Telmate, a Provider of Inmate Communications

For the last ten years, Telmate has been one of the leading providers of telecommunications between the inmates who have been imprisoned in the many correctional facilities across the United States. The company proud itself for connecting the many Americans to their loved ones back home and other relations that have had the physical connection cut out due to imprisonment. This service has gone as far as to help protect the community members at large since before inmates call people there is a rigorous verification method that ensures the prisoner is calling the correct person. This ensures that no member of the public receives an unwanted call which would later disturb them.


The companies mission as stipulated in their agenda is to provide a very secure technology which helps those incarcerated to break the circle of recidivism while protecting and serving the community. Telmate also credits its systems of offering online education, legal, social and even spiritual resources to prisoners as something that helped ease and improves the mental health of many inmates.


Another important fact to note down is Telematics system of call payments. Its system can enable every patient to have their accounts in which families and friends can externally load it with money which the inmates themselves can use to call them. This has ensured that no cost is carried forward to the general public. Also, this mode of payment by the prisoners themselves has made them more self-reliant and provided they mind their spending when making calls. In other words, it has helped demonstrate the financial responsibilities of the prisoners.


The company also is proud to be one that is driven mostly by new ideas and as such has carried out more research with more developments that has surpassed the other players in the market. Telmate sees itself as the trendsetter in prisons communication, and due to this, it has always strived to provide law cost calls that are fair. Telmate has indeed demonstrated its commitment to ensuring that those people who are incarcerated are always treated fairly as extended members of our community.