The Keefe Group Monopoly

The economic state to which prisoners in the United States have been subjected in the last two decades is simply rejecting. The felons should be rehabilitated, in their condemnation to live in seclusion from the society to which they pose a danger. The point of correctional institutions should never be to sell commissary goods. The corruption that demeans the little self-worth these prisoners may have infuriates them, poisoning their minds to resent the authorities and practice corruption as well. It is not right the Keefe Group has been allowed a lucrative monopoly to supply commissary goods to literally all American prison, both publicly and privately owned and managed. Learn more on STL Today about Keefe Group.

Commissary goods are fundamental needs. They may not substitute basic goods, but they may constitute the later. Denying any human being access to their basic need would cause them to lose their dignity or piece of mind. The two are human rights and to infringe on them is unconstitutional. Furthermore, commissary goods like bathing soap, detergent, bedding, snacks, and beverages keep the mental and physical needs of prisoners intact. Since prison wardens and other patrons hold these prisoners in confinement, they have an obligation to keep them fed and healthy both mentally and physiologically. The provision of commissary needs may not be an obligation for these correctional institutions, but they are certainly obligated to the prisoners to supply such goods at the lowest prices possible, sometimes even at subsidized.

However, the reforms systems seem to forget their duty and obligation. They have given precedence to making profits over reforming their prisoners. They have instead, turned them to cash cows by monopolizing the supply of commissary goods. The decision, worse still, has been proven in courts of law to have influenced by incentives received illegally as bribes. Read more about Keefe Group on

In 2007 and seven, the then Correlations Secretary took a guilty plea to the offense of taking bribes to allow the Keefe scandalous trading. He was incarcerated in 2012 after being ousted from his office a while before. The Tampa Bay Times who won the 12 Pulitzer prices, reports that the individuals who offered the bribes to the Correlations Secretary also pleaded guilty to the offense. Joseph Authur Deese was one of them. According to Jackson Jambalaya, Joseph Authur Deese went down in the corruption case which heavily incriminates the Keefe Group, and its affiliate contractors who got in trouble for their involvement in the unethical dealings.

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