you concerned about shipping orders to the more larger facilities with the larger orders? No problem! The Keefe Group will not charge any shipping and handling fees, no matter how large the orders are. Good news! right? What if the order is needed on the next day? Well, no worry, The Keefe Group will deliver your order on the same day to have it in your possession by the next day. More good news, especially for emergency situations. Ok, so now the concern about prices on orders changing over time is brought up. Will the prices change over time due to market fluctuation? The answer is, no. The same low prices that you would pay previosly, would remain as is.


The Keefe Group is 40 + years strong in the correctional market. Started in 1975, selling only coffee beans to Florida Prisons, then transitioning into seafood plastic pouches, business development was a main purpose of The Keefe Group which they would accomplish drastically. Because now in the 21st century, The Keefe Group, through its steadfast approach, is now the correctional market leader, consistently setting trends, providing product innovation, successfully calculating risk and making the better judgements. As long as you’re on the The Keefe Group team, you’ll always be in position to stay ahead of the correctional market. Call customer service today!


Visit the Keefe Group website for a list of products and services offered, a more detailed look into their incredible customer service establishment and a better understanding of their amazing history. If a question isn’t answered through the website, feel free to call customer service.


The Keefe Group for Superior Communication

Being able to keep in touch with people behind bars can be difficult. If you have a friend or relative who went into jail or prison, one problem you’ll notice firsthand is that you can’t get a hold of them. I found this out myself when I began to try to get a hold of one of my friends in prison. I then discovered a great option known as Keefe Group. The Keefe Group has been a great choice for all of my family, and it enabled us to finally get a hold of that special someone.


Once I began to make use of the Keefe Group, I found that I was able to quickly get in touch with that person. I began to use the video chatting that they had available, but it was something that I found to be quite effortless in a variety of different ways. The most important thing to remember about using the service known as the Keefe Group is that it is extremely low-cost. You won’t need to worry that it is a lot of money, and this has been what you need to get the job done. Be sure to look into something that will help out and know that it is going to change your life for the better.


The Keefe Group has been changing people’s lives for quite awhile. It was created so that people would be able to get a hold of their loved ones in the prison system. If you feel it’s time to change the way that you communicate, it is a good idea to utilize the Keefe Group for your own needs. You can visit the Keefe Group site and see how to create your own account. Once created, you will be able to set it up so that you’re getting in touch with people in prison. You will then message, chat and even video chat with that person so that you can see their face. This beats making trips to the local prison just to be able to see them, and it’s why so many people choose Keefe Group for themselves.



Keefe Group

The Keefe Group – Successful Progression and the Bumps in the Road

The Keefe Group’s many great years conducting business is its sturdy platform of leadership. Since 1975, its intelligent and strategic progression has allowed the consistency of their business structural ways to build a company of appreciation in which is the most used for correctional facilities for products and services. With its advantage, making available the most opportunity to correctional facilities and inevitably achieving the most correctional facility contract wins, The Keefe Group has managed success beyond measure throughout its tenure.


As it was previously documented, The Keefe Group struck a $40 million dollar deal with MDOC, proving correctional facilities with an array of products and services, including, but not limited to: inmate deposits, prepaid debit cards, trust funds and music players. MDOC profited greatly through music player sales, earning $15 per unit sold, nearly 30% for all commissary items sold in state facilities and nearly 25% for privately owned correctional facility commissary items sold. This deal went from 2008 until 2014. Note: The Keefe Group manages to bring in over $1 billion dollars in sales per year.


The Keefe Group’s continuous business hike hasn’t all been sweet as a candy apple. Oppositions to its commissary provisions to correctional facilities viciously claims of the company taking advantage of oppressed inmates. The loved ones of inmates, willingly provides money to inmate’s accounts in order for better sufficiency ensurity. Over time, buying items at a high markup, adds up drastically, loved ones realizing that living in a correctional facility is an extreme burdensome and it is better, as far as an expense standpoint, for their incarcerated loved ones to be on the outside versus on the inside. Complaints of this claim of commissary mark-up and no change as a result, then came a fight for the exclusion of The Keefe Group in many states, leads to a desire to dismiss them of their services. Is it right to add such a markup of discomfort to the loved ones of inmates?


The famous logic has always stood the test of time, “if you do the crime, you do the time”! A correctional facility isn’t suppose to be fair and never does it claim to be. Correctional facilities are flooded with criminals, sometimes too many to manage, but keeping them out and improving the economy for the kids to thrive is definitely a preference over getting treated like animals. How could you fight to make a correctional system fair for the very ones who makes it unfair for the innocent? Is it right? Maybe, maybe not, but a correctional facility is suppose to be a punishment, and that’s what it is, a punishment. Yes, the innocent loved ones are affected, but that’s a disadvantage the inmate has to consider when they are to commit a crime.


Throughout The Keefe Group’s yearly progression, contracts, positive recognition, the ride has been a little bumpy. No powerful business travels extensively and never arrive to a few bumps in the road. With the claims of overpriced commissary items, throbbing a headache in the company, The Keefe Group will always have an advantage as it is its job to not only supply the correctional markets, but to keep the criminals from coming back.


IC Solutions: They Are Out Of Their Minds

IC Solutions is an inmate phone provider, which has caused a whole lot of harm during its time as a company. In fact, it has caused too much harm if you ask people on the Internet and people that have used it. These are real-life horror stories, and they are not pretty: However, they illustrate what is happening with this company and the reason they need to be stopped immediately. It is clear they are out of their minds and they have become drunk with power. They know they have the customers exactly where the want them in terms of power and they are using this position of power to run wild and have no regard for anyone but themselves.


It is why they are on websites like Pissed Consumer. You don’t see great companies with high ratings on that website. The same logic applies to them being on Rip Off Report as well. They have brought all of this onto themselves with their thoughtless actions. The fact of the matter is they don’t stop and really read any of this or let it stop them from doing what they are doing. They are like a little child that keeps stealing from their mother’s purse, but since they have not been caught, they keep doing it.


IC Solutions is messing around with real human beings that need serious help in this situation. These are not ordinary people we are talking about here, as these are inmates that have committed crimes. For the inmates that have committed smaller crimes, they don’t deserve this type of treatment. There are people out there that care about them, want to talk to them, and want to be there for them. IC Solutions has the power to allow that to occur, and they are not allowing it.


Better Rates & Better Services Equals A Better Company

When it comes to inmate-telecom providers in North America, there are numerous companies that specialize in this exclusive field of work. Some of the biggest names in the field is located in this sector of business. Some of the options are Pay Tel, ICSolutions, Securus Technologies, Legacy, Turnkey Connections and others. Have you ever heard of Telmate? If you haven’t heard about this company, then you’re not alone. Telmate is at the pinnacle of the industry because it provides some of the very best telecom services and this is why.


Everyone knows that when an inmate calls his/her family members, the actual calls can be very expensive. Telephone greed in this industry is outrageous for most telecom companies. Depending on the exact company, family members will have to pay at least $1 per minute. Unfortunately, private-profits has driven the prices upward because the industry has turned into a money-making machine. Government oversight is trying to monopolize the prison industrial industry, and it doesn’t care that people are being hurt by the increased costs. On the other hand, Telmate has remained true to its purpose by offering lower rates per call. Since the company provides services in over 300 facilities, Telmate gives back to each and every community in a number of ways. No other inmate-telecom company can duplicate these actions on a consistent basis.


Telmate Command is a powerful and useful web-based communications system that dramatically improves operational efficiencies. Prison staff members will have various tools at hand for simplifying the needs of the actual facility. You can never have enough security and control, especially when it comes to working in these types of environments. This web-based system provides crime tips, investigator tools, paperless requests and many more. In conclusion, better rates and better service definitely describes what this company is all about.


Tallahassee Businessmen Facing Federal Time In Connection With Keefe Group

Two former businessmen with ties to prison Canteen provider Keefe Group are facing federal prison time.


In a federal court on Wednesday, Joseph Deese, 35, plead guilty to several counts of conspiracy to pay kickbacks and bribery. All of the charges can net up to 20 years in federal prison. His co-defendant Edward L. Duggar, 65, pleaded guilty to the same charges in June. Both men will face sentencing in August.


Deese and Duggar are accused of paying kickbacks to two high-ranking prison officials — Allen Clark and Wayne Crosby. The latter was appointed as commissioner of Florida prisons in 2003 by former Gov. Jeb Bush.


Duggar, also a former Allstate Insurance salesman made Crosby’s acquaintance shortly after he received his prison appointment. The two became fast friends and Crosby soon gave Duggar permission to sell insurance policies through the Police Benevolent Association. This association is for prison guards and other employees of Florida prisons.


Deese and Dugger were then introduced to Keefe Group CEO Jack Donnelly. They men were given prison contracts to sell goods through Keefe Group. As part of the deal, Deese and Duggar were required to make monthly payments of $1,400 to $10,000 per month. Donnelly received a flat payout of $250,000.


According to prosecutors, this arrangement went on for several months. The FBI received an anonymous tip about the illegal activities inside the prison. The FBI set up wiretaps inside the prison to capture conversations between the men. After many months of surveillance, Duggar and Deese were arrested. Crosby and Clark were relieved of their positions and indicted on charges of fraud and receiving kickbacks.


Both Crosby and Clark have served federal time and since been released.


According to Deese’s attorney, no one from Keefe Group has been charged with a crime. “This is highly unfair. As long as Keefe Group has cover, no one at the company will every face the music.”


U.S. Attorney Thomas O’Neill refused to say whether anyone else will face charges.


Issues With Telmate

Telmate is a company that should be listed as a scam. Money is added to an account only for it to disappear without any phone calls received it seems. Even though money is added each week, inmates still can’t call family members. The rates that the company charges are too high, making it difficult for families to stay in touch with their loved ones who are in prison. When talking with customer service representatives, family members aren’t able to get any kind of answers about the issues that are seen with the services that are provided. They are only left with more questions as to where the money goes that is put on an account that is supposed to be designed for inmates to call home.


Some of the excuses that the customer service representatives offer include that the person calling is holding a wrong button or that there isn’t enough money on the account. However, when the person tries to find out why there isn’t any money when there should be, the customer service representatives are unable to give an honest answer. The company always tries to make the customer feel like the lack of phone calls received are no fault of Telmate. At times, the company claims that debit or credit cards are not valid when people use them at other locations. This is a common issue with this company that people need to be aware of if they have loved ones who are in prison and rely on the services offered.