The Inmate Communication Industry, Connecting Loved Ones

Connecting people all over the world is the goal of every communication industry. Inmates are not left out, as the interaction with family members who are on the outside is guaranteed. Calls allow rehabilitation of detainees through communicating with families, permit legal counsel while inmates are incarcerated and also enables the management of the institutions to monitor the calls made by inmates. Two major companies take credit for offering communication services to inmates, the leader being, the Global Tech-link, which accounts for 50% of the market and Securus Technologies taking up 20% of the industry. The services have been able to connect inmates to their loved and enabled monitoring of calls.

The services are however quite expensive compared to other calls made outside the correctional services. The high charges being as a result of commissions charged to facilitate the service. Most correctional services are offering tenders to the company that assures them, quality services to all inmates but at the same time, providing larger commission from the venture. In as far as the services may not be so favorable to most families, more so those that are a little challenged, the industry facilitates communication between them.

Each inmate is vetted on the calls to make, and only allowed calls to authorized numbers. They are allowed at least 15 minutes of the call and a waiting time of thirty minutes before one is allowed to make another call. However, time may vary depending on the set house rules of each center. Those incarcerated also have to register to be allowed to use the service.

Communication is essential for each person’s psychological well-being. A child growing up separated from their parents is never the intention of any parent so helping them connect enhances togetherness and even though they are apart they are still attached to each other.