IC Solutions Unethical Attempts At Skirting Regulation

IC Solutions continue to dodge government regulation and it has gotten the company in hot water with the state of Alabama. This is how crazy our political system has become. The legislatures and the people who run the criminal justice system in the state of Alabama have selected IC Solutions to provide telecommunication services to all 28 prisons in the state. The attorney general is now suing the company despite the fact that they maintain a monopoly on inmate telecommunications in the deeply red state.

The attorney general is suing the company because of their repeated attempts to sidestep regulations. These regulations have been put into place by the federal government through the FCC and the state government of Alabama after complaints of overcharging. The regulations put a cap on the amount the company is able to charge for in-state and out-of-state phone calls.

To get around the regulations, IC Solutions charges a menu of hidden fees that hit customers out of nowhere. This ensures that the price of a single telephone call remains high despite government regulation, http://www.al.com/news/index.ssf/2015/06/the_high_cost_of_a_phone_call.html. These fees include fees for putting money into an account, fees for opening an account and a flat fee to initiate a phone call. This makes a 56-second phone call just as expensive as a 15-minute call. And the fees are charged whether or not the call goes through or is dropped.

One woman in Alabama claims to spend more than $100 per month talking to her son. She pays for the service because she is worried about him, as she should be. IC Solutions.com seems to be profiting off of this mother-son connection. This kind of abuse will continue until states no longer contract these unethical companies. You can call or email your local representative to get your local government to drop this company.