Scams To Get Money

I recently received a phone call from the prison where my boyfriend is at, but I knew that phone calls couldn’t be made after a certain time unless it was an emergency. This call was received after one in the morning. I didn’t think that it would be a good call. When I answered, I was told that my boyfriend had been injured. The caller knew his name and the facility. In order to get more information, I had to call one of the people at the jail using the number that was provided.

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I was asked to use *72 in along with the number. This is where the company gets you, and most of the time, the company is Global Tel. When you enter the code before the phone number, it forwards the call to another person. Once the number is forwarded, then the other person can use the account and the money in that account to accept phone calls. It’s essentially Global Tel working with other people in order to get more money and to allow people who can’t afford to accept phone calls a way to talk to the people who are in jail. I reported this issue, but there hasn’t been anything done about it yet.