I Think The Best Thing That Ever Happened To The Halfway House Residents Was Keefe Group

I know that it sounds weird for someone who works in a halfway house to talk about Keefe Group, but I think a lot of people forget that we have all former inmates who are living in the house before they get released completely. That means that these guys have friends back in jail that they want to check on. I have never been to prison myself, but I have been told that you can form very close bonds with the people in there.
I have guys come in a lot after they get released wondering how one buddy or another is doing. I have to set up rules so that everyone can talk, and those rules include a ten minute check in for every resident every week. I went to my boss and asked her how I should do this, and she told me that Keefe Group was the right company to use. She told me I could sign up for an account and keep the calling information to myself. Visit Corrections.com to view the Keefe Group vendor profile.

I actually place the calls for all the guys in the house, and they get to talk to their friends for ten minutes. I know this sounds like some kind of small consolation, but it really helps these guys adjust. Some of them realize they cannot stay connected to people in jail, and others of them are actually talking to family and lifelong friends.

It is not my place to judge, and I just place the calls for the calls. My boss reloads the account for us because we know how much we will be using it every week, and we have been able to help these guys adjust to the outside. I have even been told by some guys that they get some of their own Keefe Group accounts once they leave the halfway house.