How Securus is Changing Inmate Communication

Inmate communication with the outside world is a costly but important aspect of incarceration. In fact, an inmates ability to communicate with family and friends on the outside can greatly impact both the quality of their incarceration as well as the cost of keeping them incarcerated. Securus Technologies is on the forefront of the changing world of inmate communication and they are hoping to improve things like video calling, potential job prospects for inmates, better healthcare of inmates, and many other improvements for this aspect of American society. Many people do not spend any time thinking through the cost and difficulties that can arise by holding someone in prison for extended periods of time. Taxpayer dollars go toward phone calls, attorney visits, healthcare, and many other expenses that could be greatly decreased by the affective use of technology. recently presented some of the changes that Securus hopes to make in the inmate communication business and the conclusion was that these improvements could benefit everyone, including the inmate himself, please click here to read the entire article. As communication technology throughout the world continues to improve and make people’s lives that much easier, the same should hold true for this segment of the population. The Securus Technologies would make communication safer, more secure, faster, and ultimately more effective than it is now. Taxpayers should always be on the lookout for a way to lessen incarceration costs and make prison time more productive for those who are jailed. This technology will do just that.