Correctional Communication Services Are Provided By The Keefe Group

Communication is an ever-growing technology around the world, especially so when it comes to correctional institutes. The Keefe Group has been working for decades to bring better services to facilities and inmates around the United States. There have been many raids in the past several years for cell phones across prisons around the nation and the number of devices found was extensive. The Keefe Group is bringing legal and safe communication to facilities around the country with their advanced software and platforms designed specifically for the correctional markets use. Communication is desired by most inmates in order to stay in contact with people the outside, most especially family. The Keefe Group also offers a huge variety of products to their clients around the country as well, ranging from snacks, clothes, music, and tons more.


When the Keefe Group first started they were known as the Keefe Supply Company and they operated on their own to supply a limited number of products in a rather small region. Today, there are several companies that work together, known as IC Solutions, Access Corrections, Access Securepak, Keefe Commissary Network, Advanced Technologies, and the Keefe Supply Company which all come together to form the Keefe Group. Each company provides a precise service to the market, which allows the Keefe Group to lead the industry from all areas.


This collaboration is a common practice seen in major corporations and is no different here with the Keefe Group. The specific focus of each company allows them to stay focused and compartmentalized for the correctional market they are providing for. The Keefe Group has managed to build a dependable name for themselves and correctional institutes around the country are glad to have them. Their services help ease the workload for correctional staff and keep the inmates calm with more humane treatment. In the future, the Keefe Group plans to expand their operation to more regions around the world and lead the global market as well.