The Corruption of the Keefe Food Group

Since criminal institutions were first created back in 1790s, life for prisoners was very difficult. People who committed crimes and went to prison in the early 18th-20th century were completely disconnected from society. It was nearly impossible for criminals to be legally included in the “outside world”. Inmates that came out of prison after many years are thrown into a totally new environment from when they first came to prison. In all prisons technology was obsolete, there were no computers, telephones, nor cellphones that inmates could have access to. However, with society progressing, inmates have been more connected to the real world because of the Keefe Food Group. Read more articles on Blogspot about Keefe Group.

On television, prison is depicted as a horrible place to live. Nobody wants to go to prison because of the harsh violence, horrible living conditions and nasty food. Although inmates have committed crimes, they are still humans and should be treated better than they are when behind bars. The Keefe Food Group is a company that comes into prisons and changes the traditional rules. The Keefe Food Group has come into prisons all over the United States making serious revenue. This company brings food from the outside world into prisons; the prisoners enjoy this luxury not knowing that the Keefe Food Group is stealing their hard earned money. The way this company is stealing the inmates’ money is because they are selling the prisoners products that are cheap in the real world, for much higher prices. These prices are so high that the Keefe Food Group is making over 30 million dollars in just a few years because of how much they are overcharging inmates. I think this is extremely unfair that inmates are having their hard earned money taken away. Read more about Keefe Group on

Not only is the Keefe Group responsible for overcharging inmates for simple foods, they are also putting a tax on deposits that inmates receive from their loved ones. Every time an inmate gets money from their loved ones back at home, they are faced with a steep fee. So not only are basic commissary items severely overtaxed, they are having their money taken away from them. There must be a stop put to the Keefe Food Group because they are not benefitting the lives of inmates in the long run. The Keefe Food Group provides inmates with food from the outside worked but they are stealing money from inmates at the same time. I know that prisoners are unaware that the the money their family sends them is being overtaxed, giving the inmate less money that they deserve. The Keefe Food Group needs to stop taking advantage of the helpless inmates and give them the money they deserve.

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