IC Solutions: Their Reputation Is Ruined

One thing that can’t be bought or sold is your reputation. It is something that is going to carry you for the rest of your life. Because of this, you hope to have a great one and one that is going to leave behind a lasting memory for people. IC Solutions has a reputation, but it is an awful one. Whenever this company goes out of business, which I think will be soon, they will have to live with that. I think they believe they will be able to count their money, and they will not have to face any punishment. Life is not that easy, people. Everyone has to pay the price when it’s said and done.


I have a feeling they will have to pay this money back to each and every person they have ripped off, which is a lot of people. It is not like this is just going to disappear and go away without a trace. It is there and it is going to stay there. People will remember how this inmate phone provider had the chance to help them out, and they chose not to do it. Instead, they chose to collect their money and keep it all for themselves and not connect the phone call for them.


That’s an awful reputation, but it is one that has been earned every step of the way by IC Solutions. They have made this reputation for themselves, and it is one that would really not sit right with me if it were my reputation. I would be very upset with myself if this was my reputation and people were saying this about me. I’d want to change the narrative. The narrative on IC Solutions is out there and it’s written forever.