Keefe Group Provides Innovative Products and Services to Corrections Facilities

Keefe Group has been a leading provider of products and services to the correctional market since 1975. Keefe Group became a specialist in the packaging of products sold within the correctional system. We started out packaging instant coffee and drinks in paper pouches. Then we moved on to pouch-packaged seafood because it was a safer way to distribute items, eliminating the danger of metal and glass containers. Read more about Keefe Group on

Today, the company has six parts, the Keefe Supply Company, Keefe Commissary Network, Access Securepak, Access Corrections, ICSolutions and Advanced Technologies.

Keefe Group is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. We have plants and distribution facilities throughout the country. We have manufacturing areas where we make our own products. We focus on providing the best products possible to our customers.

Not only do we offer packaged foods we also provide technology services to the correctional facilities as well. We help the organizations process and manage information flow and communications, financial transactions and other services.

Our Access Secure Data software helps prison personnel to identify relationships between inmates and the outside world as well as others inside the system. It works alongside Access Secure Deposits, Secure Mail and other Secure Services. The Access Secure System allows monitoring of activities inside and outside the system, in order to maintain safety and security.

Through the Secure Deposit system an inmate’s family can provide them with spending money for snacks and personal items. All funds are deposited in real-time. The staff does not handle cash, so reduces workload. Each depositor is photographed for security. The system eliminates fraud. Learn more on STL Today about Keefe Group.

The Enforcer is a top of the line telecommunications system, that allows for monitoring and controlling the communications between inmates and outsiders. It makes the whole process of contacting family and friends easy to control and handle. Keefe Group provides other important technologies to make inmates lives better and the management of the facility easier for staff and personnel.



Keefe Group has transformed the inmate industry

The Keefe Group is known to many as the largest private firm that is changing the lives of prisoners in the United States. The company facilitates financial transactions, entertainment, information flow, food and beverages, clothes, technology solutions and many other activities that make the lives of the people in the correctional facilities better. The institution has a team of professionals who work day and night to ensure that the clients get the best. For an inmate to become a better person in the society, they have to communicate with their loved ones all the time. The private institution has put in place several measures to achieve this objective. Here are some of the services Keefe Group provides. Read more news on Tampa Bay Times.

Booking Kiosk

This is actually the most critical services from the private institution. The Keefe Group Booking Kiosk is unique in its own way, and it is connected to the inmate banking system. The service is used by the correctional facilities to calculate the amount of money deposits from the individuals who are incarcerated. When the inmate makes a deposit, the Booking Kiosk issues them a receipt. The service is known to be very safe, and the money can be reconciled automatically. Experts say that the security of the Booking Kiosk from the Keefe Group cannot be compromised.

Inmate Kiosks

The inmate kiosk is also an important service from the Keefe Group that allows the prisoners to have a safe and friendly communication platform. The service ensures that the prisoners remain in constant communications with friends and loved ones at an affordable rate. The Inmate Kiosks assists the inmates to get pictures and images of their loved ones who are far away. This service has been efficient because it used the latest technology. Visit to know more.

Customer care support

In any modern company, customer care is an essential aspect. A company can never reach its clients if they do not have a perfect customer care support. Keefe Group has one of the best teams to service its customers by answering all questions in time. The customer care support from the Keefe Group is available 24/7, and it has individuals who are well qualified.

Get Superior Inmate Packaging Services With The Keefe Group

The Keefe Group is a proud member of the America Correctional Association (ACA) and are well known for delivering exemplary products. They have big name products that have been a household name for years including Hostess and Maxwell House. Inmates also have the option of catering their meal to meet the needs of their Hispanics customers, as well. They offer a selection of products that can easily be ordered and packaged right from their warehouse. Their team of leadership professionals distributes their services and products to thousands of inmates nationwide. Become a part of the Keefe Group by visiting their exclusive website today.

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Did you know that inmates have their own financial system located directly in a correctional facility? That’s right; inmates can check their account balance at any time through a kiosk system. There is a number of people that have described this kiosk system as a great way for them to exert their independence while being confined in a correctional institution. Customers have the option of also giving their love ones in a facility a tablet that allows them to retrieve downloads approved by the facility, download music, and play many popular games. Read more on Prison Censorship about Keefe Group.

Keefe Group Features

Video Visitation

Talking to your love ones just got easier over the internet with features from the Keefe Group. If you’re eighteen years of age or older, have a valid checking or debit card, and willing to pay a onetime processing fee, you can talk to the ones you love securely online. You don’t have to worry about dropped calls because they secure a reliable network application over the internet. Follow the progress of the ones you love in a correctional institute. Get complete control over the video and the sound with the touch of a few onscreen buttons.

You’re invited to learn more about their products and services by speaking to a live representative 24 hours a day. You’ll never want to use the correctional commissary list when you have the option of choosing products from the Keefe Group. A trained and knowledgeable packaging services professional is standing by to take your order. Read more news on

Global Tel-Link Leads in the Way in Innovation in the Prison System

Global Tel-Link is recognized as the leader in prison technology. This is a very competitive industry, but Global Tel-Link is reigning as the leader because it has been able to bring forth some serious innovation in video visitation while lowering inmate communication costs.

The thing that this company has been able to do is change the entire structure of the way that people communicate. This is company that provides a platform for inmates to obtain entertainment media. Secure inmate entertainment comes in the form of CD players and MP4 video through tablets. This is a profitable industry, and this entertainment is secure so correctional officers are able to monitor what the inmates get access to. Read more reviews at

There is also a great amount of interest in the prison video visitation in the prison system. The correctional officers can actually terminate a video session if it is deemed inappropriate. This is a very important aspect of prison visitation because it increases safety. A lot of people have brought contraband into prisons.

There is a need for communication software like what Global Tel Link is providing. This company has become one of the top players when it comes to providing crisp and clear video solutions that make it easier for family members to stay connected to their loved ones on the inside. For the prison administration staff it also cuts down on the amount of contraband that enters into the prison system. This has always been a problem, and sometimes it can become a dangerous thing for administrators in the prison system. When inmates are doing the video visit there is a complete elimination of any type of Contraband that might friends of prisoners might sneak into the system.

What the Global Tel Link Company essentially does is give the administrators a greater level of control. I think that this is something that is certainly needed in prisons today. With this company in place to provide this type of increased security measures it is going to be a safer environment for people that work in the prison. That is why I think that every prison needs to consider what Global-Tel Link has to offer at some point. This company has been around for more than two decades, and I think that their services are needed. Visit Consumerist to know more.

I think the Global-Tel Link is the type of company that will continue to be around because the engineers behind the software are innovator. They are always bringing new and exciting things to the table. That is what has given this company the type of longevity that it has had so far. It is definitely a a welcomed addition to the technology that has been incorporated into prisons today.

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Global Tel Link Still Gouging Customers In Spite Of Complaints

Prison telecommunications provider Global Tel Link (GTL) is still charging outrageous prices after the season of hit podcast Serial has ended.

This news is the latest saga surrounding GTL and its affinity for gouging inmates and their family members. The company has been hit with mass complaints, Federal Trade Commission (FTC) fines and exposes by other companies in an attempt to embarrass them to do the right thing — but nothing has worked.

Serial is a podcast about the circumstances surrounding the murder of Hae Min Lee by her boyfriend Adnan Syed, who has been incarcerated since 1999. The show features interviews between Syed and writer Sarah Koenig. The Serial episodes open with an announcement of a Global Tel Link call from a Maryland correctional facility. Read more reviews at

The point of the issue is — the entire serial likely wouldn’t have come to fruition without the services of GTL. Due to the rules and regulations regarding recording devices, the entire interviews had to be done via phone calls. The calls are not cheap by any stretch. An article in Bloomberg News suggests that the prepaid phone calls between Koenig and Syed costs around $2,500.

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How is that possible, one might ask? Easy. GTL is one of the highest prison prepaid services around. And at $3.95 the first minute and 89 cents for additional minutes, it’s highly conceivable. While contracts vary from state to state, the FTC is investigating GTL and other providers. Read more about GTL on

The Corruption of the Keefe Food Group

Since criminal institutions were first created back in 1790s, life for prisoners was very difficult. People who committed crimes and went to prison in the early 18th-20th century were completely disconnected from society. It was nearly impossible for criminals to be legally included in the “outside world”. Inmates that came out of prison after many years are thrown into a totally new environment from when they first came to prison. In all prisons technology was obsolete, there were no computers, telephones, nor cellphones that inmates could have access to. However, with society progressing, inmates have been more connected to the real world because of the Keefe Food Group. Read more articles on Blogspot about Keefe Group.

On television, prison is depicted as a horrible place to live. Nobody wants to go to prison because of the harsh violence, horrible living conditions and nasty food. Although inmates have committed crimes, they are still humans and should be treated better than they are when behind bars. The Keefe Food Group is a company that comes into prisons and changes the traditional rules. The Keefe Food Group has come into prisons all over the United States making serious revenue. This company brings food from the outside world into prisons; the prisoners enjoy this luxury not knowing that the Keefe Food Group is stealing their hard earned money. The way this company is stealing the inmates’ money is because they are selling the prisoners products that are cheap in the real world, for much higher prices. These prices are so high that the Keefe Food Group is making over 30 million dollars in just a few years because of how much they are overcharging inmates. I think this is extremely unfair that inmates are having their hard earned money taken away. Read more about Keefe Group on

Not only is the Keefe Group responsible for overcharging inmates for simple foods, they are also putting a tax on deposits that inmates receive from their loved ones. Every time an inmate gets money from their loved ones back at home, they are faced with a steep fee. So not only are basic commissary items severely overtaxed, they are having their money taken away from them. There must be a stop put to the Keefe Food Group because they are not benefitting the lives of inmates in the long run. The Keefe Food Group provides inmates with food from the outside worked but they are stealing money from inmates at the same time. I know that prisoners are unaware that the the money their family sends them is being overtaxed, giving the inmate less money that they deserve. The Keefe Food Group needs to stop taking advantage of the helpless inmates and give them the money they deserve.

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Losing Money Over Charges

My recent transaction with Global Tel ended with spending about $100 on only a few phone calls. There are fees when setting up an account, and there are fees when you accept a phone call. The company is known for high rates, and this is evident with the $10 phone call that I received. The reason for the high rate is because I live about two hours from the jail where my husband is at, but that doesn’t mean that I should have to pay $10 every time I want to talk to him. Read more about GTL on NYTimes.

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The final straw with this company came when there was $20 taken off of my account for no apparent reason. I called to see why there was that much money removed and couldn’t get any kind of answer. I called the supervisor and even the jail to find out what might have went wrong only to be told that it was for fees that weren’t charged for some of the calls that I had already accepted. Global Tel Link is a company that is out for money and doesn’t care about anything else. It’s a company that needs to be closed or needs to change its ways as there are people losing money all the time. Read more on about GTL.

IC Solutions Contracted To Introduce Video Communication In Sangamon County Jail

There are obviously plenty of complaints about IC Solutions from many people mainly due to its primary services of cell phones and digital lines. The company prefers the Pre-Pay method where callers are billed to the phone bill. The processing fee charged by IC Solutions in Hillsborough is $8.95 and each facility offered by IC Solutions has a processing fee.

IC Solutions has even bigger problems from the fact that it does not refund the money for the dropped calls even if you phone is a cell phone. IC Solutions is a middle-man company which after purchasing your local number, you will also have to pay for the account directly at the inmate facility. Some customers have claimed to be charged $35 for activation of their account numbers, and a separate charge is posted to the account at the same time.

According to an SJR article, one customer who claims to have inquired about the cost was told that the company had no information about it. The most shocking were that they even denied having registered the number including the fact that the charge was confidential. Some customers have already learned that IC Solutions aren’t the ones who set the numbers. Their agents offer little help to the customers as long as you keep cussing to a minimum. When you are looking to put money into your account, this is the time they give the utmost help because they know they need it.

The Sangamon County Jail inmates could benefit from a new program to increase visits from family and friends via video screen. It will be a huge relief from the current situation where inmates and visitors can only see or communicate with each other through telephone and the thick windows. The contractor IC Solutions is expected to maintain the charges at a flat rate of 22 cents which is fair compared to the previous telephone billing which consisted hidden costs. For more info, refer to

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Global Tel-Link Is The Nation’s Leading Correctional Communications Provider

How often an inmates connects with the outside is determined by quality correctional communications. Securus monitors phone systems for quality control and ethics regulations. Global Tel-Link assures their clients are under federal compliance regulations using their service. All calls are high quality and are allotted the full amount of time on your account. Advanced features give inmates and their families more creative ways to communication for a fraction of the cost of their competitors. Global Tel-Link has has partnered with JPay to ensure you get cost effective innovative features with their services.

JPay Inmate Features

Now customers can create an online account that allows you to write and talk to inmates over the internet. For a small one time processing fee you can connect to an inmates account. You can even put money in an inmates account over the web.

Advanced Pay Service Features

Traditional cellphone providers won’t allow you to accepted operated assisted or collect calls, but Advanced Pay allows you to receive one complimentary call per inmate. Customers are then prompted to created an account for a one time fee of $6.95 and a minimum of $25.00 to activate prepaid credits.

Video Chatting Inmate Feature

Correctional facilities are now offering video chatting through Global Tel-Link. Video calls became popular during court proceedings and now is a service provided to inmates and their families. Video is in clear high definition and has great sound quality. Customers are excited about the zoom in and out feature and the split screen that includes the inmate and his relatives. Video chatting allows more than one person to talk and group chatting. Global Tel-Link continues to provide communication services that meets the demands of inmates and their families including monitoring, surveillance, quality control for law enforcement agencies.

Physical Visitation Out Video Visitation In

Just like most of today’s social interactions, face to face prison visits aren’t in Bastrop County Jail’s budget. What might save a prison some cash will be removing the face to face visits in favor for a Skype like video chat. This way was improvised to save prison money and time, as well as insure prison safety.
At a pricey cost of one dollar a minute, the system hasn’t posted results they had been hoping for. On average, the system has only been used a few times per month, while phone calls are still the prisons highest form of communication. All profits of the system so far has gone into fixing the many bugs that are causing it to be unstable and broken. This jail is just one of the hundreds that have failed to meet expectations using this system.
In around ten months that the systems have been in place, only 49 video calls have been placed while in the same time frame, 2,444 phone calls were placed. The issue is not the price for most users, the problem is the time it takes to sit down and have a face to face chat while one can sit on the phone at any time of the day. Inmates can chat on the phone for as long as they need to, but are only limited to twenty minutes a week in video chats. Physiologists also warn prisons that a lack of physical communication can be dangerous to a prisoners mind, communication with loved ones is key to a healthy mind.
Clearly these systems have issues, not just the technical ones. Perhaps in the future they might be able to find a solution to the problems and this may become an industry standard. It is just as likely that the idea will be scrapped for favor of another, more efficient system. Only time will tell, but louder might be the angry prisoners who are mad they cant see their loved ones in person.