Global Tel-Link Goes Against the Common Sense of a Free Market

It may be difficult to really get a clear idea of the quality of service that Global Tel-Link provides if you haven’t used the service, or if you do not know anybody who has used the service. However, in this day and age you can just look up online forums to see what people have to say about the service that Global Tel-Link provides. The vast majority of people online have given Global Tel-Link negative reviews. Most of the reviews sound confused, fed-up, angry and tired. Global Tel-Link boasts that it serves eighty-five percent of inmates in the United States, yet it does not give the best service. Why is this so? Why is Global Tel-Link chosen by detention centers if it gives not-the-best service? There is a reason for this.–securus-corrects-inaccuracies-300264749.html

Prisons do not necessarily judge phone service companies based upon quality; they judge based upon which company can slip them the most money. Global Tel-Link has made it’s way to the top in the detention center telecommunications industry because it has been able to give detention centers the best offers in contracts. The ones who are directly using the telecommunications services for the most part– the loved ones of prisoners, do not have a say in which phone companies to use, despite the fact that they are expected to flip the bills for calls. This intuitively goes against the ways of our free market, capitalistic system to a point where it seems wrong. Normally, people are able to choose their phone companies and terms of service, for the most part. When it comes to the inmate telecommunications industry, consumer demand does not rule the success of phone companies—the interests of facilities to make as much money as possible and what phone companies can offer to facilities rule the success of phone companies

Keefe Group: How To Save Money On Prison Phone Calls

Are you researching inmates phone services and other prison communications companies? Trying to find a company that offers reasonable rates on their prison or jail phone calls? Keefe Group, a well established provider of inmates communications service, offers affordable rates.

Although staying in contact with your incarcerated relative or friend is crucial, you also want to be certain you choose a phone or inmates communications service that offers affordable rates. In addition to reasonable rates, you also want to make sure they offer the features you need. That’s where Keefe Group can help.

Keefe Group is a highly reliable provider of affordable phone rates to the corrections industry. This recommended company has been around for many years and has top notch features and services that customers truly enjoy. No wonder many families across the country are raving about the huge savings and great features they have been receiving from this company.

Legitimate prison phone services like Keefe Group work with corrections facilities around the country to ensure proper guidelines and requirements are met regarding phone and communications systems. This ensures an extra layer of security is added to your telephone calls as well, to make sure only the individuals or professionals who are legally allowed to listen to, or monitor, your conversations are able to do so.

If you have been spending a lot of money on prison or jail phone calls, just to keep in touch with your loved one, consider switching to Keefe Group. You will have access to better features and services while saving a ton of money.

Their services and systems will help you benefit tremendously and save you a lot of cash when it comes maintaining contact with an incarcerated friend or relative.

Set up an account and follow the provided instructions on how to use their systems. If you are in need of help with any of their features or services, simply contact the service representatives or customer support and they will guide you through the process, or address any issues you may have.

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Keefe Group Provides Innovative Products and Services to Corrections Facilities

Keefe Group has been a leading provider of products and services to the correctional market since 1975. Keefe Group became a specialist in the packaging of products sold within the correctional system. We started out packaging instant coffee and drinks in paper pouches. Then we moved on to pouch-packaged seafood because it was a safer way to distribute items, eliminating the danger of metal and glass containers. Read more about Keefe Group on

Today, the company has six parts, the Keefe Supply Company, Keefe Commissary Network, Access Securepak, Access Corrections, ICSolutions and Advanced Technologies.

Keefe Group is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. We have plants and distribution facilities throughout the country. We have manufacturing areas where we make our own products. We focus on providing the best products possible to our customers.

Not only do we offer packaged foods we also provide technology services to the correctional facilities as well. We help the organizations process and manage information flow and communications, financial transactions and other services.

Our Access Secure Data software helps prison personnel to identify relationships between inmates and the outside world as well as others inside the system. It works alongside Access Secure Deposits, Secure Mail and other Secure Services. The Access Secure System allows monitoring of activities inside and outside the system, in order to maintain safety and security.

Through the Secure Deposit system an inmate’s family can provide them with spending money for snacks and personal items. All funds are deposited in real-time. The staff does not handle cash, so reduces workload. Each depositor is photographed for security. The system eliminates fraud. Learn more on STL Today about Keefe Group.

The Enforcer is a top of the line telecommunications system, that allows for monitoring and controlling the communications between inmates and outsiders. It makes the whole process of contacting family and friends easy to control and handle. Keefe Group provides other important technologies to make inmates lives better and the management of the facility easier for staff and personnel.



The Keefe Group Highlights an Important Part of Meal Planning

I’m well aware of the fact that prisons are unpleasant. After all, they’re supposed to scare people away from committing crimes. HOwever, the main purpose of the prison system is rehabilitation. It’s not just something to scare people or hold criminals for every single day of their life. Instead, prisons are supposed to teach prisoners how to enter society again as productive citizens. I’d have thought that the prison experience would center around that ideal. But a first hand account written by a prisoner gave me a very different impression.

The prisoner’s main point of concern had to do with a company called the Keefe Group. It’s not a commonly heard name on the outside of the prison system. On the inside though, the Keefe Group is usually the sole provider of anything people would consider comfort foods. Basically the empty calories that people love to eat when they’re feeling down. Cheap and unhealthy are the two major selling points of comfort food.

But that’s where the problem with the Keefe Group makes itself known. The Keefe Group certainly sells unhealthy food. But they push up prices on those items to the point where they wouldn’t even be considered cheap on the outside. And on the inside, prison work programs tend to pay only around 10% of the state’s minimum wage. The two points come together to ensure that prisoners essentially empty their wallets every time they want a candy bar.

This issue is made even more alarming due to the nature of prison food. Cafeterias serve healthy food which places an emphasis on safety. Prison food can’t increase chances of heart attacks, raise blood pressure or have a chance of triggering allergies. It’s basically even more bland and tasteless than hospital food. Read more on Prison Censorship about Keefe Group.

That combination of food choices is what makes the Keefe Group such a bad match for prisons. Anyone would become desperate for food with a bit of taste to it after they’ve been on prison rations for a while. Eventually most people will pay whatever the Keefe Group asks. And of course, the Keefe Group will ask for as much as they can. It’s good business. But it’s also something that the prison needs to take a closer look at. Prisons aren’t supposed to be about making private companies even richer. They’re supposed to be giving prisoners the time and resources needed to properly reform themselves. Constantly stressing over food is just adding more complications on top of an already difficult situation.

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Get Superior Inmate Packaging Services With The Keefe Group

The Keefe Group is a proud member of the America Correctional Association (ACA) and are well known for delivering exemplary products. They have big name products that have been a household name for years including Hostess and Maxwell House. Inmates also have the option of catering their meal to meet the needs of their Hispanics customers, as well. They offer a selection of products that can easily be ordered and packaged right from their warehouse. Their team of leadership professionals distributes their services and products to thousands of inmates nationwide. Become a part of the Keefe Group by visiting their exclusive website today.

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Did you know that inmates have their own financial system located directly in a correctional facility? That’s right; inmates can check their account balance at any time through a kiosk system. There is a number of people that have described this kiosk system as a great way for them to exert their independence while being confined in a correctional institution. Customers have the option of also giving their love ones in a facility a tablet that allows them to retrieve downloads approved by the facility, download music, and play many popular games. Read more on Prison Censorship about Keefe Group.

Keefe Group Features

Video Visitation

Talking to your love ones just got easier over the internet with features from the Keefe Group. If you’re eighteen years of age or older, have a valid checking or debit card, and willing to pay a onetime processing fee, you can talk to the ones you love securely online. You don’t have to worry about dropped calls because they secure a reliable network application over the internet. Follow the progress of the ones you love in a correctional institute. Get complete control over the video and the sound with the touch of a few onscreen buttons.

You’re invited to learn more about their products and services by speaking to a live representative 24 hours a day. You’ll never want to use the correctional commissary list when you have the option of choosing products from the Keefe Group. A trained and knowledgeable packaging services professional is standing by to take your order. Read more news on

Contrary to vocal critics, private contractors often create real value in prison system

For at least the last 50 years, there has been an intense debate about the role of private contractors in the U.S. prison system. Many people feel that these private companies have no legitimate role at all in an industry that has traditionally been handled by government agencies alone. However, others point out the very real costs savings that have accrued to jails and prisons throughout the country, due to the technological innovations and high levels of efficiency provided by various firms operating in different areas of America’s carceral institutions.



Prison calling provides ideological battleground


Perhaps no where has this debate been more heated than in the area of inmate calling. Many critics of private enterprise say that the high rates paid by some inmates across the country serve as a prime example of the kinds of excesses that are commonly seen when private enterprise is allowed to stick its venal claws into the cookie jar of public services.


However, the calling providers themselves sharply disagree. Pointing to great accumulations of evidence, companies like Securus Technologies are quick to cite success stories in state after state, where they have managed to lower the costs that inmates face when calling loved ones by entire orders of magnitude. Securus seriously questions whether the government itself ever would have been able to drive the serious innovation that the company is famous for, bringing highly innovative and cost-cutting products to market, such as their famed VoIP-based video visitation technology. Securus and other providers say that it is completely unrealistic to assume that government bureaucracies would ever be capable of the levels of innovation and efficiency that private enterprise is so well-known for.


However, critics of the providers and the current system as a whole shoot back with examples of their own. In the state of Arizona, prisoners are forced to pay up to $2 per minute to talk to their loved ones over the prison phone lines. At these rates, it is virtually impossible for any inmates to stay in touch with their family for more than a couple minutes each month. Critics of the current calling regime argue that this is a terrible imposition on the prisoners, as well as their families. They say that the likely consequences of forcing the prisoners to only socialize with fellow convicted felons will almost certainly be increased behavioral problems inside the facilities and increased recidivism outside. They have implored the Arizona state legislature to do something about the immense rates many times but to no avail.


For their part, though, the communications providers say that the state of Arizona is a fairly extreme anomaly. They say that there are just a handful of states where the rates inmates are forced to pay even come close to those seen in Arizona. Those exorbitant rates, say the providers, are largely driven by the commissions that are kicked back to the state’s institution, which, in that state, can run as high as 99 percent of all phone revenues.


Global Tel-Link Leads in the Way in Innovation in the Prison System

Global Tel-Link is recognized as the leader in prison technology. This is a very competitive industry, but Global Tel-Link is reigning as the leader because it has been able to bring forth some serious innovation in video visitation while lowering inmate communication costs.

The thing that this company has been able to do is change the entire structure of the way that people communicate. This is company that provides a platform for inmates to obtain entertainment media. Secure inmate entertainment comes in the form of CD players and MP4 video through tablets. This is a profitable industry, and this entertainment is secure so correctional officers are able to monitor what the inmates get access to. Read more reviews at

There is also a great amount of interest in the prison video visitation in the prison system. The correctional officers can actually terminate a video session if it is deemed inappropriate. This is a very important aspect of prison visitation because it increases safety. A lot of people have brought contraband into prisons.

There is a need for communication software like what Global Tel Link is providing. This company has become one of the top players when it comes to providing crisp and clear video solutions that make it easier for family members to stay connected to their loved ones on the inside. For the prison administration staff it also cuts down on the amount of contraband that enters into the prison system. This has always been a problem, and sometimes it can become a dangerous thing for administrators in the prison system. When inmates are doing the video visit there is a complete elimination of any type of Contraband that might friends of prisoners might sneak into the system.

What the Global Tel Link Company essentially does is give the administrators a greater level of control. I think that this is something that is certainly needed in prisons today. With this company in place to provide this type of increased security measures it is going to be a safer environment for people that work in the prison. That is why I think that every prison needs to consider what Global-Tel Link has to offer at some point. This company has been around for more than two decades, and I think that their services are needed. Visit Consumerist to know more.

I think the Global-Tel Link is the type of company that will continue to be around because the engineers behind the software are innovator. They are always bringing new and exciting things to the table. That is what has given this company the type of longevity that it has had so far. It is definitely a a welcomed addition to the technology that has been incorporated into prisons today.

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Keefe- Corrections Group of Company

Keefe Group is a supply company that engages fully in corrections services through packaging and supply of products. It’s made up of six functioning entities that deal distinctively with aspects of commissary services. Keefe has been meeting the needs of correctional facilities nationwide since 1975.

Difficulties faced by Prisoners through Keefe

There is a lot of abuse and corruption going on in prisons. Sadly, this is something that those of us in the system know about. These practices are, however, not only experienced in prisons but other correctional facilities are going through the same thing. As a result, what we should do is fight against these deeds by Centric Group LLC and its affiliate, Keefe. Keefe is a monopoly with lucrative contracts through the nation. To Keefe Group, prisoners are money. The contracts given to Keefe began on 11/05/2008, and they have been renewed many times since. The last contract that was renewed in 2011 will expire in August 2015.

Department of correction is struggling to ensure that better deals come its way as they work to terminate corrupted contracts. Scrutinization will be done to companies with active contracts despite the amount of money they bring into the department. Those culpable to bribery are to be probed. Secret agents should advice the government whether it should continue to use private entities to service a number of its prisons.

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Service System offered by Keefe

Inmates receive money that they use order items such as candy bars or combs from their relatives through commissary system. However,measures should be taken to ensure responsibility since some complaints have been emerging from family members of the inmates. This is due to the high prices of goods that is causing financial constraints. If put in place, recommendations being made will affect all state organizations.

Keefe Group services includes; inmate kiosks, package services, investigative software, debit release cards, kiosk booking, inmate phone system, package program, offenders management suite, email, deposit services among others.Keefe through technology emphasizes on entertainment of inmates, transaction of finances, and the way information is managed and processed. The correctional institutions, therefore,not only turn out to be well-organized but safe too through Keefe’s dedication in service and skills.

IC Solutions Loves The Smell Of Money

Whenever there is a company out there and all they care about is money, they are clearly in the wrong business. That is what is happening with IC Solutions, the inmate communications provider, at the moment. They have lost all sight and all sense of what it means to run a company and run a company well. Even worse, they have lost the interest in learning how to do it. They are all about the bottom line and that is the almighty dollar. It is always sad when a company gets to this point where they do not care and they are simply going through the motions of collecting money.

However, that is what has happened with IC Solutions and there does not appear to be any end in sight for the company. They are jail phone services provider, and they are supposed to allow inmates to speak to others over the telephone. It is a fairly run of the mill and ordinary procedure that is commonplace. However, as someone has pointed out here on, they have been double charged by IC Solutions and they have still been unable to get through to the inmate. They have been ripped off not once but twice.

This is commonplace for a company like IC Solutions. This is clearly not the first time they have done something like this, and something tells me it won’t be the last time either. A company like IC Solutions is known for this and they live for this sort of thing. They enjoy seeing people at their weakest. Instead of offering a helping hand and getting them up, they simply kick them while they are down and move on without even showing any humanity inside their bodies and inside their bones. It is strictly business, but it doesn’t have to be this extreme.

Exclusive Keefe Group Commissary Contracts Come Under Scrutiny

The Keefe Group is the leading provider of inmate commissary services in the United States. The company provides management and associated services for 12 out of every 14 outsourced state-level inmate commissaries in the country. Most state correctional facilities outsource their commissary services.

The commissary program at a correctional institution permits inmates the ability to purchase certain basic products through a canteen system. Generally, a correctional facility permits its inmates the ability to order from the commissary once a week. Inmates can order basic items, including food items and hygiene products.

Inmates pay for canteen purchases with funds on their institutional trust accounts. Oftentimes, family members and friends of incarcerated individuals place money onto these accounts for inmates.

The Keefe Group has profited handsomely from its commissary solutions. The company enters into exclusive agreements with correctional agencies to provide commissary services. Many times, these are through no-bid contracts.

According to the Dispatch, the exclusive contracts permit the Keefe Group the ability to set whatever prices it desires on products sold through the commissary program. Usually, this pricing system results in commissary inventory being significantly more expensive than the cost of similar products in the outside world.

Some states have started to take at least some look at the Keefe Group relationship with its correctional agencies. For example, the state of Mississippi has a task force that is taking a close look at contracts, including the Keefe Group no-bid, exclusive agreement with that states corrections agency.

The Mississippi task force was initiated by the Governor. It was created after the former Corrections Commissioner was indicted for corruption. Some of the charges against the Commissioner stemmed from a contract now associated with the Keefe Group through an acquisition made by that company.

If a correctional agency so desires, the Keefe Group offers a comprehensive commissary system that includes everything from management of an inmate’s trust account, to automated ordering via kiosks, and stocking of products for the canteen itself.

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