Telmate Exceeds Communication Benchmark

While the inmate communications industry has been under scrutiny for over charging over the past few months, one company that has been making positive contributions to the industry appears to be reaping the benefits. According to a recent article (, Telmate, which is one of the leaders in the inmate communications industry, has recently surpassed a very impressive benchmark.

Telmate, which is based in San Francisco, recently announced that they have gone over 5.5 million minutes of inmate phone and messaging minutes in the past 30 days. Making this figure even more impressive is the fact that they are currently only in 50 different correctional facilities across the country.

Telmateā€™s largest success so far in the industry has been the introduction of tablet computers in the facilities. The tablet can now be used as video messaging tools, which will establish a secure connection between the prisoner and the recipient of the video message.

The correctional facilities have stated that the tablets have provided a number of expected and unexpected benefits. One of the expected benefits has been that it has made the prisons a safer place to live. This is largely due to the fact that not as many in-person visitations are needed, which limits the amount of resources need to be spent in the visitation rooms and reduces the number of illegal items snuck into the prison. Further, the tablet system also uses software that finds unusual patters in communication, which can help to solve or stop a crime.

Correctional facilities have also stated that the tablets have been a great way to encourage good behavior. Some believe that having access to the tablet as motivation has likely led to better overall behavior in the prison, which has led to a reduction in fights and other outbursts among inmates.