The Remarkable Keefe Group

The Keefe Group has been an excellent addition to the correctional market. There devoted team effort of proficiency, strategic execution and customer service have been absolutely remarkable. Currently, ahead of the pack, The Keefe Group persistently delivers demand with innovative and sufficient solutions that the market sheerly appreciates. The Keefe Group brings in over $1 billion a year in sales.


The Keefe Group started business in 1975 as a company that would provide coffee to the Florida prison system. A great start it was, the market favored their products and in return their business would continued. Years later, The Keefe Group would introduce a new eye opening solution to the market that would revolutionize it forever. Plastic packaged seafood.


The only correctional market provider at the time that sold their seafood products packaged in plastic. This innovation would be a huge prevention of violence in prison systems as packaging at the time was of glass and metal material and inmates would use such materials as weapons. Once plastic was recognized as a working solution in the correctional market other companies in the market would adopt.


The Keefe Group definitely is a company of people who thinks outside of the box and not afraid to innovate. This revolutionary solution would be a trampoline for The Keefe Group. To this date, 25 million pounds of product is ship a month of not only their seafood and coffee, but of various snacks, beverages, electronics, music, clothing, health care items and more to over 800 public and private prisons.


Besides The Keefe Group’s production and distribution efforts of success, it couldn’t be possible without the efforts of their incredible customer service. The highest rated customer service in the industry, a sufficient resolver of customer concerns – promptly, accurately, and with great attitude – time after time after time again, The Keefe Group is remarkable.


The Keefe Group is a giant in the correctional market. Utilizing its incredible strategic executions of innovation, advancing its business drastically and offering customers excellent customer service in the process, The Keefe Group has set an high bar. And, as a leader with over $1 billion in annual sales, you can count on The Keefe Group for satisfactory results.