GTL Produces Another Landmark Communication System Within the Corrections Industry

GTL, a global infrastructure services company, has recently released its brand new inmate calling system across the U.S. The new inmate communication system allows for centralized communications and features a state-of-the-art user interface which has never been seen before. GTL’s platform allows correctional facility customers to access inmates through tablets and smartphones.

Since mobile devices are the preferred method of communication these days, GTL thought it prudent to allow inmates to enjoy the same ease of information and communication that their friends and family do.

What is more, family and friends can easily contact their loved ones within any correctional facility, easily and safely. They simply deposit money into the inmate’s account with the touch of a screen and speak with her through video or text messaging.

Is the platform safe?

The new inmate calling system is completely secure. As customers dial into the system from a wireless device, from anywhere in the world, they enter into a privately secured network and enjoy the same secure features as the inmates do within the facility itself.

GTL’s inmate communication system leads the correction’s platform telephone market in safety and communication efficiency with over a thousand functions and features, all aimed at protecting the general public and securing inmate phone calls.

What have all those security and technological features added up to so far? Well over 3.3 billion inmate call minutes successfully and securely served!

Aside from having the most secure communications platform in the correctional facility industry, GTL’s telephone system is the most advanced as well. With new user upgrades and enhanced mobility features, customers can easily manage the interface platform while feeling safe and secure through all of its functions, at all times.

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About GTL

GTL, mostly known for its infrastructure services around the globe, prides itself on its telecom achievements. As part of its telecom segment, the company provides telecom services and support to telecom operators, tower companies, and correctional facilities throughout the world.

Some of the main telecom services GTL provides include:

Network Planning
Network Design

When it comes to correctional facility technology, GTL stands head and shoulders above the rest. The company’s correctional communication platforms are revolutionary in their scope and vision, and offer economic solutions that add value to both inmates and correctional facility staff members alike.

Currently, GTL provides for roughly 85% of the inmate communication services nationwide.