The Keefe Group – First Class Customer Service

The Keefe Group is a billion dollar revenue generating business within the correctional market. Their main objective is to provide the market with innovative product solutions and they have done so effectively throughout the years, leading the market in correctional system contract wins. Besides providing the market with such solutions, The Keefe Group has managed to become an extremely viable customer service industry leader as well. Sufficiently providing the most accurate and focused customer service solutions that has not only satisfied customers, but have motivated them to spread the word about the wonderful experiences encountered with The Keefe Group staff.


The size of the question isn’t an issue or the size of the your facility. Either or, The Keefe Group has an answer and will deliver as promised. Are you concerned about shipping orders to the more larger facilities with the larger orders? No problem! The Keefe Group will not charge any shipping and handling fees, no matter how large the orders are. Good news! right? What if the order is needed on the next day? Well, no worry, The Keefe Group will deliver your order on the same day to have it in your possession by the next day. More good news, especially for emergency situations. Ok, so now the concern about prices on orders changing over time is brought up. Will the prices change over time due to market fluctuation? The answer is, no. The same low prices that you would pay previosly, would remain as is.


The Keefe Group is 40 + years strong in the correctional market. Started in 1975, selling only coffee beans to Florida Prisons, then transitioning into seafood plastic pouches, business development was a main purpose of The Keefe Group which they would accomplish drastically. Because now in the 21st century, The Keefe Group, through its steadfast approach, is now the correctional market leader, consistently setting trends, providing product innovation, successfully calculating risk and making the better judgements. As long as you’re on the The Keefe Group team, you’ll always be in position to stay ahead of the correctional market. Call customer service today!


Visit the Keefe Group website for a list of products and services offered, a more detailed look into their incredible customer service establishment and a better understanding of their amazing history. If a question isn’t answered through the website, feel free to call customer service.