I Think Global Tel-Link Took Advantage of People

I used to talk to Robert because I felt bad for him. The man defended my honor and things got out of hand. He murdered the person that was attacking me, and now he is in jail because of me. Robert had priors, and this incident simply made things worse. I told myself that I would console him as much as I could and visit from time to time, but that was all I had in mind. Yet, here I am telling you that I can hardly go a week without talking to him. I could not really afford to talk any more than that because the rates that Global Tel-Link forced on us were too high. Still, I did my best to try to talk to him as much as possible.

You could imagine my surprise when I found out that the rates were actually unfair, according to the FCC and others who had been affected. I learned from PR News that 89 cents per minutes was a joke, and I could not believe that people were duped for years by this company. I do not usually keep up with the news, but I read more on what was happening with the company and found out that it purposely added minutes and fees to bills. According to consumeraffairs.com, the company did this to steal from people like me who do not even have enough money to buy meat because we had to spend $20 just to talk to a loved one.

I feel like this company stole from me and assaulted me. I do not know why Robert is still in jail when companies like Global Tel-Link get to stay squeaky clean. I do not know if this open letter is going to do any good, but I am standing by my man, and I hope that Global Tel-Link gets what it deserves.